VIDEO: 2023 Perodua Axia D74A G, X, SE, AV variants compared – 1.0L D-CVT from RM38.6k to RM49.5k

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You’ve seen our spec-by-spec examination post of the 2023 Perodua Axia, and here’s a comparo video to spell on with it, showing you the exterior, interior and spec differences betwixt the D74A’s 4 variants.

The caller Axia scope starts from the G astatine RM38,600, portion the X goes for RM40,000. The SE is simply a bigger measurement up astatine RM44,000, portion the bells and whistles AV clocks successful conscionable beneath the RM50k people astatine RM49,500 connected the roadworthy excluding insurance. We’ve besides done the monthly instalment calculations, which puts the caller Axia from RM440 to RM563 a period – afloat illustration here.

What bash you get for RM440 monthly? The basal Axia G is precise casual to spot from the outside, arsenic it’s the lone variant to not travel with afloat LED headlamps, but reflector halogens instead. The helping mirrors (electrically adjustable) don’t person awesome lamps, which is wherefore you’ll find bulbs connected the beforehand fenders.

The B pillars are successful assemblage colour, arsenic are the small triangles astatine the basal of the A pillars. The different models get achromatic stickers for a streamlined look. The wheels are 14-inch items with decent Toyo Proxes CR1 rubber – unusually, this combo is modular from G to AV, with nary upsize oregon unsocial plan for the apical variants.

The G is besides the lone caller Axia to not get keyless introduction truthful you’ll person to property a fastener connected the cardinal to lock/unlock, and past insert the cardinal and twist to start. The interior is an all-black matter with nary trim accents. The basal kit database includes an analogue speedo with nary rev counter, vigor with 2 speakers (with Bluetooth and USB, which is good) and knobs for the manual aerial con.

Tilt steering accommodation makes a debut connected the Axia, but that’s for variants supra the G. The driver’s spot is tallness adjustable. At the back, the integrated ‘pillow’ headrests are precise debased and we recovered immoderate astonishment omissions specified arsenic the rear centre cupholder and extortion drawback handles. Safety wise, the G gets 2 airbags, ABS, hill-start assist, VSC, spot loop reminders (front and back), Isofix anchors and rear parking sensors.

Axia G

Unless your fund truly doesn’t permit, the RM40,000 Axia X should beryllium wherever it starts, arsenic you get a batch much kit for conscionable RM1,400 extra. Spread crossed a nine-year loan, the X volition outgo you astir RM455 monthly, oregon RM15 more.

The automatic LED headlamps with LED positioning lamps unsocial would astir apt beryllium worthy the premium, some successful looks and function. Factory LED headlamps are 1 of those things that erstwhile you experience, you tin ne'er spell back. Another point successful this class is keyless introduction and propulsion start, which the X has. By the way, the sensor connected the Axia’s operator doorway grip is of the electrostatic type, arsenic per the Ativa/Alza, and amended than the Myvi’s achromatic button.

The slimmer LED eyes importantly improves the X’s looks, and the B-pillars and the beforehand country triangles are covered successful matte achromatic stickers. Interior upgrades implicit the G see tilt-adjustable steering, rear doorway speakers, drawback handles, rear centre cupholder and beforehand parking sensors. That’s a batch of other worldly for RM1,400.

Axia X with GearUp accessories

If the Axia scope tin beryllium divided into two, the SE and AV are connected the greener broadside of the field. The RM44,000 SE (around RM500 per month) looks sportier acknowledgment to achromatic skirting connected the beforehand and sides, positive a chrome ‘wing’ connected the grille that integrates nicely with the LED positioning lamps. There’s besides a subtle tailgate spoiler and the country astir the rear fig sheet is successful black.

The awesome lights are present connected the helping mirrors, which person a powerfulness fold function. The SE and AV besides get star and information model tint (by LLumar). Even from far, you’ll announcement this higher people Axia, acknowledgment to modular LED daytime moving lights. Even the apical Ativa and Alza don’t get LED DRLs arsenic standard.

Inside, the SE doesn’t look similar the Axia compartment you spot successful ads, but determination are a fewer notable upgrades from what we’ve seen truthful far. The aerial con power sheet is present digital; this is the aforesaid portion recovered successful the Ativa/Alza and comes with 2 representation positions. The dashboard looks much upmarket acknowledgment to a metallic horizontal trim and metallic accents connected the steering and cogwheel knob. The AC tabs and doorway handles are successful chrome.

Axia SE

Other additions see a PWR mode button, a rev antagonistic connected the sportier instrumentality panel, Eco-Idle automatic start-stop and a dependable insulation screen nether the bonnet. Practical tiny touches see the handbag hook betwixt the beforehand seats and teh tarik hooks embedded into the beforehand spot backs. The seats are antithetic – the ‘semi-bucket’ fronts get large broadside bolsters, and determination are due adjustable headrests astatine the back.

Finally, we get astatine the RM49,500 AV, which volition acceptable you backmost RM563 a period implicit 9 years. The RRP is simply a large RM5,500 leap from the SE, but there’s besides a important database of AV-exclusive kit that’s hard to retrofit.

The range-topper isn’t unsocial from the outside, wearing the aforesaid bodykit arsenic the SE and the standard-issue 14-inch single-tone wheels. There’s besides nary exclusive overgarment colour, truthful you tin lone spot 1 by its ASA 3.0 cameras astatine the apical of the windscreen. This battalion includes autonomous exigency braking (AEB) and beforehand departure warning, a diagnostic that does nine a favour by alerting drivers stuck connected phones that postulation is moving.

Axia AV

AEB is thing that Proton doesn’t connection until the X50 Flagship, a RM113k SUV, truthful to get it successful an Axia is great. To besides get lane departure informing and prevention, unsighted spot monitor, rear transverse postulation alert, car precocious beam and six airbags – successful an Axia – is simply amazing. Only ACC/LKC separates this information bundle from the Ativa/Alza AV.

As for the things you tin bask everyday, the AV gets a 7.0-inch integer instrumentality clump with aggregate themes, arsenic good arsenic a 9.0-inch touchscreen caput portion with a reverse camera. Both these items are from the Ativa, and the HU isn’t the Apple CarPlay/Android Auto portion recovered successful the Alza AV. The audio and metre controls adhd buttons to the steering, which is wrapped successful leather. The seats are arsenic per the SE, but successful part-leather with reddish accents.

Under the hood, each DNGA Axias get the aforesaid carryover 1.0 litre three-cylinder VVT-i motor with 67 hp/91 Nm. The automatic transmission is simply a D-CVT, arsenic utilized by 3 larger models successful P2’s range. Perodua claims Malaysian Driving Cycle substance system of 25.3 km/l for the G and X, and 27.4 km/l for the SE and AV. The quality is due to the fact that of Eco-Idle. Not having wider tyres and larger rims besides assistance the SE/AV’s FC figure.

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Lastly, GearUp. Surprisingly, there’s nary GearUp bodykit astatine launch, but you tin adhd connected tiny items specified arsenic doorway visors, illuminated scuff plates with a carbon-fibre look, Perodua-branded coil mats, footwell lights and a footwear tray. There are besides PVC spot covers successful black/red (available for some benignant of seats) and GearUp vigor and sound motor hood isolation foam. As usual, these optional extras tin beryllium included successful your HP loan.

For much connected the 2023 Perodua Axia, cheque retired our full motorboat report and first impressions review. If it was your money, which variant would you spell for?

2023 Perodua Axia G – RM38,600
Gets arsenic standard:


  • 1.0L VVT-i three-cylinder motor (1KR-VE)
  • 67 hp astatine 6,000 rpm, 91 Nm astatine 4,400 rpm
  • 25.3 km/l substance depletion successful Malaysian Driving Cycle (23.3 km/l NEDC)
  • D-CVT automatic transmission
  • 36-litre substance tank
  • Electric powerfulness steering (EPS)
  • 4.5-metre turning radius
  • Manual handbrake
  • Ventilated brakes discs (front), drum brakes (rear)
  • 3,760 mm long, 1,665 mm wide, 1,495 mm tall, 2,525 mm wheelbase
  • 150 mm crushed clearance
  • Five-year/150,000 km warranty


  • Halogen reflector headlights
  • Signal lights connected beforehand fenders
  • Body-coloured B-pillars, A-pillar country and rear fig sheet garnish
  • Body-coloured power-adjustable doorway mirrors with manual fold
  • Front grille successful afloat achromatic plastic
  • 14-inch alloys with 175/65 Toyo Proxes CR1 tyres


  • Speed delicate car doorway lock
  • Fabric seats
  • Folding rear seats with fixed ‘pillow’ headrests
  • Height-adjustable driver’s seat
  • Non-adjustable steering instrumentality column
  • Twist-to-start keyfob
  • Full achromatic dashboard
  • Power windows, car up/down for operator only
  • Manual aerial con
  • Analogue metre sheet with 4.2-inch LCD multi-info display
  • Non-touchscreen caput portion with USB/Bluetooth
  • Two speakers
  • Urethane steering wheel


  • Two airbags
  • ABS, EBD, Brake Assist, Hill-start Assist, VSC, traction control
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Seat loop reminder, beforehand and rear
  • Isofix kid spot anchors
  • Four-star ASEAN NCAP rating

2023 Perodua Axia X – RM40,000
Adds on:


  • Keyless introduction with electrostatic interaction sensor
  • Auto headlamps
  • LED headlamps with manual levelling
  • LED positioning lamps
  • Follow maine location lamps
  • Blacked retired B-pillars and A-pillar corners


  • Tilt adjustable steering
  • Keyless propulsion commencement button
  • Rear centre cupholder
  • Four speakers


  • Front country parking sensors

2023 Perodua Axia SE – RM44,000
Adds on:


  • Eco Idle car start-stop
  • Power mode
  • 27.4 km/l substance depletion successful Malaysian Driving Cycle


  • LED daytime moving lights
  • Chrome portion connected beforehand grille
  • Front skirting
  • Side skirts
  • Rear spoiler
  • Black rear fig sheet garnish
  • Powered broadside mirrors with LED crook signals
  • Solar and information model tint
  • Additional bonnet insulation


  • Power mode steering button
  • Semi-bucket seats, fabric
  • Separate rear headrests
  • Chrome doorway handles
  • Silver horizontal dash trim
  • Silver trim connected steering
  • Silver cogwheel knob trim
  • Digital AC power sheet with memory
  • Rev counter
  • Anti-snatch handbag hook
  • Two teh tarik hooks connected the beforehand spot backs

2023 Perodua Axia AV – RM49,500
Adds on:


  • Auto precocious beam


  • 7.0-inch integer instrumentality sheet with steering controls
  • 9.0-inch touchscreen caput portion with steering controls
  • Semi-leather seats
  • Leather-wrapped steering


  • Six airbags
  • Lane departure informing and prevention
  • Blind spot monitor
  • Rear transverse postulation alert
  • ASA 3.0 including AEB
  • Reverse camera

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