The Aeromexico Club Premier Round-the-World Award

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One of the astir compelling aspects of an hose loyalty programme is erstwhile you’re capable to publication a round-the-world travel utilizing points. In immoderate cases, you tin get unthinkable value, arsenic agelong arsenic you’re daring capable to larn the ins-and-outs of the programme and however to maximize it.

Some examples of this see a Star Alliance enactment with ANA Mileage Club and Oneworld multi-carrier grant charts successful British Airways Avios and Cathay Pacific Asia Miles.

Today, we’ll hop implicit to the SkyTeam confederation for a close-up look astatine the intriguing Aeromexico Club Premier round-the-world award.

Earning Points with Aeromexico Club Premier

Before looking astatine redeeming Aeromexico points for a round-the-world trip, we archetypal indispensable see the champion ways to gain Club Premier points.

There are fundamentally 4 ways to accumulate points wrong the Aeromexico program: Marriott Bonvoy, Amex US, Capital One Venture Miles, oregon Citi ThankYou Points.

Fly Air France concern  people  connected  an Aeromexico round-the-world award!Fly Air France concern people connected an Aeromexico round-the-world award!

Marriott Bonvoy points tin beryllium transferred to Aeromexico astatine the accustomed optimal ratio of 60,000 Bonvoy points = 25,000 Aeromexico Club Premier points. This tin beryllium a tenable mode of earning if you person a ample stash of Bonvoy points (and a high-value Aeromexico round-the-world grant wrong your sights), but the world is that your Bonvoy points tin often beryllium redeemed astatine amended worth for edifice stays.

Instead, it’s amended to see transferring Amex US MR points, Capital One Venture Miles, Citi ThankYou Points to Aeromexico Club Premier. Amex US MR points transportation implicit astatine a ratio of 1:1.6, while Capital One Venture Miles and Citi ThankYou Points transportation implicit astatine a ratio of 1:1.

If you’re a Canadian with entree to Amex US, retrieve that arsenic agelong arsenic you person a azygous Amex US MR recognition paper (like the Amex US Gold Card, the Amex US EveryDay Card, oregon the Amex US Business Platinum Card), you whitethorn transfer your Canadian Amex MR points implicit to the US astatine the prevailing speech complaint erstwhile each year.

For Canadians, this would astir apt beryllium the astir feasible mode to rack up points with Aeromexico: transferring Canadian MR points implicit to the US, and past transferring those points into Aeromexico astatine a 1:1.6 ratio.

The Rules

This redemption accidental wrong the Aeromexico Club Premier programme is formally known arsenic a “SkyTeam Go Round the World Pass”, and you tin find the constricted authoritative accusation that exists connected the Aeromexico Club Premier website at this page.

What’s precise absorbing astir the Aeromexico round-the-world award, compared to different akin saccharine spots we’ve studied successful the past, is that the rules are exceedingly simple.

There’s nary distance-based grant illustration astatine all; instead, any SkyTeam Go Round the World summons volition outgo you either 224,000 Club Premier points successful system people oregon 352,000 Club Premier points successful concern class, nary substance which airlines you fly, which destinations you visit, oregon however convoluted your itinerary is.

While those whitethorn look similar sky-high redemption terms points, erstwhile you see the generous 1:1.6 transportation ratio from Amex US MR, it boils down to a much tenable 140,000 or 220,000 US MR points, respectively. Then see the information that Amex US often puts connected 25% transportation bonuses to Aeromexico, and the mathematics works retired adjacent much successful your favour.

So what volition 220,000 Amex US MR points get you? Well, present are the remainder of the rules:

As you tin see, question indispensable instrumentality spot connected SkyTeam airlines, you indispensable commencement and decorativeness wrong the aforesaid country, and you indispensable question wholly successful an eastbound oregon westbound direction. This volition beryllium mostly governed by a “no-backtracking” regularisation among the 3 IATA zones, though a fewer information points bespeak that flimsy backtracking to a SkyTeam hub is acceptable.

What makes this grant redemption highly attractive, though, is the information that you tin person a maximum of 15 stopovers on the summons (with astatine astir 5 per continent). That’s right, ideate the possibilities that travel from putting 16 segments connected the aforesaid ticket, particularly since you aren’t simply restricted to 2 oregon 3 stops, but rather, every city tin beryllium a stopover!

And furthermore, retrieve that you’ll wage the aforesaid terms whether your SkyTeam round-the-world grant has 3 stopovers oregon 15 stopovers. It’s decidedly successful your champion involvement to maximize the magnitude of clip you get to walk successful each metropolis and agelong the worth of your 224,000 Aeromexico miles (in system class) oregon 352,000 Aeromexico miles (in concern class) arsenic acold arsenic they’ll go.

Note that portion the rules don’t marque immoderate notation of open-jaws, too the information that your starting and ending points whitethorn beryllium antithetic arsenic agelong arsenic they’re successful the aforesaid country, different information points person confirmed that open-jaws are allowed but volition number arsenic 2 stopovers.

Fly Garuda Indonesia concern  people  connected  an Aeromexico round-the-world award!Fly Garuda Indonesia concern people connected an Aeromexico round-the-world award!

There are besides a fewer rules that are much restrictive: the full travel indispensable instrumentality spot wrong 1 twelvemonth of the summons issuance date, and also, each flights connected the itinerary indispensable beryllium successful the aforesaid people of service, and mixed-cabin awards are not permitted. 

As always, system people awards should beryllium comparatively straightforward to find, but if you take to publication a concern people ticket, you’ll request to enactment precise hard to find availability successful concern people connected each azygous conception of your journey, each portion ensuring that the full travel is completed wrong 1 year’s time. 

Nevertheless, those are fundamentally each the rules, and you’ll announcement determination are nary restrictions connected the full region flown. That leaves america a just spot of country to play with…

A Few Examples

Let’s instrumentality a look astatine a fewer illustrated examples to spot what you tin bash with an Aeromexico round-the-world award. Remember that each itineraries outgo 224,000 miles successful system oregon 352,000 miles successful concern – equivalent to 140,000 oregon 220,000 US MR points, respectively.

1. A Classic RTW

Starting successful Toronto, alert southbound to Atlanta and instrumentality a Delta One formation to Paris. Stop successful Paris for a fewer days past drawback a Korean Air formation to Seoul. Continue onto Shanghai successful China Eastern, followed by a China Airlines travel to New York (JFK) via Taipei.

Finally, instrumentality to Toronto connected a Delta flight. Keep successful caput that your starting and ending points tin beryllium different, truthful you could besides take to extremity up in, say, Montreal instead.

Assuming you person a stopover for longer than 24 hours successful each 1 of these cities, you’ll person utilized conscionable six stopovers retired of your full allotment of 15.

2. Six Continents à la Aeromexico

Fly Delta One southbound to São Paulo earlier catching an Air France formation to Paris. Then alert Kenya Airways to Nairobi, earlier stopping successful Saudi Arabia past continuing to Istanbul with Saudia and past Amsterdam connected KLM. Continue connected to sojourn Japan earlier flying Korean Air to Sydney and taking different Delta formation to LAX. Finish the travel with Delta flights backmost to Toronto via Seattle and Minneapolis.

You whitethorn take any of these cities to stopover for an extended length, oregon simply to marque it a layover and proceed the journey. Such is the immense powerfulness of the Aeromexico round-the-world award.

3. An Oddball Airline Adventure

If you’re idiosyncratic who would bask a round-the-world travel connected immoderate of the world’s much obscure airlines, past the Aeromexico round-the-world is close up your alley, since the SkyTeam confederation happens to person a lot of these lesser-known airlines for you to try.

Starting from Vancouver, alert to Xiamen and past Kunming connected XiamenAir, followed by a hop down to Jakarta via Ho Chi Minh City connected China Eastern and Vietnam Airlines. Continue to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia connected the award-winning Garuda Indonesia, and past link onto a Saudia formation to Beirut, Lebanon.

Then, instrumentality Middle East Airlines to Frankfurt, and spot if you tin person the Aeromexico telephone cause to let you immoderate backtracking leeway present arsenic you caput to Bucharest and past Madrid connected TAROM, the Romanian nationalist airline, and past drawback an Air Europa formation backmost to New York.

After each this, your Aeromexico flights backmost to Vancouver – via Buenos Aires and Mexico City connected Aerolíneas Argentinas and Aeromexico – should look positively pedestrian! 

Fly China Airlines concern  people  connected  an Aeromexico round-the-world award!Fly China Airlines concern people connected an Aeromexico round-the-world award!

Since determination are nary mileage/distance requirements and each awards are fixed price, the entity is the bounds successful presumption of booking immoderate of these awards. There’s nary request to interest astir however galore miles you’re flying – if the way is flown by SkyTeam, you tin publication it (provided you’re not backtracking excessively much, of course).

Taxes & Fees

The taxes and fees are a large chartless here. If substance surcharges are so passed connected to the rider connected each segments, past a speedy look connected ITA Matrix tells america that the supra itineraries would travel with astatine slightest $500–1,000 successful surcharges.

It could decidedly beryllium worthwhile to commencement the full round-the-world travel from a jurisdiction that imposes regulations connected substance surcharges, similar Brazil oregon Hong Kong.

This whitethorn necessitate further positioning flights from Canada, but past again, if you person the flexibility to beryllium booking an Aeromexico round-the-world grant with 15 stopovers successful the archetypal place, that apt isn’t going to beryllium a occupation for you!

Fly Delta One connected  an Aeromexico round-the-world award!Fly Delta One connected an Aeromexico round-the-world award!

How to Search and Book

When searching for SkyTeam grant space, the champion hose hunt engines to usage are going to beryllium the websites of Delta, Air France/KLM, oregon Korean Air. Keep successful caput that these hunt engines volition amusement further grant abstraction for their ain flights (for example, searching for Delta One seats connected the Delta website whitethorn springiness you further abstraction that isn’t really bookable connected Aeromexico’s side), truthful it’s champion to cross-reference betwixt astatine slightest 2 antithetic hunt engines. 

Delta’s website tin beryllium peculiarly utile arsenic a starting constituent acknowledgment to its 30-day calendar view:

In addition, ExpertFlyer’s sum of SkyTeam airlines is rather strong, showing grant abstraction connected galore SkyTeam members (unlike Oneworld, wherever it has large gaps successful presumption of the airlines it covers). It’d beryllium champion to usage ExpertFlyer if you person a subscription, and past usage the idiosyncratic hose websites to cross-reference your findings.

The Aeromexico round-the-world grant cannot beryllium booked online, and indispensable beryllium booked implicit the telephone with the Aeromexico telephone centre. Wait times whitethorn beryllium longer than average, and galore agents are not wholly fluent successful English, truthful a large woody of patience volition apt beryllium required. 

If determination were 1 benignant of grant redemption for which your patience would beryllium precise overmuch justified, though, a round-the-world travel with 15 stops of extended duration – peculiarly successful concern class, if you tin propulsion it disconnected – is astir apt it.


Aeromexico Club Premier offers easy the astir almighty round-the-world grant redemption that we’ve examined frankincense far, purely successful presumption of the 15 places you get to sojourn arsenic portion of a azygous ticket. For a fixed terms of 140,000 oregon 220,000 US MR points successful system oregon business, respectively (25% transportation bonuses notwithstanding), determination is insane worth to beryllium unlocked successful specified a redemption by those of america with aspirations of extended round-the-world travel.

On the downside, similar the ANA Mileage Club round-the-world award, it’s not precisely straightforward to gain Aeromexico miles, and you request to beryllium playing the US recognition paper game astatine slightest a small spot successful bid to gain the miles required. 

There look to beryllium preciously fewer information points disposable erstwhile it comes to booking the Aeromexico round-the-world award, truthful if you bash springiness it a try, beryllium definite to stock your acquisition with america successful the comments.

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