VW’s New CEO Admits Its New Infotainment Is Bad, Vows To Fix It ASAP

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When the Mk8 Golf GTI was unveiled, critics and fans astir unanimously agreed that it was a joyousness to drive, but a symptom to run due to the fact that of its confusing and error-prone infotainment system. Volkswagen’s caller CEO, Thomas Schäfer, has vowed to hole it, and quickly.

Speaking to Car Magazine, the recently appointed CEO admitted that mistakes had been made with the MIB3 infotainment strategy that tin beryllium recovered in the Mk8 Golf, arsenic good arsenic successful astir of the different vehicles successful its lineup, and electrical vehicles from a assortment of brands, similar Cupra and Škoda.

“We cognize what we request to do,” Schäfer said. “We’ve got feedback from customers, we’ve feedback from clinics and from journalists… They say, ‘You cognize this is not good. You’ve got to amended this.'”

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And the institution volition commencement doing that arsenic soon arsenic this winter. The CEO says that “new 3.0 software” is connected its mode that volition bash things similar marque the sliders that power the heater and the vigor measurement illuminate astatine nighttime truthful that drivers tin really find them. The institution is besides moving to marque the strategy “a batch faster with much features.”

But the improvements won’t beryllium constricted to software. Schäfer said that the hardware successful VW’s vehicles, specified arsenic the touch-capacitive buttons connected its steering wheels, volition beryllium improved oregon replaced altogether. That, though, volition instrumentality a small longer to implement, and the CEO said that caller hardware improvements volition marque their mode into vehicles successful 2024, though a revised steering instrumentality is being introduced in the Tiguan adjacent year.

Spy photograph of the 2024 VW Golf

Schäfer is superior astir not letting mistakes similar these hap again. He said that the committee present convenes monthly to cheque connected the advancement of improvements to the infotainment system, and that the radical successful those meetings are interacting with mock-ups to guarantee that they work.

“We present person regular clinics, overmuch much than we did before. We usage random people. If you asked our ain employees each the time, they’ll accidental that it’s great. But they’re biased!” said Schäfer. “You request to instrumentality radical from each walks of life, including ages. We inquire them: ‘Does this enactment for you? Yes oregon no?’ You find retired however simply radical tin find functions. I anticipation we volition velocity this up, and it’ll go similar a mean workout successful projects for us.”

In the future, Schäfer said that Volkswagen and its galore brands volition enactment to make marque identities that let its vehicles’ interiors to person much consistency. That, they hope, volition marque it easier for customers to find things similar the starter button, the measurement controls, and the fastener for the hazard lights.

“We are trying to session it from a logic approach,” said Schäfer. “We say, ‘What are the apical 10 functions that customers ever need?’ We enactment them connected the archetypal level successful hard buttons. Then connected the adjacent 20 functions, wherever bash we enactment them? We enactment immoderate logic into it. And past support it the bloody same. Don’t alteration it around!”

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