QOTD: Will VinFast Make Its Delivery Goal?

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Autoblog has a study via Reuters suggesting that VinFast volition marque its archetypal U.S. deliveries the time aft tomorrow.

California-based buyers who enactment down a refundable deposit were told that they volition get their vehicles starting Wednesday and that the pricing volition beryllium chopped by implicit 50 percent from what we thought it mightiness be.

VinFast has moved beauteous accelerated for a institution that conscionable made inroads into the U.S. astatine the extremity of 2021, though it's well-established elsewhere successful the world. We're guessing that due to the fact that of the company's experience, astatine slightest immoderate models volition beryllium delivered arsenic promised. Though we're besides people skeptical due to the fact that truthful galore startups person tally into last-second hold issues.

What bash you think? Will immoderate California-based VinFast buyers person their caller rides successful their driveway conscionable 2 days from now? Or volition we spot quality this week of a delay?

Sound disconnected below.

[Image: VinFast]

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