Watch The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV’s Unveiling Right Here On Oct 16

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The all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV and Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV models volition beryllium unveiled connected October 16 astatine 2 p.m. EST and you tin ticker them debut close here.

The EQE SUV has been successful the works for rather immoderate clip and has been described arsenic the “multi-purpose variant of the EQE enforcement saloon”. Or, if you prefer, the GLE for the electrified era.

While the German car shaper itself hasn’t revealed overmuch astir the EQE SUV, different than previewing its interior, spy shots from March showcased the conveyance without immoderate camouflage. As we had expected and arsenic the sanction implies, it looks conscionable arsenic you would expect an SUV variant of the EQE sedan to look – a taller mentation with a hatch and Merc’s trademark utilized soap barroom aesthetics.

Among the cardinal plan details disposable connected this prototype was the fully-enclosed grille, sweptback headlights, and vertical aerial curtains connected the outer edges of the beforehand bumper. We besides cognize that the EQE SUV volition diagnostic flush-mounted doorway handles and an angular rear model sitting beneath a subtle spoiler. Full-width LED taillights volition besides travel modular connected each EQE SUV models.

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The interior of the EQE SUV is mostly identical to the sedan. As such, it volition beryllium disposable with the monolithic MBUX Hyperscreen that houses 3 ample screens nether a azygous portion of glass. It besides has the aforesaid ‘floating transmission tunnel’ arsenic the sedan and volition beryllium disposable successful 5 antithetic colour coordinated themes.

Powertrain options should beryllium identical to the EQE sedan. Entry-level models should travel equipped with a 90 kWh artillery battalion and a rear-mounted 288 hp electrical motor. Mercedes-Benz is besides tipped to connection a dual-motor all-wheel thrust variant and astatine slightest 2 AMG-branded models. It is unclear which AMG variant volition debut connected October 16 but 1 mentation thought to beryllium connected the cards is an EQE 53 4MATIC+ with 617 hp and 701 lb-ft (950 Nm).

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