You Can Now Receive USDT for Less Than $1

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To make an situation that’s genuinely for the 100%, we marque definite to listen to each of our users — whether it’s caller features, processes that request improving, oregon wide feedback astir the platform.

We heard you and now, receiving Tether (USDT) is adjacent cheaper. With the Tron (TRC-20) Network, you tin receive USDT for nether 1 USD, redeeming you up to 90% per transaction.

All you request to bash is caput to your Paxful Wallet, click the Receive button nether the Tether widget, and prime Tron (TRC-20) arsenic your network. From there, you tin supply your wallet code to your sender oregon person them scan your QR code.

Receive Cheaper USDT Payments Today

Try it retired present to commencement protecting, earning, and redeeming adjacent more of your money. This caller diagnostic is lone disposable connected the Paxful website and not yet enabled connected the Paxful App.

If you person immoderate much questions, you tin cheque retired our Help Center articles for much information:

Additionally, you tin contact us and we’ll get backmost to you arsenic soon arsenic we can.

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