This Under Desk Treadmill Changed the Way I Work From Home

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10,000 steps a time for wellness attraction – elemental right?

Honestly, that is simply a load of crap. I don’t cognize whooo is getting successful that galore steps a day, but backmost successful February of this year, it surely was not me. Actually, I was glued to my pinkish velvet table seat moving unsocial and successful soundlessness for 9+ hours a day.

Two years aft the pandemic deed and truthful 2 years of working from home, I was feeling much disconnected from my assemblage than I had ever felt.

I wanted to person a equilibrium of wellness and excelling portion moving from home, but it didn’t consciousness possible. With a changeless travel of messages coming successful from our worldwide squad members and a rapidly expanding company, I would hop onto our messaging apps archetypal happening successful the greeting and proceed to enactment each day, sitting.

There was a clip successful my beingness erstwhile 10,000 steps came easy to me, erstwhile I would walk my greeting extracurricular for a regular run. However, I was driven distant from my regular wont for respective reasons that each deed astatine erstwhile – moving from home, my ain ambition to excel successful the workplace, and a horrible lawsuit of covid that wreaked havoc connected my lungs and health.

Now I’m near with thoughts like: How were radical getting 10,000 steps a day? How did I erstwhile get that galore steps a day? How could I get backmost to feeling similar me?

under table  treadmill review

Enter the thought of walking and working.

I saw a video of a ‘walking desk’ setup connected TikTok and thought if I was going to support enactment a precedence but besides displacement to focusing connected my health, possibly this was the answer.

amazon nether  table  treadmill

SSPHPPLIE Desk Tread | Amazon

Plot twist (more similar precisely wherever we each knew this was headed) the Amazon table treadmill (also called a walking pad) was conscionable the happening I needed.

I americium obsessed with aesthetics but besides connected a fund –  AKA I had to bargain the cheapest well-reviewed tread I could find due to the fact that those things tin beryllium priceeeey. I’ll see a fewer options present truthful you tin drawback 1 that fits your needs!


superun nether  table  treadmill connected  Amazon

Superun Under Desk Treadmill | Amazon

Getting acceptable up

There are galore table treadmills connected Amazon if you’re looking for thing a small higher quality, but this one got the occupation done! It does not spell implicit a 3.8mph velocity which is good for walking and moving purposes.

If you don’t person a lasting table – you volition astir apt request a lasting table converter.

This is conscionable a instrumentality that volition rise your desktop oregon laptop to oculus level truthful you’re not hunched over. Again I americium a babe connected a budget, truthful I purchased this one. Not the astir aesthetic but we’re successful this for wellness and wellness, not aesthetics (@me, insert oculus roll).

desk treadmill setup review

All acceptable up and acceptable to walk?!

Redliro Under Desk Treadmill | Amazon

I volition pass you, determination is somewhat of a learning curve. My archetypal locomotion I thought, “oh no, person I spent each this wealth and made a mistake?”

At first, it’s a small hard to absorption and honestly a small uncomfortable. Not physically – conscionable it’s a small hard to multitask. I mean I had been sitting to enactment for arsenic agelong arsenic I had entered the post-college enactment unit (and I americium somewhat uncoordinated).


Good news! After the archetypal 3 days of so, I recovered myself well-adjusted and comfy connected the table treadmill.

I began walking and moving astatine the 3pmh, which is simply a 20-minute mile. I besides acceptable an approachable extremity for myself astatine 10,000 steps a day. For me, a 5’3”, 29 twelvemonth aged pistillate – that equates to astir 2 hours of walking and working. After 2 hours of walking and working, I americium ever a small sweaty and adequately tired.

As I got much comfortable, I was capable to up my speed. My tread specifically increases successful increments of .2. I tin present locomotion and enactment astatine a velocity of 3.8 which is plentifulness accelerated capable for me. I bash not find myself wishing the tread went immoderate faster – 3.8 is simply a brisk walk.

under table  treadmill review

Is walking and moving realistic? Productive?

I spot videos connected TikTok of radical walking their full enactment days. For me, this is not doable. As Creative Brand Director, I enactment connected a assortment of tasks that instrumentality antithetic amounts of information and detail…and focus.

I find walking and moving bully for tasks that are elemental to mean connected the complexity scale. Things similar readying the societal feed, making photograph selects, mounting up projects and deadlines. I bash not locomotion and enactment for much analyzable tasks – similar penning an successful extent email oregon crafting up a beauteous email template.

All the props to those radical retired determination walking 30,000 steps a time – it conscionable can’t beryllium me! I promote you to find what benignant of tasks enactment champion for you. I americium a heavy thinker and occupation solver, truthful I find astatine times I virtually request to beryllium and deliberation things out.

Should you get a table treadmill?

Yes, absolutely. The walking tread has allowed maine to displacement my mindset and marque clip for being progressive which I was perfectly not doing successful February. Two hours of walking and moving and 2 hours of being retired of my comfortableness portion translated good into the remainder of my life.

This feeling of being arrogant of myself aft being a spot uncomfortable motivated maine to bash more. I began to instrumentality immoderate of my regular walks extracurricular and turned them into a regular run.

10,000 steps a time and truly honing successful connected my nutrition (many factors here, not conscionable the tread) allowed maine to suffer 20 pounds from February to June.

under table  treadmill review

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ALL of that, conscionable from a table treadmill?

Sometimes, I find that erstwhile you’re trapped successful a authorities of comfortableness and adjacent sadness, it’s hard to interruption out. It’s hard to adjacent deliberation astir however to get yourself retired of a rut and tin beryllium intimidating. The tread is cleanable for this. It’s an in-home solution you person implicit power over.

The table treadmill pushed maine to beryllium conscionable a teeny spot uncomfortable everyday.

The feeling of 2 hours of work, some getting my occupation done and taking attraction of myself has made maine truthful proud. All I needed was that small propulsion to get extracurricular of my comfortableness zone.

At the opening of March I ran a fractional marathon, my longest tally successful astir 2.5 years. Then, I began to tally much regularly and learned to marque clip for myself extracurricular of work. I became truthful comfy with being somewhat uncomfortable that I really ran my archetypal ever marathon astatine the extremity of April.

Seriously – I americium truthful passionate astir the walking tread, I could virtually spell connected and on. I deliberation if you’re successful a rut and you’re moving from home, this could beryllium your SIGN to marque that small change.

Get a small uncomfy, you tin bash this. Take it dilatory and steady. You’re going to marque yourself to proud.

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