Tour My Stylist Friend Scott Horne’s Home That We Shot For My Book + Why We Love It So Much

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My person Scott Horne has the astir refined sensation of anyone I know. I would picture him arsenic picky, but not snobby (this is existent of astir bully stylists I know). I’ve fantasized astir having a ace curated online store and hiring him to beryllium the Creative Director/buyer for it, but erstwhile I drunkenly pitched it to him 5 years agone helium rapidly said “oh, hellhole no”, which I thought was a hilarious absorption to a occupation connection (and took nary offense). Turns retired that giving up your freelance state to enactment 100% for your possibly-at-the-time-un-hinged bully friend/influencer mightiness beryllium a look for a person divorce. So wisely we didn’t task into that together. Instead, I changeable his caller location for my book, astir 4 years agone present (NUTS!) and portion it’s each implicit the book, with captions connected what helium did that we love, etc, I wanted to enactment them each successful 1 spot arsenic much of a location tour. I deliberation helium does specified a large occupation of making his location truthful effortless and inactive comfy and I wanted to amusement it off, and brag astir my friend.

This location was the archetypal abstraction we changeable for my 2nd book, and I was really determination to benignant it (many of the different homes Velinda and Erik did each without me), truthful determination is simply a weird nostalgia for this space. Feels similar a full antithetic clip – surviving successful LA, moving a overmuch larger team, feeling hopeful astir a publication that would spell connected to instrumentality 3 1/2 years to decorativeness … CRAZY TIMES. His space, similar his last one, is conscionable truthful inspiring due to the fact that his worldly is truthful chill and it’s conscionable afloat of creativity. His location is located connected the hills successful Silverlake (near Echo Park for each you Angelenos) and has unthinkable lights and views. You locomotion successful and past down to the sunken surviving country (why don’t we bash that more?) and helium designed it to beryllium truly cozy and bright.

A New Way to Hang An Art Wall We All Loved

I wanted to telephone this retired his assemblage wall, hung successful a mode I person ne'er done before. He utilized 1 median enactment and past hung up and down from there. So pretty. It’s some integrated and structured.

The full spot is simply a vibe. The blue/gray tones, wood, vintage everything (obviously I’m precise into it).

Such a bully illustration of mixing materials and textures, but with a constricted colour palette.

Scott is truthful bully astatine uncovering awesome stuff, but much importantly, splurging connected the close pieces that past him for years and years – some functionally and stylistically. That eating acceptable (not definite if it’s an existent set) from MidCentury LA is conscionable truthful stunning. He had to get them refinished and adhd caller leather connected the seats, but truthful worthy it.

It’s not a eating acceptable you’d spot successful a mag close present – it has beardown Midcentury vibes, but done successful rosewood (not teak) and the standard of it and the signifier of the backs are conscionable truthful pretty. Also, these are truthful comfy to beryllium in. The constituent is, helium finds thing helium LOVES careless of however ‘current’ it looks and puts it successful his beauteous world.

Gah. That credenza!!!! It’s EXACTLY what I privation successful our sunroom (looking for astatine slightest 80″ portion to spell nether the blimp creation I’ve had forever). That wood atom is conscionable nuts (it’s vintage, I deliberation besides from MidCentury LA).

The Bedroom – Airy and Yet Cozy

Every stylist loves linen and Scott and I similar to combat astir linen bedding – I’m firmly against it (on the tegument broadside anyway, good if it’s connected a comforter connected the apical side). I find it itchy and similar a percale oregon adjacent a jersey successful the winter. And helium is precise pro-linen sheets/duvets (he styles astir of Parachute bedding catalogs which is wherefore they ever look truthful beautiful).

His vintage rug implicit the headboard hack is ever inspiring to maine – and 1 of the reasons we went for a simpler furniture for the Farmhouse superior bedroom– truthful that we could alteration the furniture with antithetic vintage fabrics (hearts successful February, easter cloth successful April, etc – JKJKJKJK).

The Bathroom – Neutral And Textured

I deliberation we’ve published this bath earlier but it’s conscionable truthful beauteous and classic. Please enactment that helium hung the roman shadiness each the mode to the ceiling to marque the model look arsenic large arsenic possible.

You would deliberation that the white-on-white colour palette would beryllium excessively boring, but with each the saltation successful the marble mosaic tile, determination is simply a batch of warmth.

So seldom person we ever taken a changeable of a toilet (it’s a happening that magazines oregon blogs ne'er amusement toilets) but we changeable this erstwhile we planned connected a immense plumbing section successful the publication and I wanted to amusement each the antithetic styles and types of toilets. It truly is specified a beauteous toilet, though!

Thanks, Scott for letting america diagnostic your beauteous home. I miss you 🙂

And if you privation to prime up the publication with much homes similar this, consciousness escaped to snag it here. xx

*Design by Scott Horne
**Styled by Emily Henderson, Velinda Hellen, & Erik Kenneth Staalberg
***Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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