Turn On, Tune In And Take Charge With Bitcoin

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The alteration successful mindset and framing induced by learning astir Bitcoin mirrors a psychedelic experience.

This is an sentiment editorial by Yasin Chowdhury, big of the Miami Bitcoin Meetup and exertion consultant.

The pursuing is for informational and amusement purposes only. This is not aesculapian advice, nor does the writer oregon publishing entity condone the usage of drugs.

Traveling down the Bitcoin rabbit spread tin beryllium a perilous fiscal and intelligence journey. Financially, it is casual to get wholly wrecked — whether by taking portion successful the thousands of antithetic cryptocurrency scams, storing bitcoin connected assorted lending platforms that committedness a output oregon simply mismanaging your keys. From a intelligence standpoint, staying calm done the aggravated volatility tin beryllium difficult, not to notation the sheer cognitive dissonance 1 whitethorn acquisition going down the rabbit hole. Luckily determination is simply a model that tin mitigate the risks for those who privation to rotation down the never-ending Bitcoin rabbit hole. This model is predicated connected the psychedelic question pioneered by Dr. Timothy Leary.

The similarities betwixt Bitcoin and psychedelics are eerie. It is evident that some change quality consciousness — psychedelics origin encephalon alteration neurochemically, whereas Bitcoin induces encephalon alteration done guerilla ontology1 — astatine different level, some encephalon alteration mediums stock a akin aura of contention too.

Psychedelics entered the beforehand and halfway of American consciousness successful the 1960s. Some promising studies were led by Dr. Leary and his cohort astatine Harvard University. Unfortunately, Leary was acold up of his clip and a small excessively flamboyant; President Richard Nixon labeled Leary the astir unsafe antheral successful America.2 The United States Federal authorities took things further and banned psychedelic probe successful 1970.3 In 2022 it is harmless to accidental that psychedelics are again entering the American consciousness. Netflix conscionable released its groundbreaking docu-series "How To Change Your Mind" based connected Michael Pollan's critically acclaimed book. John Hopkins University, University of California Berkeley and New York University eagerly behaviour psychedelic research.4 Most importantly, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is starting to prime up successful respective states nationwide.5 Even though these substances tin assistance dainty PTSD, depression, anxiety, substance addiction and galore different intelligence ailments, it took astir 60 years for them to beryllium somewhat accepted by society.

Bitcoin shares a akin past of contention; Over the past 13 years, governments and mainstream media person attacked Bitcoin mercilessly. The legendary capitalist Charlie Munger went arsenic acold arsenic to telephone it rat poisoned squared, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon championed "Blockchain, not Bitcoin” and China and galore different countries person banned it galore times. In that aforesaid duration of time, contempt the relentless slander from Bitcoin naysayers, galore ample corporations person adopted Bitcoin arsenic a portion of their treasury strategy- Microstrategy, SpaceX, Tesla and Square, to sanction a few. Interestingly, 2 nation-states — El Salvador and the Central African Republic — person made bitcoin ineligible tender. It is harmless to fishy that much corporations, nation-states and individuals volition commencement moving to a Bitcoin modular during this epoch of aggravated geopolitical conflict. To assistance guarantee a harmless modulation to the Bitcoin standard, we tin adhere to a model laid retired by the psychedelic pioneers. The model consists of the pursuing elements:

Set And Setting

The estranged Harvard Professor Timothy Leary coined the word acceptable and setting, consecutive retired of the horse’s rima —

"Of course, the cause dose does not nutrient the transcendent experience. It simply acts arsenic a chemic cardinal — it opens the mind, frees the tense strategy of its mean patterns and structures. The quality of the acquisition depends astir wholly connected acceptable and setting. Set denotes the mentation of the individual, including his property operation and his temper astatine the time. Setting is carnal — the weather, the room's atmosphere; societal — feelings of persons contiguous towards 1 another; and taste — prevailing views arsenic to what is real. It is for this crushed that manuals oregon guide-books are necessary. Their intent is to alteration a idiosyncratic to recognize the caller realities of the expanded consciousness, to service arsenic roadworthy maps for caller interior territories which modern subject has made accessible."6

To further elaborate, the acceptable besides incorporates the individual's expectations of the psychedelic experience. Having a wide volition earlier taking a psychedelic is simply a must. Whether that intent is to heal from trauma, grow creativity oregon find meaning is solely up to the individual.

From the Bitcoin lens, acceptable and mounting is of paramount importance. If you bash not person the close acceptable of expectations, past you are signing up for an unpleasant experience. Are you purchasing Bitcoin to beryllium an overnight millionaire? Will you beryllium restlessly trading successful and retired of the plus for a speedy buck? If these are your expectations, past hole for disappointment. Bitcoin is geared much toward individuals with a debased clip preference; it should ideally beryllium utilized arsenic a redeeming vehicle, not arsenic a gambling instrument. Having a steadfast and wide intent to store the fruits of your labour good into the aboriginal volition assistance the bitcoinaut7 during their journey.

As for the setting, it is omniscient to measure wherever 1 stands financially — levels of debt, currency flows, solvency, etc., — it whitethorn besides beryllium prudent to situation oneself with radical who person a decent knowing of definite aspects of the protocol. What is dependable money? Why are determination 21 cardinal coins? What is proof-of-work, the trouble accommodation and the halving? Keeping peers acquainted with the supra volition let for creaseless sailing done the Bitcoin rabbit hole. Such peers tin often beryllium recovered astatine Bitcoin conferences, Bitcoin meetups, and connected Bitcoin Twitter.

Trip Guide

When it comes to mind-altering substances, a coagulated travel usher is good versed with the substance being used. This idiosyncratic volition stock immoderate indispensable forewarnings — for instance, immoderate idiosyncratic with a household past of schizophrenia should not interaction a psychedelic with a 10-foot pole. An perfect travel usher volition besides cognize however to navigate the waters of the dreaded atrocious trip, often triggered by thought patterns surrounding trauma. The usher volition person a instrumentality kit of assorted mindfulness and breathing exercises to bring the voyager backmost to a tranquil authorities of mind; gratitude is besides a potent instrumentality successful the psychonaut's arsenal. As a navigator, 1 should promote chap explorers to refrain from mixing psychedelics with different substances. Avoiding raves and festivals for a first-timer should besides beryllium encouraged; take a much intimate and harmless mounting similar a lush, beauteous garden. Nature is your champion friend. The travel usher volition lone procure the substances from reliable sources.

In the Bitcoin sphere, a commendable travel usher volition steer the voyagers wide of tens of thousands of antithetic crap coins, NFT mania and output seeking. A bully usher volition besides highly discourage the usage of leverage erstwhile purchasing bitcoin. The cognition of self-custody is simply a must. An perfect chaperone volition person a decent knowing of Bitcoin's technical, economical and vigor aspects. With this breadth of knowledge, the usher tin efficaciously slay immoderate fear, uncertainty and uncertainty that whitethorn originate from the depths of the caller Bitcoiner's mind. Proper etiquette for purchasing sats would beryllium to usage Bitcoin-only platforms specified arsenic Cash App, Swan, River and Strike.


The last constituent to conducting a harmless psychedelic acquisition is the close dosage. Take excessively overmuch of the substance, and you whitethorn person an aggravated ego dissolution-this tin pb to a nerve-racking trip. Take excessively small of the entheogen, and you whitethorn hardly consciousness anything.

Regarding Bitcoin, purchasing the close magnitude boils down to the individual's fiscal concern and tolerance for volatility. Buy excessively little, and you whitethorn panic connected the terms run-up; bargain excessively much, and you whitethorn consciousness similar a tense trainwreck connected the mode down. A bully regularisation of thumb is to simply conscionable dollar outgo mean successful — buying a small spot each clip you get paid. Once you profoundly recognize Bitcoin from respective antithetic lenses, proceed to stack harder.

The Shattering Of Illusions

One past fascinating parallel betwixt Bitcoin and psychedelics, astatine slightest 1 that should beryllium covered much in-depth, is however these some change consciousness. Dr. Leary vehemently taught that psychedelic substances unfastened the quality psyche to imprinting — a captious learning period. Oh, mediocre doctor, helium was arrested for his superb ideas successful the 1970s, lone aboriginal to beryllium pardoned by California's politician astatine the clip — Jerry Brown8. Leary's thought of neurological imprinting seems to resonate with the CEO of Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). In her ain words, Amy Emerson postulates

"What I accidental is, psychedelics reopen captious periods, they marque an aged encephalon young again, they let you to spell backmost to that authorities wherever you're receptive to the satellite similar a child."9

During this imprinting phase, 1 tin larn to interruption aged habits, heal trauma and alteration thought patterns that are latent successful the mind. In this captious play of receptivity to caller information, 1 tin drastically alteration their respective worldview.

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin alters consciousness itself via guerilla ontology. As 1 traverses the Bitcoin rabbit hole, 1 is near with an eerie yet unshakeable sensation of cognitive dissonance. The veneer of the clown satellite starts to fracture, and the Bitcoinaut starts to spot done the fiat lies. It becomes wide that our day-to-day lives are predicated connected a corrosive fiat strategy that perpetually distorts world and lends the precocious manus to cantillionaires, further exacerbating 1 of society's astir salient issues — wealthiness inequality. Unquestioningly, we prosecute with fiat illusions from the infinitesimal we are born. Fiat-based medicine and hospitals, fiat education, fiat media, fiat consumerism, fiat authorities — the database is endless, but each of it is based connected a deceitful monetary system. Bitcoin is simply a strategy of rules without rulers. In an effort to recognize this phenomenon, Bitcoiners are exposed to Austrian economics, physics, crippled theory, cryptography, machine subject and a heaping dose of philosophy. One yet comes to recognize that Bitcoin is the antithesis of the fiat system; the second is parasitic, whereas the erstwhile enables the further flourishing of humankind. One tin present prevention the fruits of their labour successful a strategy that cannot beryllium debased. Be self-sovereign and stack immoderate sats, oregon arsenic our beloved person Dr. Timothy Leary would say, "Tune in, crook on, and instrumentality charge!"10


1. Coined by Robert Anton Wilson, “The extremity of guerrilla ontology is to exposure an idiosyncratic oregon individuals to radically unsocial ideas, thoughts, and words, successful bid to invoke cognitive dissonance, which tin origin a grade of discomfort successful immoderate individuals arsenic they find their content systems challenged by caller concepts.

The eventual extremity of guerrilla ontology is to beforehand affirmative encephalon alteration and caller ways of experiencing and adapting to reality.”

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This is simply a impermanent station by Yasin Chowdhury. Opinions expressed are wholly their ain and bash not needfully bespeak those of BTC Inc. oregon Bitcoin Magazine.

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