MINI Cooper SE Convertible – electric drop top driving!

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With 1 successful each 5 MINIs sold successful Europe being an all-electric model, it’s inevitable that MINI increases the disposable of its all-electric drivetrain to beyond conscionable the 3-door hatch. I ever thought zero emissions suited the driblet apical MINI and it seems idiosyncratic successful Munich agrees too, arsenic an all-electric MINI Convertible is yet here, though conscionable constricted to 999 units and successful 2 colours.

Specs for the caller MINI Cooper SE Convertible (or MINI Electric Convertible) are fixed and it is lone disposable successful Enigmatic Black and White Silver, with the doorway handles, broadside scuttles and airy surrounds finished successful Resolute Bronze. The doorway sill trims and broadside scuttles are finished with 1 of 999 lettering, to punctual you that you’re driving 1 of conscionable 999 cars made for this generation.

The electrical drivetrain volition instrumentality it to 100 km/h successful 8.2 seconds, acknowledgment to a 184 hp electrical motor. The artillery is lone large capable to instrumentality up to 201 km connected the WLTP cycle, but bully capable for play Genting trips, portion you are enjoying the unfastened air.

Though with lone 999 units disposable worldwide, we wonderment if immoderate magnitude volition beryllium allocated to the Malaysian market. It would surely beryllium a amusive artifact to have.

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