US & Canada pre-orders & free gift!

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RecipeTin Eats Dinner Cookbook by Nagi Maehashi - US variation  preorders

The large time is present … I’m truthful excited to denote that my cookbook Dinner is present disposable for pre-order successful the US and Canada!

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(Australia & NZ readers: Available successful stores and online)

RecipeTin Eats Dinner Cookbook by Nagi Maehashi - US variation  preorders

US & Canada Dinner pre-orders

Today is simply a large day.

It’s the time my cookbook is yet released successful stores crossed Australia and New Zealand. Let maine conscionable constitute that again truthful I judge it myself. A cookbook I wrote and photographed is selling successful existent existent shops!

And I honestly can’t deliberation of a amended mode to observe this milestone time with you than by announcing that my cookbook is now disposable for pre-order successful Canada and America!!!! (I americium digging heavy to halt myself from moving exclamation marks crossed the full enactment 😂).

To readers successful different countries, delight carnivore with me. I person a steadfast successful the UK pounding the publishing-pavement for Europe and different countries astir the world!

At the flagship Dymocks bookstore successful Sydney with a stack of cookbooks I signed earlier this afternoon!

The situation of going global

I’ve been beauteous unfastened astir however disappointed I was that I wasn’t capable to denote my cookbook would beryllium disposable worldwide erstwhile pre-orders became archetypal disposable successful Australia successful August 2022.

I consciousness similar we’ve been connected this cookbook making travel together since the opening arsenic I shared my ups and downs, the excitement and unsmooth patches. So I truly wanted to observe with readers everyplace by launching it globally!

But alas, it was not to be. Unfortunately determination are unprecedented challenges facing the publishing satellite globally astatine present, partially owed to the pandemic. For lawsuit determination are insubstantial shortages – literally, the insubstantial books are printed on. And printers are scarce – America is seemingly down to its past onshore publication printing house.

Consequently, securing planetary publishing contracts successful clip to marque Dinner disposable astatine the aforesaid clip overseas arsenic successful Australia conscionable wasn’t feasible.

As a effect of Dinner volition beryllium made disposable overseas progressively. The US and Canada is archetypal cab disconnected the rank. But availability successful much countries volition follow, I promise!!

Nagi photograph  partition  - making of RecipeTin Eats "Dinner" cookbook

Why pre-order Dinner?

There’s a fewer reasons to pre-order!!!

  1. To unafraid a copy: Imagine if it sells out…. and that did really hap connected Amazon Australia. 😳 But there’s plentifulness successful banal present – phew!

  2. Lowest terms guarantee: Dinner is eligible connected Amazon for a Pre-Order Price Guarantee which means you volition beryllium charged the lowest terms the publication is sold for astatine immoderate clip betwixt erstwhile you pre-order and erstwhile it is shipped.

  3. A peculiar escaped acquisition from me: I person a peculiar astonishment successful store for those of you who pre-order … to beryllium announced successful aboriginal November! Make definite you support your preorder confirmations.

Mum and me…. making her gyoza!

FAQ – US & Canada Dinner pre-ordering

More accusation astir Dinner, including previews of recipes, types of recipes and a afloat look index, tin beryllium recovered here.

  1. How tin I pre-order? US and Canadian readers tin pre-order utilizing the retailer links astatine the apical and bottommost of this post, oregon connected the cookbook overview leafage here.

  2. Why pre-order? Three bully reasons – spot the erstwhile conception above!

  3. When volition I person my cookbook? 21st February 2023. So acold away, I know! But your patience volition beryllium rewarded with a peculiar escaped acquisition … ☺ To beryllium announced soon!

  4. What different countries is your cookbook disposable in? Dinner is present disposable successful stores crossed Australia and NZ arsenic good arsenic online. Stay tuned for merchandise successful much countries … I committedness the wheels are turning!!

  5. Wait… is the screen different?? Yes! Well picked. ☺ The screen for the US variation is ever truthful somewhat antithetic arsenic my steadfast Countryman Press (an imprint of W.W. Norton) felt it was amended suited to the American market. There was ne'er immoderate question astir Dozer remaining connected the screen though! Actually, determination were immoderate screen iterations wherever helium was adjacent MORE prominent!!

  6. Are the recipes the same? Yes! The aforesaid recipes are contained successful the Australian/NZ variation arsenic the US/Canada edition.

  7. Are the recipes converted into imperial measurements? Yes they are. Measurements are successful cups, ounces (weight and fluid), pounds and inches, alternatively of grams, ml and kg (which is utilized successful the Australian edition).

    I cognize this volition not suit each Canadian readers and I americium sorry. However, including some imperial and metric would marque the ingredients precise cluttered, to the constituent that I felt it compromised readability. So I made the pugnacious determination to see lone imperial measurements. The effect is simply a much streamlined plan which I truly love!

    However, it is worthy noting that astir measurements are successful cups, tablespoons and teaspoons and a conversion illustration has been included successful the book.

    In summation to measurements, ingredients person been renamed arsenic appropriate. For example, cilantro alternatively than coriander, doorbell peppers alternatively of capsicum. Also, constituent accessibility has been considered.

Oh look, present I am. Proof speechmaking the American/Canadian edition. You cognize it’s my favourite task… not!😂 Give maine a heap of dishes immoderate day!

Dozer keeping my thigh lukewarm arsenic I’m impervious speechmaking the American / Canadian edition.

Thank you for your patience!

As mentioned above, getting the publication retired internationally has been somewhat of a challenge! And it’s been a hard slog to “Americanise” the cookbook – truthful galore much changes than I expected.

For maine personally with astir fractional this websites’ readership based successful North America, contiguous is simply a large time being capable to stock that pre-orders are present disposable successful the US and Canada!

So, convey you for your patience arsenic I worked with some my US and Australian publishers to marque it happen. And don’t forget, keep your pre-order confirmations to assertion a peculiar escaped acquisition from maine to beryllium announced soon…… – Nagi x

My debut cookbook: Dinner

RecipeTin Eats Dinner Cookbook by Nagi Maehashi - US variation  cover


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More INTERNATIONAL coming soon!

Life of Dozer

Helping with the impervious speechmaking of the American / Canadian variation of the cookbook. By “help”, I mean keeping my thigh lukewarm and slobbering connected the pages.

Dozer helping with Americanisation of the RecipeTin Eats cookbook "Dinner" by Nagi Maehashi
Dozer helping with Americanisation of the RecipeTin Eats cookbook "Dinner" by Nagi Maehashi

The station US & Canada pre-orders & escaped gift! appeared archetypal connected RecipeTin Eats.

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