The 5 best corporate travel management companies in South Africa

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If you’re liable for managing your company’s question plans, you’ll cognize however overwhelming it tin beryllium without further assistance to expedite question industry-related processes. That’s wherever a question absorption institution (TMC) tin assist. From booking, to disbursal management, and procurement - TMCs supply online booking solutions and unrecorded enactment for concern question successful 1 convenient location.

Below, we’ll research the champion firm question absorption companies successful South Africa, and reappraisal the advantages of utilizing a question absorption company, helping you get much bang for your concern question buck.

What are the advantages of utilizing a question absorption company?

There are galore benefits erstwhile it comes to moving with question absorption services. For starters, they streamline end-to-end solutions, providing outgo savings passim each measurement of the booking process.

Often, a concern question bureau offers in-house question consultants and question experts, bringing their ain planetary web and years of question acquisition to the table. TMCs are well-versed successful negotiating the champion question rates. As a result, they connection your concern cost-effective savings connected question and accommodation expenses. 

TMCs are besides experienced successful handling exigency lawsuit situations. An businesslike question programme remains up-to-date connected the latest quality regarding your destination, keeping traveller information apical of mind.

Often, TMCs are well-equipped with easy-to-use self-booking engines, giving your employees the state to publication their ain question arrangements. Many question absorption companies besides let for customizable built-in question policies. Bottom line, this helps to amended your company’s question argumentation compliance.

Features to look for erstwhile choosing a question absorption company

When selecting a question absorption company, support an oculus retired for the pursuing features. These tin alteration depending connected the question needs of your business.

VAT return

Unclaimed VAT expenses marque up a bulk of mislaid institution profits. Control your question costs by selecting a TMC that provides your institution maximum VAT recovery. 

Carbon offsetting

A question absorption institution that offsets your question c footprint, and monitors your CO2 emissions, equals sustainable question for aboriginal generations.

Reporting capabilities

TMCs that connection reporting capabilities, fto you way and study connected worker question trends, similar transport types, and cancellations. They besides compile reports connected your question data, identifying areas of cost-effective savings for your company.

Centralized invoicing

A question absorption institution featuring centralized invoicing, improves your fiscal tracking of institution question spend. Offering your employees 1 determination to taxable their invoices, leads to a much streamlined attack erstwhile processing and reporting question expenses.

Large question inventory

Your chosen TMC should person entree to exclusive question rates, and a wide inventory of accommodation and transportation.

Flexible question options

While question tin beryllium a stressful process, canceling and refunding your concern travel should not be. A question absorption institution that provides flexible question options, gives you bid of caput that your budgeted question walk does not spell to waste.

Duty of care

Despite champion efforts to guarantee your employees’ information anterior to their departure, unexpected risks tin bubble up astatine immoderate time. A TMC offering ample work of attraction solutions, helps you way employees, and rapidly connection enactment successful the look of information oregon information threats.

Customer service

Whether you request to rapidly extract employees from their destination for exigency purposes, oregon person urgent travel changes, a question absorption institution featuring 24/7 lawsuit service, supports each item of your employees’ concern trip. 

Integrations with 3rd enactment software

Your existing integrations with 3rd enactment bundle play an important relation successful the cognition of your company. Your chosen TMC should connection seamless integration with your existent 3rd enactment software.

The 5 champion firm question absorption companies successful South Africa

1. TravelPerk 

Offering a seamless question absorption experience, TravelPerk’s all-in-one level lets you book, manage, and study your concern question successful 1 place. 

Travel managers person entree to the world’s largest inventory of flights, accommodation, car rentals, and trains. With specified a divers scope of flexible options, TravelPerk besides provides work of attraction solutions, passim each signifier of your employee’s trip. From worker tracking, to post-trip reporting, the level enables you to marque informed concern question decisions, portion keeping employees safe. 

Other superior features include:

TravelPerk besides makes it casual to integrate your existing question policies and support workflows into the system. Featuring automated question limits and approvals, TravelPerk lets you specify and set-up concern question your mode successful little than 2 minutes. 

See however TravelPerk makes concern question accent free

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2. Travel Manor

A boutique firm question absorption company, Travel Manor assigns companies to a dedicated elder relationship manager to assistance your question needs. In summation to offering accepted concern question services, the institution besides extends to idiosyncratic employees partaking successful leisure travel.

Travel Manor besides offers online capabilities, utilizing booking tools similar Sure Travel Connect and Amadeus Corporate Tool (ACT).

Other features include:

  • Itinerary management
  • Travel absorption reports and analytics
  • Reporting and disbursal management
  • Travel complaint negotiation

Travel Manor provides ample features to its clients for some concern and leisure travel. However, it offers minimal successful the mode of online booking capabilities, meaning your employees miss retired connected the advantages of an all-in-one platform. Also, booking and work fees are not intelligibly stated, nor bash they database pandemic-related question information, connected their website. 

Offering the champion instrumentality for firm travel, TravelPerk’s all-in-one platform is the perfect prime for end-to-end question support. Featuring a big of online capabilities, its simple, yet intuitive features marque booking concern question and disbursal reporting a breeze. 

Looking to crunch the numbers? TravelPerk’s transparent pricing structure provides a wide and elaborate scope astir what’s included and what’s not included, with each tier. 

3. Thompsons Travel

Promoted arsenic your one-stop store question agent, Thompsons Travel provides its clients with an experienced and dedicated squad of question professionals, including cardinal relationship managers. Thompsons Travel’s dedicated visa consultants besides supply assistance to your employees erstwhile preparing documentation to conscionable planetary question requirements

Thompsons Travel besides specializes successful bleisure travel, letting your employees tack connected a fewer days of relaxation to their concern trip. Additional benefits see featuring study tracking connected full question spend, and a breakdown of walk per region, cost, and formation paths.

Other features include:

  • Personalized firm question technology
  • Flexible 24/7 lawsuit support, including for after-hours emergencies
  • Traveler information services, specified arsenic organizing repatriation flights
  • Embedding options for question policies and support processes

While Thompsons Travel offers clients casual point-to-point question bookings, it lacks flexibility with cancellation dates. Their presumption and conditions bespeak the earlier specified requests are made, the amended the chances are to facilitate such a request. 

For galore concern travelers, cancellations are often unplanned and unexpected. It tin beryllium hard to supply specified announcement to your question absorption company. With TravelPerk, you and your employees person the ability to cancel concern travel arrangements up to 2 hours earlier departure, with a guaranteed refund of 80%.

4. XL Turners Travel

Providing firm question solutions to clients passim South Africa and Africa, XL Turners Travel is diversified successful their offerings. Not lone bash they connection concern question incentives to their clients - they besides provide offshore question and marine travel, and charter services, too.

Their main features include:

  • Flexible outgo options
  • Profile absorption for travelers
  • Quality absorption reports
  • Key relationship management

Despite its wide array of question solutions, XL Turners Travel encourages its clients to wage via a lodge question recognition card. While lodge cards connection a simplified outgo method, they tin origin issues related to the privateness and extortion of your company’s data. 

With TravelPerk, outgo plans are diverse, granting you the flexibility and state to take the method of outgo that champion suits your needs. Our afloat diagnostic list intelligibly outlines the inclusions and exclusions for each plan, arsenic good arsenic details recommended add-ons similar work of care, and radical bookings.

5. Corporate Traveller

Corporate Traveller prides itself connected making concern question easier by offering a blended ‘human services’ approach. The question radical features booking, argumentation checks, reporting, and disbursal absorption via 1 online booking tool, successful summation to their CT mobile app.

A fewer of their cardinal features include:

  • Negotiable firm rates
  • Traveller tracking solutions
  • Concierge services
  • Travel argumentation enforcement

Unfortunately, Corporate Traveller does not let users of their booking strategy oregon app to nutrient traveller profiles similar TravelPerk. Their solutions besides bash not connection third-party seamless integration with different often utilized apps and services.

TravelPerk offers a wide scope of integrations featuring disbursal management, work of care, and information solutions. Explore our marketplace and customize your integrations today, to suit your question needs.

See however our level tin instrumentality your concern question absorption solutions to the adjacent level - docket a live, personalized TravelPerk demo today!

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