The Lotus Emira is now in Malaysia – be the first to get up close with the production First Edition V6 sportscar

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Good things travel to those who wait, they say. And they are right. The Lotus Emira is present successful Malaysia and Lotus Cars Malaysia (LCM) volition beryllium having an exclusive preview of Hethel’s last ICE-powered car. Yup, Lotus is going electric, and the Emira volition beryllium its last exemplary to beryllium propelled by an engine, making it an contiguous aboriginal classic.

Wait, wasn’t the Emira already previewed here? Yes, it was, but the grey portion that landed connected our shores successful April 2022 was a pre-production portion connected a satellite circuit – this time, LCM has a accumulation car, a First Edition with each the bells and whistles, painted successful a gorgeous shadiness of Magma Red.

Behind the Emira’s compartment – mid-engined, rear-wheel drive, of people – is simply a 3.5 litre V6 motor with an Edelbrock 1740 supercharger. The almighty and reliable Toyota 2GR-FE portion makes 405 PS and 420 Nm with a six-speed manual gearbox. Choose the six-speed torque converter automatic and you’ll get 430 Nm of twist.

Both transmissions volition instrumentality the svelte Lotus to 290 km/h, but the car is simply a tenth quicker successful the 0-100 km/h sprint (4.2 seconds) than the instrumentality displacement (4.3 seconds). It’s wide past that the Emira has the show to backmost up its inferior supercar looks.

Modern Lotus is known for lightweight “pure” sportscars, usually with spartan cabins that lone supply the necessary. Not the Emira, which has seen Lotus follow a “paradigm displacement successful levels of practicality, comfort, functionality and technology”.

This is simply a car that you tin thrust daily, and that’s evident erstwhile you participate the modern and minimalist, but stylish and well-equipped cabin. Leather, screens, electrical seats, connectivity, ambient lighting – they’re each disposable alongside a 10-channel 340W dependable strategy was developed with respected British audio marque KEF, which besides supplied its signature Uni-Q speakers.

All the carnal comforts of an enforcement car combined with Lotus’ signature lightweight dynamics and performance. That’s the sexy Emira, and readers tin beryllium among the archetypal Malaysians to get up adjacent and idiosyncratic with it astatine LCM’s exclusive preview lawsuit happening connected March 5, 7pm to 9pm, astatine the company’s HQ successful Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. It’s a large opportunity, truthful if you privation in, get the details here and RSVP astatine 016-6112388 arsenic slots are limited. Good luck and spot you there!

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