Can I give human medicine to my pets?

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Quick facts astir giving quality medicine to pets

  • Most quality medications should ne'er beryllium fixed to pets nether immoderate circumstances
  • You should lone ever see giving a favored medicine made for humans if you’ve already discussed this with your veterinarian.
  • Some medications for humans person favored equivalents that tin beryllium palmy at, say, reducing pets’ anxiety 

Can you springiness quality medicine to your pets?

The abbreviated reply No. Please work connected for The Facts. 

Are over-the-counter medications harmless for pets?

Even if you’re beauteous assured that you tin conscionable springiness your favored an OTC quality medication, don’t. Ask your veterinarian first. Blindly giving your favored over-the-counter quality medicine tin easy origin much harm than good. 

Can you springiness over-the-counter quality symptom medicine to pets?

 Here’s the accusation you request to cognize astir giving quality symptom meds to your pets. 

NSAIDS and Pets 

Common drugs specified arsenic ibuprofen, Motrin, oregon Aleve tin beryllium precise harmful to pets. 

These brands are called NSAID’s – (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) – they tin origin a assortment of atrocious broadside effects successful pets. Examples of broadside effects are: tummy ulcers, bloody stool, vomiting, seizures, and liver oregon kidney nonaccomplishment successful pets. 

Some types of NSAIDs are conscionable not okay to springiness definite types of pets. For example, ne'er springiness aspirin oregon tylenol to your cat. Cats don’t person the enzyme needed to decently metabolize salicylic acerb which is the progressive constituent successful these drugs. 

Gabapentin and Pets 

Gabapentin is simply a communal anticonvulsant and analgesic cause for humans. Vets volition often prescribe Gabapentin to dainty seizures, pain, and anxiousness successful pets. 

Veterinarians volition commencement pets disconnected connected a debased dose of veterinary-safe Gabapentin, to spot however your favored reacts. So, arsenic with NSAIDs, don’t springiness Gabapentin without your veterinarian’s guidance. 

Opioids and Pets 

Make nary mistake: you should ne'er springiness opioids to your favored unless directed by your veterinarian. It tin rapidly go a terrible menace to your pet’s health.. 

One of the astir commonly prescribed opioids is Buprenorphine.  It’s risky for precise young oregon aged animals, oregon those with liver, bile, heart, kidney, lung disease, oregon debased thyroid levels 

Can you springiness over-the-counter quality allergy medicine to pets?

You whitethorn beryllium capable to springiness your favored OTC antihistamines. Drugs specified arsenic Zyrtec and Claritin are mostly decently tolerated by pets who are dealing with allergic itching oregon sneezing. 

Caution, immoderate antihistamines DO person progressive ingredients that are precise harmful to pets. One illustration is Allegra. It contains the chemic Pseudoephedrine that on with different diphenhydramine liquids tin beryllium fatal to pets adjacent successful tiny doses. 

Can you springiness over-the-counter quality anxiousness medicine to pets?

You shouldn’t conscionable springiness quality anti-anxiety medicine to your favored due to the fact that quality bodies assimilate drugs astatine antithetic rates. This makes it perchance dangerous.

There are definite made-for-pet harmless anxiousness medications. These see pet-formulated Benadryl, Prozac, Trazodone, Xanax, and Clomipramine. 

Luckily, present determination are a batch of earthy products and supplements disposable to assistance trim your pet’s anxiety. 

Can you usage quality topical treatments connected pets?

In general, utilizing quality topical treatments connected our pets isn’t harmless due to the fact that these treatments are meant for outer usage lone and our pets thin to lick the treatments off, which tin beryllium unsafe due to the fact that quality topical treatments whitethorn incorporate harmful chemicals. 

That’s why, to dainty your pet’s tegument issues similar infections, blistery spots, wounds, ringworm and dry/itchy tegument the champion solution is to find a pet-approved antiseptic and antifungal spray similar Banixx Pet Care

Banixx Pet Care spray is simply a fast-acting, non-toxic look that gives adjacent pets with the astir delicate tegument alleviation with conscionable 2-3 sprays a day. 

In summary, delight bash your homework astir however to support your favored harmless and if you person immoderate doubts, marque an assignment with your Veterinarian. 


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