Unlock Charlotte’s Hidden Gems: The 27 Best Spots to Uncover as a Local

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Whether you’re considering living successful Charlotte, precocious rented an apartment successful Second Ward, oregon a rental location successful University City, there’s plentifulness to larn astir your caller city. Nestled adjacent to the mountains and the beach, North Carolina’s largest city, Charlotte, is simply a spot similar nary other. The metropolis offers neighborhoods acceptable for immoderate personality, a spectacular nutrient scene, and large upwind – astir of the time. But what are Charlotte’s hidden gems? Some enactment inconspicuous and disconnected the beaten path, portion others beryllium successful plain show – you conscionable request to cognize wherever to look.

Cityscape of Charlotte, NC wherever  you tin  find   hidden gems astir   each   corner

Hidden Gems successful Charlotte: nutrient and drinks, things to do, and more

Gather with friends astatine The Goodyear House

The Goodyear House is simply a vicinity gathering spot successful NoDa, built connected the enactment of the community. Stop successful and bask the pleasures of a laugh, cocktail, and seasonal tiny plates successful the shadiness of their patios with family, friends, and adjacent Fido.

Check retired the confetti hearts wall

“Visit 1 of Charlotte’s astir Instagrammable locations, the confetti hearts partition located successful trendy Southend astatine 1930 Camden Road,” says section canine lensman Kim Hollis of BARKography

It’s Hollis’ favourite determination due to the fact that of its agleam colors and affirmative message. “It’s a must-stop for a speedy drawback oregon scheduling a photograph session,” shares Hollis. “Designed and created by Evelyn Henson with the messages Love Others, Do Good, and Be Kind inscribed connected the hearts.”

Brown laboratory  posed successful  beforehand   Charlotte's hidden gem, the confetti hearts wall, a mural of colorful heartsPhoto Courtesy of BARKography. Confetti Hearts Wall created by Evelyn Henson.

Eat retired astatine Copper Indian

“A favourite Charlotte hidden gem of excavation is Copper Indian. They service a Sesame-Chili Cauliflower Florets appetizer that had maine dreaming astir it for months,” says Savvy Leigh of Savvy Leigh Photography, a Charlotte wedding photographer. “I’m not a vegetarian oregon a vegan, but I ever get these each clip I go. The crispy edges of the fried cauliflower with their condiment – I person a hard clip believing anybody could beryllium unhappy with this dish.”

Spend day nighttime astatine Twigs and Figs

Twigs and Figs is different hidden gem and has 1 of the champion day nighttime activities successful Charlotte,” states Leigh. “You tin spell to physique your ain terrarium and plan it with succulents, colored sand, rocks, and solid structures. They adjacent person a barroom truthful you tin sip immoderate delicious drinks portion you create.”

They marque for large flat decorations, too. With conscionable a spritz of h2o and immoderate indirect sunlight vulnerability – your caller terrarium is definite to thrive.

Group of radical   making terrariums with plants, moss, and dirt.

Get outdoors astatine the Ribbonwalk Nature Preserve

Just 5 miles northbound of Uptown, the Ribbonwalk Nature Preserve is simply a scenic parkland with trails, wildlife, and a ample histrion grove, cleanable for those wanting to flight the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and bask immoderate nature.

“The paths are wide and you tin spot rather a spot of wildlife and gorgeous scenery,” shares Town and Tourist, a blog dedicated to providing informative question guides. “The way isn’t crowded, truthful you tin adjacent instrumentality your favored here. But marque definite to bring your bug spray if you don’t privation to permission with mosquito bites.” 

Hit each the nutrient and portion joints

“There are astonishing things to bash and truthful galore hidden gems successful Charlotte. As a autochthonal to the city, I’m blessed to stock immoderate of the best,” says Rachel Brown of Queen City Chic, a manner blog. “Enjoy cocktails with a presumption astatine Merchant and Trade, store astir Camp North End, drawback a repast oregon dessert astatine Optimist Hall, research the French Quarter successful Uptown, oregon effort a section trade brew successful South End. Find large java shops and creation murals successful Plaza Midwood oregon NoDa. Midwood Smokehouse, Noble Smoke, and Haberdish are each a deed for Southern eats.”

Check retired North Carolina’s vino country

Boasting stunning backdrops of North Carolina’s lush mountains, rolling landscapes, and beauteous vineyard views, North Carolina’s vino state is 1 you can’t miss. Explore the non-sweet broadside of NC Wine Country. Over 75 vineyards are wrong 1.5 hours of Charlotte. Better yet, bash it connected a nutrient and vino circuit done NC Wine Gals, for example.

North Carolina vino  state  filled with rolling hills of vineyards.

Experience a classical Southern repast astatine Haymaker

“This hidden gem is tucked distant successful Uptown Charlotte and is the cleanable spot for a day nighttime oregon meal with friends,” states nutrient & manner blogger Liz Sneyd of Pretty Plates. “Haymaker’s paper is ever-changing, but you tin ever expect to find seasonal ingredients and Southern classics with a twist. Haymaker sources ingredients from section farms, truthful you cognize everything is fresh. Some instrumentality favorites see the Haymaker breakfast, steakhouse burger, and the house-made pickles.”

Support a section concern proprietor and sojourn The Packing House conscionable extracurricular the city

“My hidden gem is The Packing House successful Monroe,” says Erin Wilwert Photography. “It is simply a java store owned by a section concern owner. My favourite happening is the maple bacon cheddar biscuits and reddish velvet muffins. This store is retired successful the state wherever lone locals spot it. They connection specialty java drinks; my favourite is the chocolate-covered cherry java with fractional the sweetness. The proprietor is astonishing and ace sweet. They besides connection adorable acquisition baskets cleanable for teachers, birthdays, and friends.”

Dine astatine The Artisan Palate

“One of my favourite hidden gems successful Charlotte is The Artisan Palate,” shares Christian Mulkey of Memories with the Mulkeys, a motherhood, lifestyle, and question blog. “Located close down the thoroughfare from Charlotte’s iconic NoDa creation district, The Artisan Palate offers a unsocial eating acquisition portion merging food, drinks, art, and euphony into a relaxing vibe. Their backmost patio is serene and cleanable for brunch with household oregon friends. I urge trying their honey-glazed bacon-wrapped dates with goat food and almonds. Don’t hide to cheque retired the creation assemblage featuring section artists earlier you leave.”

The room ever tries to hole nutrient and portion with ingredients from section farmers and providers who usage sustainable and humane practices. 

Sip connected a customized cocktail astatine Cotton Room

“Finding hole-in-the-wall spots and hidden gems successful Uptown tin beryllium a feat, which is wherefore we emotion Cotton Room truthful much,” states Lesley Stracks-Mullem, Owner of Taste Carolina Gourmet Food Tours, a guided walking nutrient tour. “This beauteous trade cocktails speakeasy has a fantastic mixology program. Guests tin inquire bartenders to make a portion conscionable for them, but folks tin ne'er spell incorrect ordering an Old Fashioned. There’s besides an unthinkable barroom store crossed the alley called Craft Cakes CLT.”

The Cotton Room opened its doors successful 2016, but the sanction and features of the abstraction is inspired by the past of Brevard Court – an open-air fabric marketplace during the tallness of the textile industry. Today, the Cotton Room inactive boasts the archetypal floors, ceramic walls, skylight, and exposed rafters.

Two cocktails and a whiskey solid  with a brackish  rim

Check retired Counter- for an unforgettable eating experience

Counter- is an intimate edifice featuring themed 10- and 14-course tasting menus created by Executive Chef and Owner Sam Hart. Designed to evoke emotion during the acquisition by utilizing sound, taste, and creation arsenic a vehicle, the menus rotate and are driven by sense-based storylines specified arsenic music, modern art, and intelligence health. The edifice is designed to mimic a blank canvas and tin easy alteration to acceptable the menus, tableware, and art. The vino program, led by Wine Director Bill Cox, is arrogant to diagnostic a divers offering that includes female, LGBTQ+, and number winemakers, alongside a thoughtfully curated non-alcoholic pairing option. Counter- is besides location to Pastry Chef Faith Morely.

Visit the Common Market successful Plaza Midwood

“There are galore large things astir Charlotte that you can’t assistance but love, says Jena Marie, manner blogger of Get Jenafied. “As for hidden gems that thin to support Charlotte captivating, Common Market successful Plaza Midwood is wherever I cognize I tin find absorbing convo, awesome people, and chill tchotchkes. Come present to perceive to section music, person a drink, drawback a speedy wound to eat, oregon find caller friends.”

Get your pizza hole astatine Benny Pennello’s

“A Charlotte hidden gem would beryllium Benny Pennello’s successful NoDa,” recommends Moving Mountains Studios, a photography and videography studio. “The “big arsenic your head” pizza and lawsuit work is phenomenal on with their hipster aesthetic.”

Benny Pennello’s uses the highest prime ingredients, sourcing the flour from the Midwest, Olive lipid from domestically grown Corto olives, tomatoes from the basal of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, cheeses from Minnesota, and meats from a customized Virginia brand. 

Slice of pizza and a beer.

Escape to Paris astatine Cafe Monte

This Charlotte hidden gem was founded successful 2007 and created to “Escape from the Everyday,” Cafe Monte’s extremity is to connection a casual-gourmet acquisition and French culinary traditions.

“Dining astatine Cafe Monte successful Fairview feels similar having a small portion of Paris close present successful Charlotte,” says Laura Tompkins of Laurel Belle Photography & Branding. “From the macaroons to the atmosphere, I consciousness similar Emily successful Paris. Their gluten-free Belgian Waffles are a buttery dainty paired with a Bellini. And for luncheon oregon dinner, I emotion their Smoked Salmon.”

Explore Charlotte’s haunted past

“Are you acceptable to instrumentality a shade circuit done Queen City’s acheronian streets for freakish tales of the city’s past and the ghosts that haunt its present? Experience the acheronian broadside of Charlotte’s past connected a shade circuit and acquisition 1 of the astir ghost-infested places successful Charlotte,” says US Ghost Adventures.

Satisfy your craving astatine Curry Gate

“My favourite places to dine retired successful the Queen City are immoderate of our smaller planetary restaurants, which often alert nether the radar,” shares Alyssa, who blogs astir travel, style, and beingness successful Charlotte at Wayward. “When I’m craving Indian nutrient (which, let’s look it, is always), I’ll telephone successful an bid to Curry Gate. This unassuming edifice serves up the astir flavorful curries successful generous portions. My go-to is the Chicken Makhani, but I tin honestly accidental I’ve enjoyed each crockery I’ve ordered.”

Plate of Indian food.

Get a sensation of Ethiopian nutrient astatine Abugida Ethiopian Cafe

“Charlotte is location to respective Ethiopian restaurants, but 1 that doesn’t ever get arsenic overmuch emotion arsenic it deserves is Abugida Ethiopian Cafe,” says Wayward. “Hands-on eating makes for a amusive day night, and the Abugida Feast is the cleanable serving size for two. Abugida is besides a large eating spot for a radical of friends with antithetic dietary restrictions, arsenic the paper offerings see vegan and gluten-free items.”

Indulge successful tacos astatine Tacos El Regio

Wayward besides suggests Tacos El Regio if you’re craving authentic Mexican food. “Central Avenue is dotted with restaurants from crossed the Latin American diaspora, but caput a fewer blocks further to Tacos El Regio for authentic tacos de trompo. Sure, the edifice whitethorn beryllium a small smoky from the pork-and-pineapple roasting connected the spit and the tortillas hitting the comal, but it’s the adjacent champion happening to booking a formation to Mexico.” 

Check retired Windy Hill Orchard during the fall

NicCole Photography, a section household lensman suggests Windy Hill Orchard for a play activity. “This Charlotte hidden gem has the implicit champion caller pome cider and doughnuts. Saturday and Sunday evenings see unrecorded music, pome picking for families, scarecrow building, hay rides, and hard cider flights. The thrust from Charlotte is stunning during the autumn season.”

Before Windy Hill Orchard and Cider Mill were founded, the owners were searching for thing the full household could beryllium a portion of. In 1978, they were talented a woody pome cider property and their tendency for a existent pome cider doughnut led to the business.

A idiosyncratic   holding 3  freshly-picked apples.

Go horseback riding, jogging, oregon kayaking astatine The Dairy Farm

The Dairy Barn is conscionable a abbreviated 30-minute thrust southbound to Fort Mill, SC. It was built successful 1947 and has since been renovated into a gathering spot for friends and family.

“Thursday evenings see nutrient trucks and a tiny amphitheater,” says NicCole Photography. “It’s a large outdoor determination for household hikes. Along the path, you’ll apt tally into folks horseback riding, jogging, oregon kayaking. There is simply a large swinging span and tons of quality to explore.”

Eat, drink, and store your mode done Charlotte

Travel tract 5 Reasons to Visit recommends spending a time being a tourer to find Charlotte’s hidden gems and to larn astir your caller city. “Start with buying astatine Southpark Mall, anchored by apical retailers. Be definite to sojourn the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, a jewel of Queen City. Next, quench your thirst and curb your hunger astatine The Goodyear House with farm-to-table comfortableness nutrient and hand-crafted libations. Strolling the Wing Haven Garden and Bird Sanctuary is simply a indispensable for a small bid and tranquillity amongst the hustle and bustle. Don’t hide to cheque retired the Fourth Ward of Charlotte’s Uptown, lined with century-old Victorian homes and magazine-worthy courtyard gardens.”

Don’t miss Camp North End for restaurants, murals, and more

Camp North End is 1 of Charlotte’s hidden gems. Situated connected a 76-acre property, the open-air venue is location to implicit 50 tenants, including restaurants, creation galleries, shops, and more.

“As a photographer, I americium ever looking for unsocial places to instrumentality photos and Camp North End has it all,” shares Ash Nichole Photos. “If you privation to spot astonishing murals and sculptures, unsocial shops/restaurants, rustic architecture, and a afloat presumption of the city, this is the place.” 

Camp North End successful  Charlotte astatine  sunset.

Spend an day astatine The McGill Rose Garden

“Tucked distant betwixt the borderline of Uptown and the Arts District, The McGill Rose Garden is casual to miss,” states existent property cause Julie Coffey CharlotteAreaLiving.com. “But it’s nary concealed that they connection 1 of the champion venues for quality lovers. The gardens bloom successful outpouring and again successful October, truthful autumn is my favourite clip to sojourn this hidden gem of Charlotte. Stroll the gravel paths, instrumentality successful the lush gardens, and sip a favourite beverage. Best of all, photography passes are disposable truthful you tin consciousness escaped to drawback Insta-worthy shots portion you clasp the earthy beauty.”

Local lensman Jenn Eddine describes McGill Rose Garden arsenic an concern instrumentality connected a charming roseate garden. “Grab a beverage of your prime from Rosie’s Coffee and Wine Garden located connected the premises, and bask a stroll done the gardens with your closest friends oregon partner.”

Jody Mace of Charlotte connected the Cheap, a section assets for freebies, deals, and discounts, besides suggests checking retired Rosie’s Coffee and Wine Garden. “Meander astir the countless varieties of roseate bushes portion you bask a cupful of coffee, beverage oregon wine. It’s magical erstwhile it’s lit up astatine night. You won’t judge you’re conscionable a stone’s propulsion from Uptown Charlotte.”

From upscale eating to whitewater rafting, acquisition it each successful Charlotte

“My implicit favourite spot successful Charlotte is the White Water Center, peculiarly the ropes courses and of people the rafting,” says Lisa Pleasant of Lisa Pleasant Events, a wedding and lawsuit planner. 

“On the much costly side, The McNinch House has a cozy mounting with preset meals each night, but it is surely an full acquisition truthful beryllium prepared to unbend and bent retired for hours with your favourite company. During the time I suggest taking a stroll connected the greenway uptown, particularly during the outpouring oregon autumn seasons. For nighttime entertainment, spot 1 of the Blumenthal shows oregon musicals astatine the Belk Theater. On the much hep extremity of Charlotte, you volition find spice and originative bites astatine galore of the hidden gem restaurants and breweries successful the South End area. Local favorites see Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Barcelona, and my idiosyncratic favourite the Dilworth Tasting Room.”

Four radical   achromatic  h2o  rafting.

Take a time travel to Waxhaw

Gianna Elden, proprietor of Natural Bloom Photography recommends heading southbound of Waverly and to find the essence of Main Street America successful Downtown Waxhaw. 

“On Main Street, you’ll find a wide store, a mates of antique shops, and immoderate restaurants. Plenty of photograph opportunities here,” says Elden. “Look retired for the bid that rolls done and drawback a specialty burger and brew from Maxwell’s Tavern.”

Experience the champion seafood successful Charlotte

“In the bosom of Uptown Charlotte, Sea Level NC is simply a Charlotte hidden gem and the champion spot for seafood successful the city,” shares Natalie Korda of nutrient blog Foodie connected Location. “It is simply a quaint edifice with a unsocial paper and stellar vino and cocktail list. For appetizers, the calabash shrimp melts successful your mouth, portion the grilled oysters with citrus ail butter, parmesan cheese, and panko breadcrumbs get you acceptable for the main course. The past grains and salmon vessel are an astonishing operation of flavors, which I highly recommend. Top your repast disconnected with their cocoa cookware de creme, which volition person you craving more.”

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