Eastern Food Therapy: Find Out if Your Dog Is Healthy and Balanced

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Have you ever wondered if your canine is actually healthy? Eastern Food Therapy (EFT) tin archer you your dog’s wellness presumption quickly! 

According to EFT, you tin archer your dog’s ‘temperature’ by looking astatine their lingua color, eyes, and temperament. Your dog’s ‘temperature’ tin beryllium warm, neutral, oregon cool, and that volition uncover whether they’re steadfast (neutral) oregon whether they person an imbalance (cool oregon warm). 

Let’s fig retired what ‘temperature’ your canine is and find retired however you tin close imaginable imbalances.

What ‘Temperature’ Is Your Dog?


Here are the characteristics of a canine that’s warm:

  • Tongue color: Red
  • Eyes: Sunken & adust appearance
  • Temperament: High strung & aggressive
  • Health: Panting often, adust skin, & recurring blistery spots

Neutral/Healthy and Balanced

Here are the characteristics of a neutral/healthy dog:

  • Tongue color: Pink
  • Eyes: Bright, alert & responsive
  • Temperament: Calm, not anxious, blessed & upbeat
  • Health and energy: Healthy, athletic, & energetic


Here are the characteristics of a chill dog:

  • Tongue color: Light pink/pale 
  • Eyes: Slightly hazy, dull, oregon watery appearance
  • Temperament: Fearful, timid, & has separation anxiety
  • Health and energy: Lethargic & mightiness drawback colds frequently 

Correct Imbalances with the RIGHT Food!

Did you find retired your canine is chill oregon lukewarm and has an imbalance? Don’t worry, you tin assistance your canine get backmost to neutral with the close food!

According to EFT, foods tin beryllium warming, neutral, oregon cooling, and the RIGHT nutrient volition bring your canine backmost into equilibrium and beforehand wellness from the wrong out. Here’s however it works:

  • Dogs that are lukewarm request nutrient that has cooling energy. Cooling foods see rabbit, duck, duck liver, duck neck, pork lung, pollock, spinach, celery, kelp, and apples.
  • Dogs that are neutral/healthy tin person warming, cooling, and neutral vigor food. Some staple neutral vigor foods see pork, beef, bison, beef heart, beef liver, salmon, greenish beans, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, saccharine potato, nutritional yeast, and sesame seeds. 
  • Dogs that are chill request nutrient that has warming energy. Examples of warming foods are chicken, chickenhearted hearts, lamb, eggs, pumpkin seeds, turmeric, oats, quinoa, and coconut oil. 

The Best Food for Your Dog’s ‘Temperature’

Want to provender your canine the RIGHT nutrient to equilibrium and nourish them? Side By Side makes it casual with specially designed warming, neutral, and cooling recipes made with the highest-quality clean, whole, non-GMO ingredients that equilibrium your pup and beforehand tegument & overgarment health, longevity, progressive lifestyles, healthy digestion, and cleanable poops! 

If you’re inactive unsure what ‘temperature’ your canine is, instrumentality Side By Side’s quick and casual Pet Health Assessment!

Improve your dog’s intelligence and carnal wellness for life! Get them connected the RIGHT nutrient with Side By Side!

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