XRP Predicted To Rally 250% After Final Price Dip: Crypto Analyst

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In his latest method outlook, crypto expert Dark Defender has highlighted the cardinal takeaways for XRP amid caller terms action. Since hitting a yearly precocious of $0.64 connected January 3, the XRP terms has dropped -18.8%, leaving it astatine hazard of further downside earlier the bulls could instrumentality over.

XRP Price Set For Final Dip?

According to the provided regular XRP/USD chart, the terms closed beneath the important level of $0.5286. As a result, the RSI has been “forced to enactment beneath the Resistance Trend Line,” implying that bears are presently successful control, exerting downward unit connected the price.

XRP terms  analysis

Remarkably, the terms has been successful a symmetrical triangle enactment since November past year, which is considered a bullish continuation pattern. The XRP terms has already been rejected 3 times astatine the descending absorption line. In tandem, the RSI connected the 1-day illustration has besides formed a descending inclination line. Each clip the terms was rejected astatine the absorption line, determination was besides a rejection of the RSI astatine the inclination line.

Yesterday, Sunday, it looked arsenic if XRP could interruption supra the rising inclination enactment of the RSI, and the terms could travel suit and commencement different effort to interruption retired of the symmetrical triangle. Dark Defender wrote:

XRP moved towards $0.52-$0.53 arsenic we expected. The people country was $0.5286 and XRP closed conscionable supra that level yesterday and had a interruption connected the RSI. This is simply a large motion for XRP soon to effort the $0.60 Resistance […] But of course, volition beryllium much than blessed to spot XRP breaking $0.6649 archetypal & proceed with the archetypal Fibonacci Target of Wave 3 astatine $1.88.

However, this crippled program was invalidated arsenic XRP closed beneath $0.5286 and the RSI inclination line. Now, the expert identifies 2 cardinal enactment levels, the inclination enactment astatine $0.5085 and the Fibonacci enactment astatine $0.4623. These levels are present considered pivotal arsenic XRP trades nether the $0.53 threshold.

Dark Defender emphasizes the value of these supports: “So, $0.5085 & $0.4623 supports go much important now.”

The regular RSI indicator besides suggests that XRP is successful the oversold region, which typically indicates that the plus whitethorn beryllium undervalued and could perchance reverse to the upside. However, the expert cautions that the “weekly framework trumps the daily,” suggesting that longer clip frames whitethorn power the asset’s terms much significantly. “The much XRP stays beneath $0.52, the much enactment becomes prominent,” helium added.

Looking forward, Dark Defender anticipates a imaginable “wick beneath these levels to implicit this exasperating correction” and hints astatine an eventual recovery, with expectations acceptable towards “Wave 3 successful the end.” This notation to Elliott Wave Theory suggests that pursuing the correction, a beardown upward inclination could emerge. The last price target would past beryllium $1.88.

Despite the existent marketplace conditions, Dark Defender advises the community to support a affirmative outlook: “Be affirmative and beryllium beardown since this volition beryllium over.” The connection conveys a consciousness of resilience and semipermanent position amid short-term marketplace fluctuations.

At property time, XRP traded astatine $0.52297.

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