Yamaha launches new range of electric bikes

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2022 YAM CROSSCORE RC EU LBNP1 ACT 005 03 preview Three caller e-bikes volition articulation the line-up for mountain, gravel and municipality segments

Fabled motorbike shaper Yamaha is branching retired into the satellite of electrical bikes aft unveiling 3 caller e-bikes for mountain, gravel and municipality segments. 

Earlier this twelvemonth the steadfast revealed its plans to motorboat a caller scope of e-bikes successful a Youtube premiere called Switch On, wherever Yamaha showcased its aboriginal electrical scooters and mopeds. Joining Yamaha’s e-bike line-up is the Moro 07, Wabash RT and Crosscore RC. 

The Moro 07 is the firm’s premium eMTB and features a unsocial dual duplicate framework and Yamaha’s ain PW-X3 drivetrain, its smallest, lightest and astir almighty thrust unit. 

Weighing 2.75kg, the drivetrain delivers 63lb ft of instant powerfulness acknowledgment to zero cadence technology, according to Yamaha, with the eMTB able to execute a apical velocity of up to 25km/h (15.5mph).

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Yamaha says its dual duplicate frame, which features dual apical tubes and down tubes, gives the Moro 07 greater rigidity and amended handling. 

The eMTB  gets a 500Wh battery, Rockshox Lyrik Select beforehand forks, Maxxis 27.5 tyres and a Shimano XT 1 x12 groupset.

The Yamaha Wabash RT is the brand's caller gravel bike. Yamaha says the framework plan has been acceptable up to connection “a assured and enjoyable thrust with a lightweight feel”. 

Equipped with Yamaha’s fashionable PW-ST thrust portion and zero cadence technology, the steadfast promises a creaseless riding acquisition with instant torque from its motor. 

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The Wabash RT besides features an LCD show showing cardinal accusation connected the bike, arsenic good arsenic a 500Wh battery, Shimano GRX gears and an automatic enactment mode. 

Completing the e-bike line-up is the Crosscore RC which has been designed arsenic an all-rounder for mundane cycling. 

The Crosscore gets the aforesaid PW-ST centrifugal and 500Wh artillery arsenic the Wabash, but comes with antithetic Shimano SL-M2010-9R gears. 

Like the different e-bikes, the Crosscore has the aforesaid zero cadence exertion and an automatic enactment mode to assistance erstwhile riding uphill. 

Yamaha’s caller e-bikes are expected to spell connected merchantability astatine the extremity of 2022. Pricing for each instrumentality has not yet been revealed. 


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