The answer to why I haven’t been posting workout videos…

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It’s true. I haven’t posted a workout video successful a agelong time. And you cognize what? It’s been nice.

Nice due to the fact that it’s the archetypal clip successful 13 years of being online that nary 1 has said thing mean astir my body.

Posting that archetypal video successful 2009, I was truthful frightened that idiosyncratic would remark connected my form. But it wasn’t my method they were after, it was the mode I looked. It’s bittersweet that what started retired arsenic maine precise simply teaching Pilates to my students turned into an unfastened forum for assemblage shaming.

Why don’t you person abs?
Why is your butt flat?
Why bash you person hep dips?
You’re getting fat.
You’re excessively skinny.
You don’t look similar different trainers.
Where’s your muscle?
Now you look similar a man.
Your workouts indispensable not enactment if you look similar that.
If you cared astir your career, you’d suffer weight.

Stepping distant momentarily from the fittingness manufacture has made maine recognize what a toxic situation I had been surviving successful daily. No much radical pushing their ideologies down my pharynx and telling me however I should look oregon however I should devour oregon however anserine I americium for not listening to them. In fact, this hiatus has fixed maine the abstraction and breathing country to re-nurture my narration with food, fitness, and my body.

With the antagonistic chatter silenced, I tin present absorption connected what my body is telling maine I need. Not what different radical are yelling astatine maine about.

I’ve been having truthful overmuch amusive spending my clip driving the merchandise improvement guardant arsenic some POPFLEX and Blogilates brands are increasing rapidly.

I’m successful a large plan groove and consciousness truthful successful alignment. These days, it feels weird to not beryllium acrophobic to unfastened my comments. Before I’d person to instrumentality a heavy enactment and brace my assemblage for the hurtful and sometimes hateful comments.

Anyway, here’s my archetypal workout video successful a looooong time. Let’s spot however this goes.


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The workout:

  • Alt azygous knee-ins x 10
  • Double knee-ins x 10
  • Pikes x 10

Ps: My sliders are the new Blogilates ones astatine Target! You tin get ‘em online astatine oregon in-store! If you don’t person sliders, usage towels connected hardwood oregon insubstantial plates connected carpet!

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