9 Must-Try Restaurants in Lawrence, MA: Where the Lawrence Locals Eat

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Bisected by the Merrimack River, Lawrence, MA, is conscionable miles from New Hampshire successful the bluish portion of Massachusetts. If you’re surviving successful Lawrence, you’ll find gorgeous stream views, greenish parks, a affluent humanities past, and of course, restaurants that correspond the area.

But if you’re caller to the country oregon conscionable moved into an apartment successful Lawrence, you mightiness beryllium wondering wherever the locals spell for a wound to eat. Well, we’ve got the answers. Here are 9 must-try restaurants successful Lawrence, MA, that you whitethorn privation to halt by this year.

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#1: Cafe Azteca

Cuisine: Mexican restaurant
Address: 275 Essex St Ste 102, Lawrence, MA 01840
Cafe Azteca’s Website

Serving accepted and home-made Mexican food, Cafe Azteca has a batch of options for anyone looking for a caller spot to eat. Think molletes, tamales with mole oregon salsa verde, chimichangas, enchiladas, sizzling fajitas, and buñuelos.

#2: Tripoli Bakery

Cuisine: Bakery and pizzeria
Address: 106 Common St Ste 6, Lawrence, MA 01840
Tripoli Bakery’s Website

Situated successful downtown Lawrence, you tin find a assortment of freshly baked Italian bread, pastries similar cannolis and Florentine cookies, and made-to-order pizza astatine Tripoli Bakery.

#3: Terra Luna Cafe

Cuisine: Latin American restaurant
Address: 225 Essex St Frnt 1, Lawrence, MA 01840
Terra Luna Cafe’s Website

Another 1 of the awesome restaurants successful Lawrence, MA, is Terra Luna Cafe. You’ll find a assortment of dishes similar sancocho, grilled hanger steak with mojo sauce, empanadas, tostones sliders, grilled Spanish octopus, tres leches cake, and overmuch much astatine their location.

#4: Vaka

Cuisine: Sushi edifice and Latin American restaurant
Address: 337 Essex St, Lawrence, MA 01840
Vaka’s Website

Vaka is simply a one-of-a-kind Dominican-Japanese fusion edifice located successful the bosom of Lawrence. You tin find their paper filled with items similar Asian chicharron, stone shrimp, paella, yakisoba noodles, baked lobster, sushi rolls, and passionateness effect tres leches cake.

#5: Blue Lounge & Grill

Cuisine: Spanish restaurant
Address: 2 Amesbury St, Lawrence, MA 01840
Blue Lounge & Grill’s Website

Blue Lounge & Grill, located crossed the thoroughfare from North Canal, has plentifulness of options for those looking for a Spanish edifice serving mofongo, quesadillas, grilled salmon, Caribbean goat stew, yuca frita, and trade cocktails.

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#6: Lu’s Cafe and Bakery

Cuisine: Bakery and café
Address: 2 Lawrence St, Lawrence, MA 01840
Lu’s Cafe and Bakery’s Website

You tin find Lu’s Cafe and Bakery serving a large enactment of coffee, baked goods, meal and luncheon items – the cleanable spot to commencement disconnected your morning. They’ve got everything from Vietnamese coffee, meal sandwiches, croissants and muffins, to banh mi, vermicelli bowls, BLTs, and cookies. 

#7: Nick’s Place

Cuisine: American restaurant
Address: 195 Lawrence St, Lawrence, MA 01841
Nick’s Place’s Website

Nick’s Place is an fantabulous spot if you’re looking for a sandwich, burger, pizza, grilled chickenhearted kebab, ribs, oregon lamb chops. Opened successful 1985, marque definite to cheque retired this edifice successful Lawrence, MA.

#8: Pollo Centro

Cuisine: Caribbean restaurant
Address: 105 Broadway, Lawrence, MA 01840
Pollo Centro’s Website

Pollo Centro has immoderate astonishing grilled chickenhearted with a Caribbean flair, arsenic good arsenic croquettes, pastelitos with chicken, cheese, oregon ham, tostones, rootlike rice, and caramel flan.

#9: Elaine’s Pizza

Cuisine: Pizzeria
Address: 234 Hampshire St, Lawrence, MA 01841
Elaine’s Pizza’s Website

Finishing disconnected our database of restaurants successful Lawrence, MA, is Elaine’s Pizza is simply a stellar spot to cheque retired if you’re successful the temper for a pizza, calzone, cheesy bread, ziti with marinara sauce, spaghetti with meatballs, oregon baked haddock dinner.

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