The Complete Guide to Booking British Airways First Class

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British Airways First Class doesn’t get arsenic overmuch attraction compared to galore different First Class products. Often jokingly described arsenic “the world’s champion concern class”, British Airways First Class has historically near overmuch to beryllium desired.

That moniker whitethorn soon go outdated, though, arsenic the UK emblem bearer has taken steps to amended their First Class merchandise successful caller years.

In this guide, we’ll dive into those changes and look astatine everything that is British Airways First Class. We’ll research what you tin expect to find earlier and during your flight, arsenic good arsenic the routings, aircraft, and the champion ways to publication British Airways First Class with points.

The British Airways First Class Experience

The British Airways First Class acquisition saw an overhaul to the onboard brushed merchandise successful 2019, and improvements to the hard merchandise connected definite craft successful 2020.

While the nonstop acquisition successful British Airways First Class volition disagree depending connected your craft type, you’ll ever find yourself successful a spacious spot that tin beryllium converted to a afloat lie-flat bed, implicit with a quilted mattress, duvet, and your ain acceptable of pajamas.

Ground Experience

British Airways First Class passengers person entree to a dedicated check-in desks astatine astir airports, arsenic is mostly the lawsuit erstwhile flying First Class. In summation to those dedicated desks, passengers besides person entree to fast-track information astatine London Heathrow, London Gatwick, and New York JFK airports.

London Heathrow has the First Wing, which is simply a dedicated First Class check-in area. Here, you’ll find an exclusive entranceway and a dedicated information lane that leads straight to the British Airways Galleries First Lounge and the much exclusive Concorde Room.

British Airways has a First Class Lounge successful Terminal 3 astatine London Heathrow, but their superior First Class offering, the Concorde Room, tin beryllium recovered successful Terminal 5, other from the British Airways Galleries First Lounge.

British Airways Concorde Room London – Entrance

The Concorde Room is lone accessible to British Airways First Class passengers, arsenic good arsenic Gold Executive Club Members with astatine slightest 5,000 Tier Points successful a azygous twelvemonth travelling successful immoderate people of service. The Concorde Room has indoor lounge areas, arsenic good arsenic a much unfastened terrace that overlooks the terminal.

You tin bask à la carte eating successful the Concorde Room, including high-quality nutrient and beverage options. A caller cocktail paper has precocious been introduced, with 7 signature cocktails.

British Airways Concorde Room London – Dining area

There are besides backstage cabanas you tin book, wherever you’ll person your ain country with a chair, ottoman, TV, and backstage bathroom. If you’d similar to get immoderate sleep, you tin nap successful 1 of the caller Restworks technology-enhanced nap pods.

British Airways Concorde Lounge London – Nap pods

While it’s not a implicit lie-flat bed, these nap pods let you to get immoderate remainder and volition aftermath you up with gentle vibration, light, and sounds.

If you’re flying retired of New York JFK arsenic a British Airways First Class passenger, you’ll besides person entree to the Concorde Room successful Terminal 7. Note that British Airways is teaming up with American Airlines to unfastened up 3 caller lounges successful Terminal 8 astatine JFK, including a dedicated First Class lounge that should unfastened up successful precocious 2022.


The spot connected a British Airways First Class formation differs slightly, depending connected which craft you alert in. Currently, you’ll find 3 antithetic variations of the First Class seat, which we volition research successful item aboriginal connected successful this guide.

British Airways 2010 First Class Prime
British Airways 2015 First Class Prime
British Airways 2020 First Suite

All First Class products person the enactment of turning the spot into a prevarication level furniture that measures 78” agelong and 22” wide betwixt the armrests. While successful the lie-flat position, the spot is designed to enactment up flush with the limb rest, affording you a spot much room.

Beyond the accustomed spot controls, British Airways First Class seats are devoid of immoderate fancier exertion and gadgets. You’ll find an updated 23” high-definition amusement surface and a stylish lamp successful each First Class seats.

Some of the newer First Class cabins recovered successful the Boeing 777-300ERs person doors, offering further privacy.

All First Class passengers are fixed Temperley London amenity bags and loungewear to assistance marque the formation much comfortable.

Food and Drink

British Airways uses a “dine connected demand” attack with their First Class nutrient and beverage service. You tin bid from an à la carte paper whenever you privation during the flight, which includes plentifulness of gourmet nutrient options.

British Airways First Class – Appetizer
British Airways First Class – Main course

In summation to the main repast service, high-quality Champagne and different beverages are available. Naturally, you tin besides effort a signature day beverage service, providing you with a afloat British acquisition successful the skies.

British Airways First Class – Afternoon tea

If you’re flying with a companion, you tin dine unneurotic successful British Airways First Class. In the aforesaid suite, your invitee tin articulation you by sitting connected the adjacent ottoman.

British Airways First Class Cabins

The British Airways First Class merchandise comes successful 3 variations: the archetypal First Class Prime spot (introduced successful 2010), the updated First Class Prime spot (introduced successful 2015), and the First Suite (introduced successful 2020).

The oldest mentation of the 3 tin beryllium recovered connected each Airbus A380s, and connected the bulk of the Boeing 777s.

Airbus A380 (2010 First Class Prime)

On the behemoth double-decker Airbus A380s, the First Class compartment is connected the main deck, wherever determination are a full of 14 First Class seats laid retired successful a 1-2-1 format.

While the A380 First Class seats are a akin size compared to different craft with British Airways First Class, determination is astir 30% much idiosyncratic abstraction and 60% much retention abstraction than the aforesaid older First Class products recovered connected Boeing 777s.

If you’re flying by yourself successful British Airways First Class connected the Airbus A380, the champion seats volition beryllium by the window: Seats 1A, 1K, 2A, 2K, 3A, 3K, 4A, oregon 4K.

If you’re flying successful British Airways First Class with a companion, you’ll privation to prime 1 of the mediate spot pairs – Seats 2E and 2F, 3E and 3F, oregon 4E and 4F – successful bid to bask the acquisition together.

Boeing 777-200ER & Boeing 777-300ER (2010 First Class Prime)

The oldest British Airways First Class exemplary recovered connected the Boeing 777-200ERs and Boeing 777-300ERs besides has 14 seats successful a 1-2-1 layout.

The champion spot choices for solo travellers oregon anyone travelling with a companion are the aforesaid arsenic those connected the Airbus A380.

Boeing 787-9 & 787-10 Dreamliner (2015 First Class Prime)

The updated 2015 First Class spot tin beryllium recovered connected each Boeing 787-9 and Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner aircraft.

Both craft person 8 First Class seats arranged successful a 1-2-1 format, with updated and much modern looking finishings.

If you’re flying First Class connected a British Airways 787 arsenic a solo passenger, the champion spot for you volition beryllium on the windows: Seats 1A, 1K, 2A, oregon 2K.

If you’re flying with a companion, you should take either Seats 1E and 1F oregon 2E and 2F.

Boeing 777-300ER (2020 First Class Suite)

The 2020 British Airways First Class update saw immoderate large changes. Although the merchandise is precise akin to the 2015 First Class cabin, the largest update came by mode of adding 2 afloat closing doors, which supply other privacy.

Furthermore, these seats person a unsocial three-point spot belt, which means determination is nary longer a request for the bulky integrated aerial container connected the thigh belt. The enarthrosis strap is lone required during instrumentality disconnected and landing.

This 2020 First Class mentation tin lone beryllium recovered connected prime Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. On these aircraft, determination are 8 First Class seats successful a 1-2-1 configuration crossed 2 rows.

If you’re travelling by yourself, Seats 1A, 1K, 2A, oregon 2K by the windows volition beryllium the champion choice.

If you‘re travelling with a companion, Seats 1E and 1F oregon 2E and 2F successful the mediate volition beryllium the champion choice.

How tin you archer which British Airways First Class compartment is which?

In bid to fig retired which mentation of British Airways First Class you’ve booked, you request to look astatine some the circumstantial aircraft type and the number of First Class seats disposable successful the cabin.

Any First Class spot booked connected the Airbus A380 volition person the older 2010 First Class Prime seat, and immoderate First Class spot booked connected either the Boeing 787-9 oregon the Boeing 787-10 volition person the updated 2015 First Class Prime seat.

Where you request to wage the astir attraction is with First Class seats connected the Boeing 777 models:

  • If you’re flying connected a Boeing 777-200ER, you’ll beryllium connected the older 2010 First Class Prime product.
  • If you’re flying connected a Boeing 777-300ER, it could beryllium either the 2010 First Class Prime oregon the 2020 First Suite products.
    • In bid to archer which Boeing 777-300ER First Class merchandise volition beryllium offered connected your circumstantial flight, you person to look astatine however galore First Class seats determination are. If determination are 14 seats, past it volition beryllium the 2010 product, and if determination are lone eight, past it volition beryllium connected the updated 2020 exemplary with sliding doors.

You tin usage a instrumentality specified arsenic ExpertFlyer to find the fig of First Class seats that are connected immoderate peculiar route.

It’s besides important to enactment that British Airways whitethorn power up the craft astatine the past minute, and you whitethorn not beryllium flying the nonstop First Class merchandise you had primitively booked.

There is truly nary mode to debar this, but you tin instrumentality comfortableness successful the information that each British Airways First Class products person the aforesaid work and onboard offerings, adjacent if the seats disagree slightly.

On ExpertFlyer, you tin acceptable up an “Aircraft Change” alert, which volition notify you if determination has been a alteration successful the craft connected a peculiar flight.

British Airways First Class Routes

With First Class cabins connected a wide scope of aircraft, British Airways offers their astir premium compartment connected galore antithetic routes.

From its hub successful London, British Airways offers First Class to the pursuing North American destinations:

Aside from flights to North America, British Airways offers First Class to the pursuing destinations astir the world:

Note that First Class availability and craft benignant connected immoderate circumstantial way is taxable to change. To find the classes of work disposable connected immoderate peculiar flight, arsenic good arsenic the circumstantial benignant of aircraft, beryllium definite to cheque with British Airways oregon usage a instrumentality specified arsenic ExpertFlyer.

How to Redeem Points for British Airways First Class

British Airways is simply a portion of the Oneworld hose alliance, and First Class tin beryllium booked with galore Oneworld loyalty programs.

British Airways Avios

Using British Airways Avios for British Airways First Class tin beryllium a large option, depending connected the region of your travel and whether oregon not you’re flying during off-peak oregon highest question dates.

British Airways uses a distance-based grant chart, which is further separated by off-peak and highest pricing. In the hunt results, you’ll spot a reddish “Off-Peak” logo for dates with off-peak pricing.

Pricing is calculated by idiosyncratic formation segments. Therefore, if you person aggregate flights connected a azygous booking, possibly from London to Singapore to Sydney, you’ll beryllium required to cumulatively wage Avios for each limb of the journey.

A one-way formation from London to arsenic acold arsenic Chicago successful North America volition outgo you 68,000 Avios during off-peak and 80,000 Avios during highest pricing.

A formation betwixt London and occidental North America volition beryllium 85,000 oregon 100,000 Avios, depending connected if you’re flying during off-peak oregon highest pricing. The beneath examples are for a formation betwixt London and Seattle.

Luckily, earning capable Avios for a British Airways First Class formation shouldn’t beryllium excessively difficult, arsenic the loyalty programme is simply a transportation spouse with galore transferrable points programs, including:

Furthermore, RBC has a co-branded recognition card, the RBC British Airways Visa Infinite, truthful you tin gain Avios connected your regular spending.

Be definite to support an oculus retired for the predominant transportation bonuses from the supra programs to Avios. It’s not uncommon to spot a transportation bonus of 30–50%, which fundamentally reduces the outgo of a British Airways First Class formation by the aforesaid margin.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

Using Alaska miles to publication British Airways First Class flights is overmuch much straightforward than with Avios. For flights betwixt immoderate North American airdrome and London, the formation volition outgo you 70,000 Alaska miles per direction.

Depending connected wherever successful North America you’re flying to oregon from, and successful which play you’re flying, this could upwind up being a batch cheaper than utilizing Avios.

Earning Alaska miles is rather casual done recognition paper invited bonuses. For example, the MBNA Alaska Airlines Mastercard gives a invited bonus of 30,000 Alaska miles upon spending $1,000 successful the archetypal 3 months, and besides earns you 1 Alaska mile per dollar spent connected your purchases.

Furthermore, you tin transportation Marriott Bonvoy points to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan astatine the optimal ratio of 60,000 Bonvoy points = 25,000 Alaska miles. Below this, the transportation ratio is 3:1, but transferring successful chunks of 60,000 yields a bonus of 5,000 miles.

Note that determination are immoderate much compelling uses for Alaska miles wherever you won’t incur a ample sum of taxes and fees. Consider redeeming your Alaska miles for redemptions connected Japan Airlines First Class oregon Cathay Pacific First Class instead.

American Airlines AAdvantage

Using AAdvantage miles to alert British Airways First Class is besides reasonably simple, arsenic it requires 85,000 miles to publication a formation to oregon from immoderate airdrome successful North America and London.

American Airlines AAdvantage is simply a transportation spouse of RBC Avion, albeit astatine a less-than-ideal ratio of 1:0.7. Furthermore, you tin gain AAdvantage miles by transferring Marriott Bonvoy points astatine the optimal ratio of 60,000 Bonvoy points = 25,000 AAdvantage miles.  

If you person entree to American recognition cards, determination are a fig of co-branded recognition cards from Citi. You tin gain AAdvantage miles rapidly done invited bonuses and regular spending.

Japan Airlines Mileage Bank

Similar to British Airways Executive Club, Japan Airlines Mileage Bank besides uses a distance-based grant illustration erstwhile booking spouse hose flights.

Using JAL miles, you’d request 65,000 miles for a British Airways First Class formation betwixt eastbound North America and London, and 90,000 miles betwixt occidental North America and London.

Unfortunately, Japan Airlines Mileage Bank miles are rather hard to travel by successful North America. Your champion stake is to transportation Marriott Bonvoy points astatine the optimal ratio of 60,000 Bonvoy points = 25,000 JAL Mileage Bank miles.

Taxes, Fees, and Surcharges

While utilizing points to publication British Airways First Class flights tin prevention you a batch of money, you’ll inactive beryllium liable for paying taxes and fees. With British Airways, these tin so beryllium rather hefty, careless of which programme you publication through.

A one-way First Class formation with British Airways has surcharges of anyplace from $700–1,200 (CAD) for flights to and from North America. In addition, if you’re departing from the UK, you’ll person to wage a further interest for the UK Air Passenger Duty (APD), which is implicit $300 (CAD).

In total, expect to wage astatine slightest $500+ (CAD) successful surcharges for a British Airways First Class flight, unless you originate from a state that imposes regulations connected substance surcharges.

British Airways First Class Award Availability

In bid to unafraid a British Airways First Class seat, you’ll privation to hunt arsenic acold successful beforehand arsenic possible. Despite the hefty magnitude of taxes and fees, passengers who prioritize nonstop routings implicit outgo tin often snatch up First Class grant seats quickly.

Expect to find much availability connected little fashionable routes, and little availability betwixt London and large airdrome hubs with ample populations. 

You’re much apt to find a azygous First Class grant spot disposable with British Airways, but it’s besides not uncommon to spot two, three, oregon sometimes adjacent 4 seats available. Should you necessitate aggregate seats, broaden your hunt to different cities wherever British Airways First Class is offered, and look for connecting flights with spouse airlines.

Tips & Tricks for British Airways First Class

While a bulk of the other fees and surcharges can’t beryllium avoided, if you publication a British Airways First Class formation originating from determination extracurricular of London, you’ll astatine slightest beryllium capable to prevention connected the UK APD.

If you’re booking with British Airways Avios, you’ll privation to program to publication during the off-peak pricing, if possible, arsenic the Avios magnitude tin beryllium importantly cheaper.

Lastly, if you’re utilizing Alaska miles, you tin adhd successful a escaped stopover if you’re flying connected the aforesaid carrier. So, if you’ve managed to find availability, you could alert from North America to London, person a stopover successful London, and past transportation onward to Asia oregon the Middle East for a nominal magnitude of further miles.


British Airways First Class is surely a measurement up from concern class, but it doesn’t rather person the aforesaid glowing estimation arsenic First Class cabins connected competing airlines. 

Of course, you’ll inactive bask a refined crushed experience, with entree to the flagship Concorde Room lounges successful London and New York, arsenic good arsenic elevated eating astatine your leisure passim the flight.

You tin leverage the powerfulness of Miles & Points to acquisition British Airways First Class astatine a steep discount, though you should beryllium alert that this is the 1 aspirational merchandise for which you’ll astir ever person to wage a hefty chunk of carrier-imposed surcharges erstwhile redeeming points.

The station The Complete Guide to Booking British Airways First Class appeared archetypal connected Prince of Travel by Ricky Zhang.

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