YVR Express: Skip Security for US Flights from Vancouver

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In aboriginal September, the US Customs and Border Protection released Mobile Passport Control, an app that allows Canadian travellers to taxable passport accusation successful beforehand of their accomplishment astatine the US pre-clearance facility. By utilizing this app, passengers tin prevention clip by utilizing expedited lines astatine pre-clearance facilities successful immoderate airports.

Last week, Vancouver International Airport debuted YVR Express, which allows travellers flying to the United States to reserve a clip astatine security, thereby skipping what could beryllium a precise agelong line. The programme is escaped to use, and lone takes a fewer minutes of your clip to implicit the process online.

For those without NEXUS, utilizing these 2 programs could so effect successful breezing done the airdrome alternatively than wasting clip successful endless lines.

YVR Express: Skip the Security Line by Booking successful Advance

If you’re capable to program for your accomplishment astatine the airport, YVR Express allows you to docket a clip to walk done information screening for US departures. Reserving a clip successful beforehand lets you bypass the line, and gets you front-of-the-line entree to information screening.

You tin docket your clip to participate information screening done YVR Express up to 72 hours up of your flight’s departure time. 

Note that YVR Express is lone disposable to US-bound passengers astatine Security Checkpoint E, connected flights departing betwixt 6:30am and 8:30pm. YVR Express is disposable astatine the information checkpoint betwixt 5am and 7pm, to let capable clip for passengers to implicit US pre-clearance.

There’s nary outgo to usage the service, you don’t request to make immoderate accounts, and the full process is completed successful 4 casual steps:

  • Head to the YVR Express website wrong 72 hours of your flight’s departure time
  • Enter successful your day of travel, formation information, fig of passengers successful your party, and your email address, and person a QR code

  • Arrive astatine the airdrome successful beforehand of your reserved time, implicit your check-in, and caput to the designated information checkpoint wrong 15 minutes of your reserved time
  • Keep an oculus retired for the YVR Express signs astatine Security Checkpoint E (US Departures), amusement your QR code, and caput to the beforehand of the line

Note that you tin besides usage YVR Express astatine the airport, arsenic agelong arsenic you’ve arrived with immoderate clip to spare. Furthermore, up to 10 passengers tin usage the aforesaid QR codification for YVR Express. 

Passengers who are connecting successful Vancouver won’t person entree to YVR Express, unless they permission the airport.

Currently, YVR Express is lone valid for flights departing to the United States wrong the specified clip period. The airdrome has stated that it hopes to grow the work to different checkpoints successful the future, which would beryllium large for passengers departing connected home oregon planetary flights.

You tin cancel oregon alteration your booking astatine immoderate time, by clicking connected the due nexus successful your confirmation email.

YVR Express and Mobile Passport Control – A Perfect Combo?

If you’ve managed to breeze done to the beforehand of the information line, your travel into the US isn’t rather finished. You’ll person to past walk done the US pre-clearance facility, wherever you’ll fundamentally participate the United States.

Recall that Mobile Passport Control is besides disposable astatine Vancouver International Airport. Since the app’s merchandise for Canadians successful September 2022, we’ve received galore reports that it has saved travellers a important magnitude of clip astatine pre-clearance facilities.

So, if you’re capable to marque usage of some YVR Express and Mobile Passport Control, you should beryllium capable to importantly expedite your introduction into the United States. You’ll skip to the beforehand of the information line, and past you’ll caput done the expedited Mobile Passport Control enactment to conscionable with a borderline officer. 


By making usage of 2 escaped programs, YVR Express and Mobile Passport Control, Vancouver-based passengers bound for the United States tin bask a streamlined airdrome experience.

With YVR Express, passengers tin publication a clip slot astatine security, which results successful heading to the beforehand of the information queue for US-bound flights.

With Mobile Passport Control, passengers tin taxable their accusation to US Customs and Border Protection successful advance. Once astatine US pre-clearance facilities, passengers tin caput done a dedicated line, frankincense expediting the process.

If you are a Vancouver-based rider heading to the United States, beryllium definite to marque usage of some programs. Doing truthful could effect successful plentifulness of clip saved, affording you much clip to walk successful lounges and little clip waiting successful endless lines.

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