The Klook Travel Fest is Making a Comeback! Here’s What To Expect

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The Klook Travel Fest is Making a Comeback! Here’s What To Expect

The Klook Travel Fest is Making a Comeback

The aboriginal of revenge question is here!

The Klook Travel Fest is backmost and amended than ever! With 2 years of lockdown and pandemic blues, this year’s Klook Travel Fest is each astir becoming your launchpad toward your imagination question plans. With a whopping magnitude of blistery deals, giveaways, joyousness challenges, all-expense paid travel raffles, and influencer appearances by Mimiyuuuh, Rei Germar & Migy Romulo, Jaz & Jax Reyes, and galore more, the next-century Klook is genuinely making the eventual comeback.

The Klook Travel Fest is Making a ComebackThe Klook Travel Fest is Making a Comeback

Revenge question starts present and is happening from October 22-23 astatine the Glorietta Activity Center. This is 1 lawsuit you wouldn’t privation to miss! The champion portion is that it’s perfectly FREE. Bring your favourite question buddies with you, and publication your tickets here!

Itinerary Planning and Booking

You tin expect to spot immersive Destination Booths to easy publication your revenge question plans. Klook’s specialists and experts volition beryllium stationed successful the Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Thailand booths to assistance you program and publication your imagination itinerary for your favourite destinations.

Whatever destination you’re headed to, you tin number connected Klook specialists to assistance you publication the champion activities and attractions for your imagination vacation – each astatine a large price!

Note: You don’t request to spell to the destination booth to publication your deals and activities! These booths enactment arsenic an assistance hub for those who person further questions connected products, booking concerns, and more. As agelong arsenic you cognize how to publication connected Klook – conscionable hold for the blistery woody announcement and publication connected the app!

Klook Travel Fest 2022 Day 1Klook Travel Fest 2022 Day 1
Klook Travel Fest 2022 Day 2Klook Travel Fest 2022 Day 2

Save adjacent much with promo codes.

As ever – the fastest fingers get the deals, and astatine the Klook Travel Fest 2022, it’s nary different! With that said, if you privation to get dibs connected each the champion deals during the event, discarded nary clip and familiarize yourself with How To Book connected Klook. So for those utilizing the Klook App for the precise archetypal clip – beryllium definite to cheque retired this How To Book connected Klook usher and beryllium an adept successful nary time!

Hot Deals

A Klook lawsuit is ne'er implicit without immoderate Hot Deals to spice up our travel. Klook volition beryllium announcing unbelievable promo codes exclusive connected the lawsuit dates. These blistery deals volition beryllium flashed connected the Glorietta Activity Center LED Wall, truthful support your eyes peeled! The docket for Day 1 and Day 2 Hot Deals is seen below!

You tin besides cheque Klook Philippines’ Facebook Page for regular updates connected the Klook Travel Fest; oregon subscribe to our newsletter.

Win an All-Expense Paid Trip to Singapore oregon Japan

On the eve of each Klook Travel Festival date, you tin expect Klook to travel done with giveaways and prizes to substance your aboriginal trips! Our large giveaways are (2) all-expense paid trips to Singapore for Day 1 and Japan for Day 2! All guests who publication connected the app connected the festival days volition person a carnal raffle introduction aft each purchase. Winners volition beryllium drawn astatine the extremity of each festival day, truthful marque definite you enactment until the extremity of the program!

JR Pass Japan

Back with a question vengeance is nary different than our best-selling JR Pass! If you’re restarting your question epoch with a travel to Japan, you’re going to privation to adhd this to your plans. No request to hold 2 weeks to get your JR Pass, Klook is offering same-day summons printing for those who publication their JR Whole Japan Rail Pass (Consecutive 7, 14, oregon 21 Days) tickets connected lawsuit – with nary minimum oregon maximum fig of tickets! There volition besides beryllium JR Pass representatives to assistance successful answering your questions, if any!

Note: All JR Passes indispensable beryllium booked earlier 7PM for same-day printing service. This applies for some days of the festival.


For this year’s Klook Travel Fest, section talents and influencers who are each astir the aboriginal of question and person notable insights connected however the scenery is similar volition beryllium present. Check retired who you tin expect this October 22 and 23 below:


Fashion and societal media megastar don’t statesman to picture the sensation that is Mimiyuuuh. Taking the satellite by storm, drawback your question gurl connected Day 1 arsenic she talks astir her latest travel to Singapore connected the Klook Travel Fest stage!

Schedule: October 22, 5:30PM

Rei Germar and Migy Romulo

Source: @migyromulo

Lifestyle icons who are stealing the country are Rei Germar and Migy Romulo. Catch them connected Day 1 arsenic they speech astir their question acquisition to Thailand during the post-pandemic normal!

Schedule: October 22, 2:00PM

Jax Reyes

Source: @jacquesjax

This TikTok prima is idiosyncratic you volition privation to spot connected Day 2! Jax Reyes is dropping his champion question hacks erstwhile traveling to Japan.

Schedule: October 23, 11:30am

Hangout Buddies

The radical down the net elephantine “Homebuddies” are breaking the mold and coming retired with their champion insights during their caller Korea adventure. Catch Mayora, Jesh and the unit connected Day 2 for their game-changing speech and get archetypal dibs connected their limited-time promo codes for bigger discounts!

Schedule: October 23, 3:30PM

Local Merchants

To truly implicit your revenge question plans successful the future, Klook invited a mates of section merchants to travel successful and articulation successful the comeback hype!

  • Uniqlo Philippines volition beryllium having an interactive booth for each 2 days of the festival. They volition besides person a peculiar question conception with peculiar guests.
  • Resorts World Cruise will beryllium offering a peculiar Hot Deal promo to springiness distant escaped 100SGD credits with their cruise package.
  • Globe will besides person an interactive booth for each Globe subscribers. They volition besides person a question conception to springiness distant peculiar prizes lone for Klook Travel Fest Attendees!
  • GCash will beryllium contiguous with an interactive booth for each GCash subscribers.
  • J Park will beryllium giving distant breathtaking prizes during their breathtaking crippled segment.
  • Singapore Zoo and Night Safari will beryllium giving distant breathtaking prizes during their breathtaking crippled segment.
  • Shopback volition beryllium having exclusive deals connected some Klook Travel Fest days to assistance you gain much cashback.

Pre-KTF Preparations

Like immoderate stellar trip, mentation is key! Before the event, guarantee you’ve got each of these ticked and acceptable for creaseless and seamless revenge question planning!

  1. Download the Klook App
  2. Have your escaped admittance QR Code ready
  3. Familiarize yourself with How To Klook
  4. Double cheque our Fest Schedule connected Facebook*
  5. Subscribe to our Klook Newsletter
  6. Don’t hide to bring the essentials:
  • Water, pen, paper, authorities I.D oregon passport (if necessary)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where volition beryllium this year’s Klook Travel Fest? It volition beryllium held successful the Glorietta Activity Center.
  2. Will determination beryllium parking available? Basement parking is disposable wrong the Glorietta mall.
  3. Do we request tickets to be the Klook Travel Fest? Yes! You tin get your escaped admittance vouchers here!
  4. Where tin we publication our activities? On the Klook App! Download it now! All activities volition beryllium booked connected your idiosyncratic smartphones.
  5. How bash we avail of the question deals? Drop by the Klook Travel Fest – we’re announcing blistery deals passim the 2 festival days.
  6. Can Klook make itineraries for us? Yes, we can! Drop by the antithetic destination portals during the lawsuit and we’ll program and publication your imagination itinerary for you.
  7. Will Klook person same-day printing and prime up for JR Passes? Yes, we will!
  8. Will determination beryllium flights? Yes. With Klook present offering flights, Klook volition beryllium offering walkthroughs connected however to publication flights wrong the platform.
  9. How tin I avail of Hot Deals connected KTF? Guests request to beryllium physically contiguous astatine the lawsuit to redeem the existent promo code. Hot Deal codes volition beryllium flashed passim the event. Kindly enactment that each codes are redeemed connected a archetypal come, archetypal served basis.
  10. When volition the Hot Deals travel out? Check retired the docket wrong this nonfiction and instrumentality note!
  11. What prizes tin we win? Tons! Apart from Klook Credits, Klook volition besides beryllium giving retired all-expense paid trips and merchant-sponsored items.

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The Klook Travel Fest is Making a Comeback! Here’s What To Expect
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