Third-Gen Opel Frontera Debuts With EV And Mild-Hybrid Options

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  • The all-new Opel Frontera is the successor of the Crossland.
  • It volition beryllium disposable with mild-hybrid and afloat electrical powertrains.
  • It volition beryllium intimately related to the next-gen Citroen C3 Aircross which is coming soon.

Opel has published the archetypal authoritative photos of the all-new Frontera that volition service arsenic a successor to the aging Crossland. The SUV volition beryllium offered with mild hybrid and afloat electrical powertrains, mirroring the specs of the upcoming Citroen C3 Aircross twin.

It’s possibly the sanction of the caller exemplary that volition instantly drawback your attention. Opel archetypal utilized the Frontera sanction betwixt 1991-1998 for an Isuzu Wizard-based SUV. A second-gen exemplary was past introduced and survived until 2004. The 3rd procreation – sharing its underpinnings and a ample information of the bodywork with the upcoming Citroen C3 Aircross – distances itself from the off-road quality of its predecessors, being much focused connected practicality.

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The Opel-specific bits of the caller Frontera stock galore similarities with the Mokka. Simple LED headlights are featured alongside the Vizor fascia which is simply a communal diagnostic passim the Opel lineup. The pictured exemplary has a striking orangish and gloss achromatic two-tone design.

Opel’s designers person crafted a peculiarly intriguing rear extremity for the Frontera. The heavy C-pillars instantly drawback the oculus arsenic bash the divided taillights, looking not dissimilar to immoderate of the divided airy designs from the Hyundai group. The SUV is besides showcased with a achromatic and grey bumper.

Like galore different modern cars, the compartment of the caller Frontera adopts a minimalist plan but does look to clasp immoderate carnal buttons. The item is the integer instrumentality clump and infotainment display, some 10-inch units. There is besides a chunky three-spoke steering wheel, cloth crossed the seats, and plentifulness of achromatic integrative elements. A cooled wireless charging pad is besides disposable arsenic are 2 USB ports up beforehand and 2 astatine the rear.

 Third-Gen Opel Frontera Debuts With EV And Mild-Hybrid Options

The caller exemplary volition connection 460 liters (16.2 cubic-feet) of cargo abstraction with the rear seats up oregon 1,600 liters (56.5 cubic-feet) with them folded down. A extortion rack volition besides beryllium offered from the factory. The rear seat spot besides splits 60:40. The institution didn’t notation if the Frontera volition beryllium offered with a three-row seating layout arsenic with the upcoming Citroen C3 Aircross sibling.

The Opel Frontera is 1 of the galore caller models from Stellantis that volition thrust connected Smart Car architecture which is an improvement of the CMP / eCMP platform. It has been confirmed that it volition beryllium disposable with some 48-volt mild-hybrid ICE and afloat electrical powertrains. While the institution hasn’t announced elaborate specifications, we tin easy conjecture based connected different Stellantis offerings. The entry-level Frontera volition astir apt diagnostic the turbocharged 1.2-liter mild-hybrid gasoline engine, portion the EV volition travel fitted with a azygous front-mounted electrical motor.

We volition larn much astir the caller Frontera person to its marketplace motorboat which is expected successful summertime 2024. The SUV volition beryllium positioned betwixt the smaller Mokka and the larger Grandland which volition besides beryllium renewed this year.

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