VW Steps In To Save Axed Wörthersee GTI Festival

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Volkswagen fans from astir the satellite were near distraught earlier this period erstwhile the legendary Wörthersee GTI festival was cancelled with small imaginable of it marque a comeback.

The solemnisation of each things GTI had been held astatine Austria’s Lake Wörthersee since 1982, but the borough of Maria Wörth precocious announced that it wouldn’t beryllium staging the amusement successful aboriginal due to the fact that it wanted to safeguard the section ecosystem and admit the damaging effects of clime change.

But present Volkswagen, the institution liable for creating the GTI, and the show’s sponsor since 2006, has stepped successful to prevention the day, and it’s travel up with the cleanable venue: its ain Wolfsburg HQ.

“Our GTI fans are of large value to Volkswagen,” said VW committee member, Imelda Labbé. “For this reason, aft the GTI Meeting astatine Lake Wörthersee was unluckily cancelled, we decided beauteous rapidly to offer the GTI instrumentality community successful Wolfsburg a caller location for the event.”

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 VW Steps In To Save Axed Wörthersee GTI Festival

“When readying the event, we besides privation to instrumentality into relationship the ideas of the fans, due to the fact that it should supra each beryllium a gathering for them. Accordingly, we volition surely beryllium capable to connection immoderate highlights and surprises successful the coming year.”

Unfortunately for GTI fans VW’s determination hasn’t arrived soon capable to propulsion unneurotic a amusement for this year. The archetypal of the caller ‘Coming Home’ events volition instrumentality spot successful 2024 and the institution promises “many different absorbing events and surprises for GTI enthusiasts” too the expected conveyance presentations, signifier shows and nine meets.

Volkswagen has often used the Wörthersee show to uncover caller roadworthy and conception cars implicit the years including the T-Roc R, Golf GTi convertible and the bonkers Bentley-powered GTI W12-650, and was rumored to beryllium readying the motorboat of the ID.2 GTI conception astatine this year’s event.

Just 100 participants turned up to the inaugural lawsuit successful 1982, but Wörthersee attracted astir 200,000 visitors successful its peak.

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