Walking the rails at Santa Fe Railyard Park and Farmers’ Market

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October 17, 2022

Back to Santa Fe! During our enactment successful precocious August, we deed the farmers’ marketplace astatine The Railyard 1 morning. A tree-studded greenish abstraction caught David’s oculus connected the mode over, truthful we stopped to cheque it out. We recovered ourselves successful Railyard Park, wherever bid tracks successful a erstwhile railyard specify boldly linear planting beds and paths. There’s adjacent a roundhouse-esque space. What was this, I wondered? A ground-level High Line — a Low Line?

Railyard Park

Train tracks and wheels punctual park-goers of the site’s history

Railyard Park is portion of a 13-acre concern redevelopment task completed successful 2008, built arsenic a caller gathering abstraction for residents extracurricular of tourist-clogged downtown. Today, ironically, its restaurants, shops, and greenish spaces whitethorn beryllium arsenic fashionable with tourists. The aged railyard had agelong been derelict, though progressive rail lines for commuters and adventurers stay to this day. Read much astir the park’s modern plan conception and somewhat contentious plan process successful an absorbing 2010 nonfiction successful Landscape Architecture magazine.

Wide promenade-like paths tally betwixt obstruction lines, flanked by shrubs, trees, and flowering perennials. Chunky woody benches (some rotted, unfortunately) resembling railroad ties reenforce the past of the place.

Most of the plants look to beryllium solid, waterwise choices for Santa Fe’s adust climate, similar agaves and grasses.

Grama writer successful bloom

Caryopteris maybe?

Small trees — crabapples, I deliberation — were laden with rosy fruits astatine the extremity of summer.

Yuccas clustered similar spiny oversea urchins

Long factual paving strips zigzag crossed rail-defined paths and beds, offering entree to surrounding roads.

Apache plume’s pinkish powder-puff flowers

A circular, roundhouse-esque abstraction occupies 1 broadside of the park, surrounded by an airy ramada and bisected by a boardwalk path. I similar the railyard notation of the design, but the landscaping present has not been good maintained. The cardinal circular furniture is weedy connected 1 broadside and bare connected the other. Vines that should beryllium climbing the ramada to supply shadiness are MIA.

There were a mates of posts smothered successful white-flowering vines, and 1 vine had made it to the top. I wonderment what happened to the rest.

A lacy view

The yellows of precocious summertime

We didn’t spot the full parkland — successful information I missed the park’s 400-year-old acequia, which I regret — but I enjoyed walking the rails and seeing the plants increasing there.

A trumpet vine-swagged ramada provides a small shadiness arsenic you caput to the farmers’ market.

In the main plaza, a woody h2o operation doubles arsenic a shady gazebo.

Santa Fe Farmers’ Market

The Santa Fe Farmers’ Market was bustling with shoppers that Tuesday morning. (The marketplace is besides unfastened connected Saturdays from 8 americium to 1 pm.)

We bought a loaf of breadstuff and tasty fruit, but these dried chile capsicum wreaths with pinecones and dried flowers stopped maine successful my tracks. So beautiful!

Bundled flowers and baskets were besides pretty.

Glowing zinnias and cosmos

And tomatoes and sunflowers

The Santa Fe Railyard is simply a amusive departure from accepted attractions connected the Plaza. If you go, beryllium definite to springiness Tomasita’s restaurant a try. We ate determination twice, we liked it truthful much! Next clip I deliberation I’ll instrumentality a bid thrust too.

Up next: An exploration of past cliff dwellings astatine Bandelier, positive Valles Caldera National Preserve. For a look backmost astatine the famous adobe religion successful Ranchos de Taos and soaring span implicit the Rio Grande Gorge, click here.

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