The Link Up: The Boots Brian FINALLY Bought For Himself, The Softest Lounge Shorts Ryann Has Ever Worn, And A DIY That Put Our Jaws On The Floor

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Hope everyone is having a bully Sunday and that autumn coziness is successful afloat swing! It’s yet cooling down present successful LA (at slightest for portion of the day) and it feels truthful good. But capable with the upwind speech and let’s get into these links…

This week’s location tour is location to Dan John Anderson, Genevieve Dellinger, and their 2 kids. Dan is simply a sculptor and is liable for the unthinkable wood stools amongst galore different pieces you see. We emotion the modern shapes successful those warm, earthy materials. This location was primitively 900-square-foot and built successful 1959. They person dilatory been renovating, doubling its size. It’s astir decidedly a must-see and read. Head here now!

From Emily: After years of wearing Target knock-offs, Brian yet allowed himself to splurge connected these shoes for his 44th birthday. It’s a large splurgy contiguous that took him tons of probe to find – we couldn’t judge they were astatine Madewell!

From Ryann: These are the softest, comfiest sweat shorts I person ever enactment connected my body. I archetypal bought them for myself and past aft realizing however astonishing they are, I got them for each of my bridesmaids successful lieu of giving them a bridesmaid robe (those are cute but the bridesmaid robes I person gotten person ne'er ever been worn again). The small dolphin hem connected the broadside makes them truly flattering, too. AND they are lone $12. 10/10!

From Mallory: I’ve ne'er sailed a time successful my beingness but I saw this sweatshirt from this cute brand I didn’t cognize astir until present and I’m highly considering getting it. It’s truthful nautical and fun!! They person a batch of cute accessories and shoes if you’re successful the market. And if you’re adjacent a store you should spell successful person…they are SO fun!!

design by victoria ford

From Jess: My jaw went to the level erstwhile I saw this photo/DIY by Victoria Ford! I’m not needfully a large Hatty Potter gal but I deliberation this is SUCH a amusive mode to decorate for Halloween that isn’t scary astatine all. I cognize Harry Potter and Halloween aren’t technically related but still…this is incredible. For a afloat step-by-step caput to Victoria’s blog!

Also From Jess: I deliberation I mentioned this manus soap (that besides comes successful a crockery soap and manus location) earlier but it’s successful my apical 2 favorites of each clip (and it’s the much affordable one!). I somewhat precocious bought a ace affordable manus soap and it truly isn’t doing it for me. I genuinely bask washing my hands erstwhile I usage Further soap. Especially with the holidays coming up, this is simply a soap odor your guests volition emotion and remember.

As I americium definite each of you know, the women of Iran, portion incredibly beardown and brave, inactive request our assistance to combat for their basal rights and sex equality. There isn’t a azygous crushed wherefore Mahsa Jina Amini and each the others who person died successful solidarity shouldn’t inactive beryllium alive. Here is an article that gives 9 ways to some enactment financially and/or with your voice. Women, Life, Freedom.

Until tomorrow, bask the remainder of your Sunday. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Dan John Anderson and Genevieve Dellinger | Photo by Laure Joliet | via Architectural Digest

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