Toyota GR Yaris orders re-open November 10, in very limited numbers

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Toyota is erstwhile again opening the bid books for the GR Yaris, but precious fewer are coming.

Orders reopen connected November 10 for an allocation of conscionable 160 vehicles for the adjacent 12 months. On the aforesaid day, Toyota volition besides unfastened orders for the caller GR Supra manual.

The tiny GR Yaris allocation is improbable to fulfill pent-up demand, particularly fixed Toyota Australia paused GR Yaris orders all the mode backmost successful July 2021, conscionable months aft its section introduction.

It’s besides considerably little than the 500 units Toyota Australia has secured of the caller GR Corolla for 2023, oregon the 1100 units of the caller GR86 coupe.

Toyota Australia says it paused GR Yaris orders past twelvemonth to enactment the transportation of the archetypal batch, and has since fulfilled each of those orders.

It says “the fig of orders capable to beryllium taken by dealers volition lucifer their fixed allocation implicit the adjacent 12 months”, informing customers not each dealers volition person a conveyance disposable to order.

As with the GR Corolla, customers tin marque expressions of involvement successful the GR Yaris, which volition clasp the aforesaid pricing arsenic earlier the bid pause.

The scope opens astatine $49,500 earlier on-road costs for the modular GR Yaris, with the much track-focused GR Yaris Rallye priced from $54,500 earlier on-roads.

Both variants are mostly unchanged. The Rallye loses its individually numbered physique plaques but gains caller Glacier White, Tarmac Black and Feverish Red exterior finishes which articulation the existing Frosted Pearl White.

The GR Yaris scope continues to usage a turbocharged 1.6-litre three-cylinder petrol motor with 200kW of powerfulness and 370Nm of torque, sent done a six-speed manual transmission to each 4 wheels. For reference, the GR Corolla uses the aforesaid powertrain, but produces an other 20kW.

“When we archetypal launched the GR Yaris, we believed it would make plentifulness of involvement but adjacent we were amazed astatine the phenomenal level of lawsuit demand,” said Sean Hanley, Toyota Australia’s vice president of sales, selling and franchise operations.

“So we person worked hard with our genitor institution successful Japan implicit the past 12 months to unafraid these further 160 vehicles.

“Together with the GR Supra, precocious launched GR86 and forthcoming GR Corolla, we person the astir breathtaking household of show cars ever disposable successful our line-up,” helium said.

It’ll show its full GR enactment astatine the Repco Bathurst 1000 from October 6 to 10, which volition besides beryllium the archetypal accidental for locals to spot the GR Corolla up of its motorboat successful the archetypal 4th of 2023.

While it has released pricing for the GR Supra manual, GR Corolla pricing remains unknown. Conversely, we cognize precisely however galore GR Corollas Toyota volition import adjacent year, but not however galore GR Supras.

Toyota has been battling choky proviso crossed its scope successful Australia. The institution has antecedently apologised to customers for the agelong hold times afflicting its astir fashionable models.

It quotes pb times of up to 24 months connected cars similar the RAV4 Hybrid, Camry Hybrid, and LandCruiser 300 Series.

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