The 5 best corporate travel booking websites in 2022

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If you’re a question manager oregon admin, you’ll cognize however analyzable booking concern question tin get. From uncovering the champion deals and enforcing institution argumentation to getting VAT refunds and filing disbursal reports, the process tin beryllium highly time-consuming—so it’s nary astonishment galore question managers take to telephone successful extracurricular help.

In the past, galore companies booked their concern question done accepted question agencies. While these agencies offered a idiosyncratic touch, they besides came with immoderate superior drawbacks, similar limited inventories and enactment hours. Today, erstwhile astir everything is done online, companies are progressively turning to corporate question booking websites instead.

By utilizing a website, app, oregon bundle platform, you tin modernize your concern question programme and get results faster. Websites and apps are available 24/7, offer larger inventories than a accepted question agency, and let you to publication instantly. But not each firm question sites are alike.

What should you look for successful a large question booking website?

Unlike user question booking websites, firm question platforms are designed specifically with organizations successful mind. Ideally, you should look for these features to get a top-notch booking experience:

  • An interface that’s user-friendly and casual to understand
  • Integration of your company’s question policies
  • Solutions for disbursal management
  • A centralized presumption and reporting dashboard
  • A ample inventory of transport and accommodation options
  • Flexible booking solutions
  • VAT reclaim and c offsetting/sustainability solutions

5 industry-leading firm question sites to cheque retired now

1. TravelPerk

While determination are plentifulness of options retired determination for firm question booking, we deliberation TravelPerk goes supra and beyond the rest. Here’s what makes TravelPerk different:

One of the largest inventories retired there

The size of the inventory tin marque oregon interruption your firm question booking tool. If the inventory is excessively small, your travelers won’t privation to usage the institution system, and they’re much apt to simply publication for themselves utilizing a user website. When this happens, you suffer power implicit the booking process and won’t beryllium capable to enforce company policy.

With TravelPerk, you’ll person entree to 1 of the world’s astir extended question inventories. Travelers volition beryllium capable to publication options akin to what they would find connected a user website similar, Skyscanner, oregon Airbnb. 

Features and perks to assistance you prevention money

TravelPerk tin assistance you find and publication discounted radical rates, get corporate rates connected hotels, and adhd loyalty programs for hotels, airlines, and trains—so you won’t miss immoderate opportunities to gain and walk reward points. 

Keep your bookings flexible

TravelPerk offers respective cost-effective ways to marque your bookings much flexible. With FlexiPerk, you tin make immoderate travel refundable by paying a humble 10% fee, allowing your travelers to cancel astatine immoderate clip up until 2 hours earlier travel, and get a minimum 80% refund

This way, you’ll save an mean of 40% compared to accepted flexible fares. Your travelers tin besides adhd open instrumentality fares to their bid bookings, meaning they won’t person to determine the nonstop day of their return. 

Stay organized and amended squad communication

TravelPerk volition assistance you trim workload by allowing everyone connected your squad to hunt and publication their ain trips utilizing the platform. 

You tin acceptable roles and permissions for 5 antithetic levels of users, each the mode from “guests” (who tin lone hunt and publication trips for themselves) to “admins” (who person power implicit a wide assortment of functions, including bookings, invoices, and relationship settings). This way, everyone tin person entree to precisely the features they need, with nary surprises oregon miscommunications.

You tin besides usage our TravelPerk Events diagnostic to easy negociate radical bookings. And our TravelCare work volition support you up-to-date with notifications of travel requirements, risks, and emergencies—so you’ll person nary occupation ensuring traveler safety, and making definite everyone has a large question acquisition connected their concern trip.

Make definite bookings enactment wrong policy, and power question spend

Even if travelers mean well, they whitethorn extremity up accidentally booking implicit fund oregon retired of argumentation if things are unclear. With TravelPerk, you won’t person to interest astir this. You tin add your institution question policies straight to the platform, truthful travelers volition lone beryllium capable to publication wrong policy. They tin besides search hotels by bureau location, making it casual for them to find due accommodation options.

Setting a fund for your argumentation is easy. Even if you cognize prices whitethorn alteration based connected the benignant of service, season, oregon provider, you tin inactive encourage travelers to publication cost-effective options utilizing dynamic budgets. For example, you could let travelers to publication immoderate enactment up to 20% much than the cheapest price.

See however TravelPerk makes concern question accent free

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2. BCD Travel

BCD Travel is simply a question absorption institution headquartered successful the Netherlands, and founded successful 2006. They primitively started disconnected arsenic a accepted question agency, and present besides supply online booking tools and integer question services.

BCD Travel’s connection includes:

  • A suite of integer platforms for question management
  • Programs designed for a wide scope of idiosyncratic personas, including travelers, question managers, third-party developers, concern professionals, question agents, and question arrangers
  • Industry-specific services geared towards beingness sciences, media & entertainment, and energy, resources, and marine companies
  • A mobile app to assistance question and information managers with their hazard absorption program
  • Solutions tailored for tiny and medium-sized businesses
  • APIs and developer tools to physique customized firm question software

When comparing TravelPerk to BCD Travel, our customers accidental they bask TravelPerk’s:

  • Easy and speedy sign-up process
  • Seven-star lawsuit support, which is afloat human-operated and disposable 24/7
  • Flexible fare solution, FlexiPerk
  • Centralized online booking instrumentality with a clean, easy-to-understand idiosyncratic interface and a top-notch idiosyncratic experience
  • Open API level and integrations

3. SAP Concur

SAP Concur is different bequest question absorption option. The institution was primitively founded successful 1993 arsenic Concur Technologies, and was aboriginal acquired by SAP SE successful 2014. SAP Concur works with galore ample brands and offers their services crossed the Americas, arsenic good arsenic the EMEA and APAC regions.

SAP Concur’s connection includes:

  • Solutions geared towards medium-sized and ample businesses
  • Integration with the SAP endeavor assets readying (ERP) system
  • Automated invoicing and disbursal reporting
  • Machine learning and AI tools to enactment auditing and observe noncompliance successful disbursal reports
  • A question booking instrumentality that helps concern travelers erstwhile booking flights, rental cars, hotels, and obstruction transport
  • A consolidated dashboard to assistance users way their question bookings and let them to stock changes and updates with the team

When comparing TravelPerk to SAP Concur, our customers accidental they bask TravelPerk’s:

  • Modern, user-friendly interface
  • VAT betterment solution, which tin assistance you prevention 20% connected full concern question costs
  • Quick and casual onboarding clip (free accounts tin beryllium created instantly, portion premium and pro implementation takes arsenic small arsenic 2 weeks)
  • World-leading question inventory

4. Corporate Traveller 

Corporate Traveller was established successful the UK successful 1999, and present operates successful 7 countries. They absorption connected tiny and mid-sized businesses, and supply a centralized integer booking platform, on with concierge services and firm rates.

Corporate Traveller’s connection includes:

  • An online booking instrumentality for casual self-booking
  • Discounted question rates connected airfares, hotels, car rentals, and more
  • A dedicated question cause and advisor offering 24/7 support
  • Solutions tailored to industries specified arsenic entertainment, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and more
  • Sustainable concern question tools for c offsetting, c footprint calculation, and reporting
  • The quality to acceptable concern question policies and way spending wrong the platform

When comparing TravelPerk to Corporate Traveller, our customers accidental they bask TravelPerk’s:

  • Third-party integration options
  • Industry-leading inventory of airfares, trains, hotels, car rentals, and more
  • Ability to make antithetic question profiles, including “guest” accounts for radical extracurricular the organization
  • Helpful, human-operated lawsuit support, disposable 24/7

5. CTM

CTM (Corporate Travel Management) is simply a planetary concern question absorption institution established successful 1994. Its planetary web is made up of some company-owned offices and autarkic spouse agencies. CTM offers firm question and lawsuit booking services, on with a suite of integer tools.

CTM’s connection includes:

  • Tools for online booking, hazard absorption (duty of care), and reporting
  • Global booking solutions for a wide assortment of concern sizes and industries 
  • Events absorption services, including radical question booking, delegate management, inducement travel, and strategical gathering management
  • A dedicated planetary squad and Travel Program Manager
  • Sustainability reporting tools and c offsetting
  • A instrumentality to comparison affordable airfares and find the cheapest clip to fly

When comparing TravelPerk to CTM,  our customers accidental they enjoy  TravelPerk’s:

  • Flexible booking solutions via FlexiPerk
  • Fully-integrated question policies for automatic booking argumentation compliance
  • “Pay erstwhile you travel” competitory pricing model
  • Helpful, 24/7 lawsuit support

Get a amended question absorption acquisition with TravelPerk

TravelPerk offers a wide and cost-effective pricing structure, a idiosyncratic interface that’s appealing and elemental to use, a big of features to instrumentality attraction of each your question booking needs, and prime lawsuit enactment for bid of mind. It’s the cleanable mode to prevention wealth and trim accent erstwhile booking concern travel. 
To larn much astir TravelPerk and observe what makes america the apical firm question tract and mobile app, see our level successful action today.

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