Walkers & Waggers Take Manhattan!

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Walkers & Waggers Take Manhattan!

Greeted by stunning views of the Hudson River, supporters of North Shore Animal League America gathered connected a sunny Saturday greeting connected Pier 84 with their furry pals for the sixth yearly Walk & Wag.

The in-person lawsuit connected September 17 served arsenic the kickoff for the last 2 weeks of Walk & Wag fundraising. Virtual walkers participated from their ain communities crossed the country, and those who showed up astatine Hudson River Park were capable to bask vendors, snacks, and amusement earlier embarking connected the three-mile stroll on the waterfront.

Generating vigor and excitement, cheerleaders from Saint Francis Preparatory School successful Queens, NY lined up astatine the starting arch. Their energy—along with the euphony from DJ Teal Camner and MixMaster Marley—kept spirits high.

Kathryn Erbe—star of film, signifier and TV, arsenic good arsenic arrogant ma to 2 rescue dogs and 3 cats—was this year’s Walk & Wag Ambassador and chopped the ribbon to motorboat the walkers. Kathryn is simply a longtime person of Animal League America. “I’ve been a dedicated protagonist ever since I adopted my canine Lilah determination successful 2008,” she said. “Too galore beauteous animals are euthanized each year, which is wherefore the no-kill ngo of Animal League America is truthful important.”

Attendees were thrilled with the determination and inspired by the unthinkable views of the stream arsenic good arsenic the USS Intrepid, anchored nearby. And acknowledgment to each our generous supporters, fundraising for this year’s Walk & Wag exceeded expectations. “This was the astir palmy Walk & Wag lawsuit we’ve had truthful far,” noted Animal League America Senior Events Manager Kacie Bogan. “And determination has been truthful overmuch enthusiasm for the location, that we are already looking guardant to coming backmost to Hudson River Park for Walk & Wag adjacent year!”

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