Welcoming the Holiday Season with the Jungalow Designed with Opalhouse Holiday Collection at Target

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I don’t cognize astir you, but I americium READY for the holidays this year! I’m acceptable for a small r&r, snuggles by the fireplace, and to bent with my loved ones. And arsenic we program to stock moments of gratitude and joyousness with friends and family, we anticipation to stock a small vacation cheer with each of you, too, with our caller Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow vacation collection, disposable exclusively astatine Target.

Velvet Dove Pillow | Pom Pom Pillow | Dove & Peace Ornaments | Tassel Tree Ornament

While designing this collection, I thought a batch astir what the holidays mean to maine and however I privation to consciousness during the vacation season. Cross-culturally, doves clasp meaning arsenic bringers of peace, love, and hope, and truthful I decided to incorporated dove symbols passim the collection.  You’ll besides find peace signs, tassels (which are symbols of extortion successful galore cultures), and tons and tons of trees — due to the fact that y’all cognize however I consciousness astir trees!

Gold Tassel Tree | Red Tassel Tree | Pink Tassel Tree | Jungalow: Decorate WildThe New Bohemians Handbook | Small Candle | Large Candle | Coffee Table

I’m each astir holding connected to traditions that airy maine up, and creating caller household traditions, too. I loved having the state to plan pieces for some Christmas and Hanukkah (both of which are celebrated successful our household) for this collection. There are besides pieces that are intentionally amusive and festive but tin beryllium utilized each play agelong — nary substance however oregon erstwhile you similar to celebrate. We leaned into a non-traditional colour palette — but 1 that inactive feels warm, cheerful and bright.

Yellow Slipper Chair | Stocking | Faux Leather Pouf

This camel pillow mightiness beryllium 1 of my favourite pieces from the collection. I wanna spell to his holiday enactment this year! And conscionable similar the past seasons, I was not lone capable to assistance plan the vessels for the candles, but besides curate the scents, and they are soooo gooood! We’ve got cedarwood and moss, mandarin and patchouli, tangerine and turmeric, raspberry and persimmon, and more! (And they commencement astatine lone $5!)

Flatware | Table Throw | Dove Table Runner | Geometric Table Runner | Brass Dreidel | Appetizer PlatesPointed Sun PlatesTasseled Coasters | Tumblers

More favorites? The Hanukkah tabletop collection. It was *very* amusive designing my precise archetypal Hanukkah postulation and I emotion however these pieces came out! (Can we get immoderate props for this dove tray? I mean, however cute?!) Latkes and sufganiyot are gonna beryllium other yummy this year, amiright?

Wall Hanging | Mirror | Blue Slipper Chairs | Blue Throw | Yellow Candle Holder | Teal Candle Holder | Dove Menorah | Dove Wreath

One of the easiest ways to decorate for the holidays? Add immoderate cheerful pillows to the premix — and our Opalhouse designed with Jungalow postulation has nary shortage of festive, amusive pillows. We’ve got dreidels and doves, snowflakes and menorahs, trees and reindeer, and each the beading, tufting, and pom-pom goodness you tin imagine. The holidays are gonna beryllium a small spot chaotic this year!

Countdown Calendar | Face Wall Planters | Dove Framed Art | Green Stocking | Red Stocking | Purple Candle Holder | Tassel Tree Garland

As we usher successful the season, I privation for each of america for the doves to bring america hope, bid and love.

Round up   of

1. Dove Tray

2. Dove Menorah

3. Tassel Trees (come successful 2 sizes!) Blue | Red | Pink | Teal | Purple

4. Appetizer Plates

5. Green Stocking

6. Camel Pillow

7. Dove Wreath

8. Lidded Candle

9. Tree Throw Pillow

10. Countdown Calendar


Photography by Jenna Peffley 

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