2024 Ford Mustang Priced From $32K, Dark Horse At $60K Or Just $6K Less Than A Corvette

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Ford conscionable announced pricing connected the 2024 Mustang and the full lineup is getting much expensive. The entry-level EcoBoost starts retired astatine $32,515 and prices scope arsenic precocious arsenic $59,565 for the top-end 500 hp Dark Horse, each including destination fee. Here’s a afloat breakdown of what Ford says the Mustang is worth.

At $32,515 ($30,920 earlier destination), the caller base-level Mustang is astir $3k much than it was but Ford points retired that it present comes modular with a ten-speed automatic. That gearbox was a $1,595 enactment until now. Buyers who privation a instrumentality displacement volition request to get a V8 Mustang but we’ll travel backmost to that.

The EcoBoost Premium Fastback costs $38,040 and includes attack and farewell lighting on with a curved solid display. Go for the convertible mentation and you’ll beryllium looking astatine an MSRP of $43,540. Keep successful caput that we’re inactive talking astir a four-cylinder Mustang with 315 hp (234 kW).

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 2024 Ford Mustang Priced From $32K, Dark Horse At $60K Or Just $6K Less Than A Corvette

The basal V8 Mustang GT with its 480 hp (357 kW) is really a spot cheaper (at slightest connected paper) with an MSRP of $43,090. It comes modular with a six-speed manual transmission and rev-matching. Above it is the GT Premium Fastback with ambient interior lighting and aluminum pedals for $47,610. The drop-top mentation runs $53,110.

At the apical of the herd is the Dark Horse with its 500 hp (372 kW) V8 for $59,565 ($57,970 earlier destination and transportation fees). That’s lone $6,530 little than a basal Corvette. Sure, they’re 2 precise antithetic sports cars but it’s astonishing however adjacent they are successful presumption of pricing astatine this point.

2024 Mustang MSRP*
Ecoboost Premium:$36,445
Ecoboost Premium Convertible:$41,945
GT Premium$46,015
GT Premium Convertible$51,515
Dark Horse$57,970
* MSRPs exclude destination and handling fees

Comparing these prices to Chevrolet’s Camaro doesn’t overgarment this pony successful the brightest of lights. The basal Camaro has an MSRP of $27,795 and the closest happening to a Dark Horse, the SS 1LE comes successful astatine $48,295. Sure, it lone makes 455 hp (339 kW) portion the Mustang makes 500 but the Camaro has much torque, 455 lb-ft (616 Nm) compared to the pony with its 418 lb-ft (566 Nm). We anticipation we get to comparison them aboriginal this year.

Of course, we don’t needfully expect to spot each excessively galore Mustangs, particularly the apical trim levels, spell for MSRP. Ford dealers person relentlessly marked up different desirable models similar the Bronco and F-150 Lightning. We expect overmuch of the aforesaid with the Dark Horse and the Mustang GT.

 2024 Ford Mustang Priced From $32K, Dark Horse At $60K Or Just $6K Less Than A Corvette
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