Twenty Year Old Toyota Corolla Gets A Makeshift Facelift Bringing It To The 2020s

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What tin you bash erstwhile you privation the newer model but you’re stuck a fewer generations down and you’re abbreviated of budget? A Toyota Corolla proprietor from the Philippines recovered a solution to that occupation by converting his eighth-gen exemplary to an eleventh-gen lookalike.

As you tin archer from the greenhouse and the interior, the mashup is based connected a Toyota Corolla E110 sedan which was primitively introduced successful 1995 and remained connected merchantability until 2004 successful the Philippines. This circumstantial illustration was bought successful 2001, it is fitted with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder petrol motor producing 109 hp (81 kW/ 110 PS) and has 180,000 km connected the odometer. It is nevertheless the extended ocular modifications that marque it rather special.

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The bespoke facelift done by the proprietor includes the genuine headlights, grille, beforehand bumper, and bonnet from the overmuch much caller Euro-spec Toyota Corolla E170 (2013-2019). The notable differences successful size and proportions betwixt the 2 Corolla generations meant that a batch of enactment was required successful bid to make the transplant work, including the fitment of bespoke beforehand fenders and wider broadside sills.

Among the challenges of this conversion is that the bonnet of the eleventh-gen Corolla is longer than the eighth-gen model, which is wherefore determination is simply a ample offset betwixt the shutline and the windscreen. Also, the newer exemplary is wider, thing that is disposable connected the beforehand tracks.

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While astir radical would apt halt successful the face transplant, the proprietor of this Corolla went a measurement further by changing the process arsenic well. Here the effect is little convincing, since the tailgate of the aged sedan is longer and boxier than the newer exemplary making the fitment of genuine parts impossible. Thus, a acceptable of aftermarket taillights were integrated into the revised trunk which retains the aged spoiler articulator and licence sheet holder. The bespoke bumper is besides trying hard to replicate the much caller plan language.

We recovered the car connected a Toyota Corolla fanmade radical connected Facebook, wherever it was listed for sale. Some commenters loved the result, portion others similar the banal 2001 model. Would you ever effort to infuse styling cues from a newer procreation into your aged daily?

H/T to Jonnell for allowing america to usage photos of his car

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