Love Is In The Air Memory Game

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Can you consciousness it? LOVE is successful the air!!!

The aerial is filled with the saccharine scent of love. It’s a feeling that is hard to describe, but it’s there, lingering successful each enactment we take. Love is successful the air, and it’s contagious. 

But emotion isn’t conscionable reserved for couples. It’s a feeling that tin beryllium shared with anyone, anywhere, astatine immoderate time. It’s the emotion that you person for your family, your friends, your pets, and adjacent yourself. It’s the emotion that makes beingness worthy living.

So, let’s clasp the emotion that’s successful the aerial and fto it capable our hearts and souls. Let’s stock it with those astir america and fto it dispersed similar wildfire…because erstwhile LOVE is successful the air, thing is possible.


Love Is In The Air Memory Game

Love Is In The Air Memory Game


What are immoderate ways to stock oregon explicit emotion to others? Let america cognize successful the comments below.

Thank you for playing!!!


How to play:
  1. Select 1 of the look down cards by clicking connected it.
  2. Select a 2nd look down card, attempting to find a lucifer to the archetypal card.
  3. If the cards match, some volition stay look up. Otherwise, the cards volition crook look down again.
  4. Repeat until each cards are look up.

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