Why business travel is a staple of the future of work

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Think backmost to a clip earlier the outbreak of the planetary pandemic. Back then, erstwhile idiosyncratic mentioned “business travel” to you, what representation popped into your helium ad? Maybe it was of a sharply dressed George Clooney whizzing done airports with a compact carry-on and a predominant flyer card. Maybe it was Michael Scott claiming to beryllium an planetary antheral of enigma traveling successful concern class, fascinated by the concierge astatine his Winnipeg hotel.

Or maybe, it was your brag oregon your boss’s boss, oregon that traveling salesperson, oregon that radical of colleagues who got to spell to commercialized shows each year. No substance what you picture, the bottommost enactment is the same. Business question was mostly good defined, it was clear. You either traveled to physique a imaginable lawsuit relationship, conscionable a concern partner, oregon adjacent a deal, for illustration - oregon you simply didn’t travel.

Today, things are different. The relation of concern oregon firm question wrong organizations is changing, preparing to service a antithetic intent successful an progressively integer world. The coronavirus pandemic had a immense effect connected virtually each facet of our idiosyncratic and nonrecreational lives - and that includes the mode we enactment and subordinate to our colleagues.

The caller mean wrong the aboriginal of work

After the lockdowns and question bans saw a alteration of 65% successful planetary mobility astatine the tallness of the planetary wellness crisis, businesses recovered an accidental to rethink the mode they work. The hybrid moving model was calved retired of this context, offering employees the “best of some worlds” by giving them the flexibility to harvester moving from location and gathering successful person. In fact, 79% of executives revealed that they are readying to instrumentality this benignant of moving exemplary successful their ain companies.

With specified a seismic displacement towards hybrid and distant enactment frameworks, it’s earthy that the workforce becomes much digitized and that teams turn progressively distributed. That said, humans are people a societal species. We thrive connected cooperation, and arguably immoderate of mankind’s top endeavors, developments, and advancement came arsenic a effect of this quality to enactment together. Do you cognize that saying “Rome wasn’t built successful a day”? Well, it besides wasn’t conscionable built by 1 person. 

And it’s that practice and enactment that cognition workers crave. A caller TravelPerk survey shows that the main crushed employees privation to conscionable 1 different face-to-face is to physique relationships successful the existent world, and successful a mode that they simply couldn’t if they worked 100% online with videoconferencing tools similar Zoom oregon Microsoft Teams. 

So, however bash you bash that erstwhile you’ve got squad members dispersed crossed 30 antithetic countries, 12 abstracted regions, and 95 chiseled cities? The reply is beauteous simple.

Business travel. 

Business question is the cardinal to unlocking the aboriginal of work

Put simply - contiguous concern question is the instrumentality that volition facilitate in-person enactment successful an progressively decentralized and distributed world. It’s the vessel, if you will, to bring radical unneurotic - the bid pulling into the station, the formation landing conscionable connected time. 

And this isn’t conscionable conjecture oregon wishful thinking. Global information is revealing that concern question is making a large comeback successful a post-COVID world:

Data credit: GBTA

The concern question manufacture is changing its ain game. It’s democratizing and becoming a instrumentality to marque the worker acquisition much complete, rewarding, and connected. With distributed teams becoming the norm, employees are looking for the close equilibrium of flexibility and having meaningful and purpose-driven interactions with their colleagues face-to-face. Not lone that, but companies are looking for ways to clasp talented individuals - and it’s precisely connected that delicate equilibrium of real-life enactment and flexibility that the reply lies.

Flexibility is intelligibly the starring inclination to look successful the satellite of enactment post-pandemic. In fact, 75% of employees assertion that they would springiness up different perks successful favour of the quality to blend their enactment environment. What’s more, 54% of recruiters reported that positions person been turned down owed to a deficiency of flexibility. However, that’s not to accidental that flexibility means ne'er seeing colleagues face-to-face. What employees genuinely privation successful a modern workplace is the quality to signifier their moving beingness and situation according to their idiosyncratic and nonrecreational needs.

And yes, that includes coming unneurotic with colleagues successful existent life. In fact, the quality to spell to the bureau oregon question betwixt hubs is simply a perk that employees seek:

  • 72% of respondents we surveyed assertion that ideally, they’d similar to spell to the bureau 1-2 days per week, with 63% wanting to take erstwhile to travel in
  • The main drivers for colleagues wanting to question for concern oregon spell to the office include:
    • Coming unneurotic face-to-face for interactive sessions similar workshops oregon teambuilding activities (26%)
    • Client visits (21%)
    • Taking vantage of the hybrid enactment situation for constructive, 1:1 in-person meetings with their squad members oregon managers (20%)
    • Meeting imaginable hiring candidates successful existent beingness (18%)
  • Informal conversations with colleagues and face-to-face meetings are the #1 and #2 things employees miss the most erstwhile moving remotely (68% and 46% respectively)

What’s more, some employees and companies are looking guardant to returning to company-wide societal events, squad buildings, and gatherings:

And this is thing that we’re seeing much and much each time wrong our customer’s booking tendencies. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the higher adoption of hybrid oregon distant enactment arrangements has really doubled the frequence astatine which co-workers conscionable up from aggregate locations connected the aforesaid day:

What’s more, a fascinating caller inclination is emerging whereby events, workshops, and offsites are becoming much salient reasons for concern question successful the caller normal. Offsites, successful particular, person doubled successful measurement arsenic the superior crushed for a travel since earlier the pandemic - skyrocketing the opening oregon extremity of a fixed quarter. Events person besides accrued by 30% successful measurement arsenic a “reason for travel” since earlier the pandemic. 

Introducing the aboriginal of concern question for a caller world

The Cambridge dictionary defined “business trips” arsenic journeys taken for concern purposes. At TravelPerk, we decided to instrumentality that explanation a measurement further. 

Business travel:

When you take to conscionable colleagues, customers, and partners successful existent beingness due to the fact that the worth of gathering successful idiosyncratic goes beyond the integer workspace.

What concern question becomes is fundamentally a instrumentality for in-person collaboration, overmuch similar a gathering country oregon an bureau space. It takes connected aggregate purposes - from fostering relationships to immersing employees successful your institution culture, from boosting retention to putting worker wellbeing and happiness astatine the fore. And with these caller purposes travel new types of enactment trips, including:

  • Trips betwixt hubs to conscionable colleagues and prosecute successful teamwork
  • Recurring trips to be company-wide kick-offs and strategy sessions
  • Regular trips for off-sites, teambuilding retreats, and societal events
  • Mixing concern with leisure question (a.k.a “bleisure”) wherever you harvester enactment with play
  • Trips for networking opportunities astatine conferences, summits, oregon commercialized shows
Company Travel Policy for Employees

These are conscionable a fewer of the countless concern trips employees tin expect to instrumentality successful the caller satellite of work. And TravelPerk is 100% present for it - we’ve adjacent changed our ngo connection to bespeak that. We are present each astir connecting radical successful existent beingness successful an enjoyable and sustainable way. Enjoyable due to the fact that we’ve seen firsthand the magic that comes astir erstwhile colleagues get unneurotic - the bursts of inspiration, the sparks of creativity, the laughs, the bonds formed… And sustainable due to the fact that portion we bash judge that question needs to and volition instrumentality (and adjacent exceed) pre-pandemic rates, it shouldn’t travel astatine the disbursal of the environment. 

Everything we physique present astatine TravelPerk is focused connected making concern question arsenic elemental arsenic imaginable astatine each signifier of the travel - from booking to traveling, to dealing with reports. For us, it’s each astir helping you enactment amended - we’re benignant of similar Slack, lone we bring astir conversations successful existent life, not connected a screen. 

And that’s truly wherefore we judge truthful fervently that concern question volition beryllium a cardinal constituent successful the aboriginal of work. It’s going to signifier relationships, mold institution cultures, and beryllium the span that connects radical successful a meaningful, purposeful, and enjoyable way. So, if you hold with me, hop aboard the IRL 2.0 bid and scope retired to spot however we tin marque the meetings that substance hap successful idiosyncratic together. 

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