The 5 best business travel management companies in Ireland

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Being successful complaint of question absorption is challenging. Trying to question efficaciously and efficiently successful today’s remote-first clime means juggling Slack messages, emails, telephone calls, and never-ending tabs. Cue question absorption companies to prevention the day.

In this article, we’re comparing the champion question absorption companies (TMCs) either based successful Ireland oregon offering a coagulated Irish itinerary. There are plentifulness of concern question absorption companies connected the market, but we’ve shortlisted the apical five, to marque this probe signifier that overmuch easier and to instrumentality you beyond the Emerald Isle. Let’s support those travelling employees, blessed employees.

What are the advantages of utilizing concern question absorption companies?

Make question booking and absorption simpler 

It’s clip to bring your bookings nether 1 roof. Travel booking processes don’t request aggregate tabs, incognito browsing mode, oregon promotion email alerts switched connected for you to drawback the champion question deals. A coagulated TMC comes with a coagulated platform, pulling each of your booking and question services into 1 app. 

Save wealth connected firm travel 

TMCs unafraid the best question and itinerary deals by utilising bulk question acquisition and long-standing partnerships. 

Yet, it doesn’t halt astatine large rates. Travel absorption companies tin adjacent save up to 20% connected your concern question by reclaiming your question VAT. 

Deliver 24/7 enactment for travellers

From Dublin to Dubai, firm question companies successful Ireland should beryllium providing around-the-clock support. Which is conscionable arsenic well. In today’s world, question remains a small unpredictable. TMCs don’t person power of cancelled flights, but they do have power implicit what your travellers tin bash due to the fact that of them.

It’s a operation of velocity of service, prime of service, and work accessibility that volition marque the large TMCs basal retired from the good. 

Make data-driven decisions successful real-time

Access to real-time question data gives your question absorption squad control, visibility, and actionable cognition to optimise your question strategy. 

An optimised strategy volition assistance your concern marque decisions connected the champion clip to travel, the champion itinerary for repetition trips, and volition item wherever you tin support currency successful the slope for aboriginal bookings.

That’s the advantages of moving with a TMC retired of the way. Let’s dive into the apical 5 question absorption companies to see if you’re based successful Ireland oregon looking for question solutions successful the onshore of a 1000 welcomes. 

The 5 champion firm question absorption companies

1. TravelPerk

TravelPerk remains connected apical arsenic an unbeaten TMC connected the market. It’s rated 1 of the apical 5 TMCs connected G2 and is often praised for the 24/7 enactment team, easy-to-use app, and for being “incredibly attentive.” 

In 2021, TravelPerk besides acquired ClickTravel, the “undisputed person successful UK home concern travel.” Avi Meir, TravelPerk Co-founder and CEO, commented that ClickTravel “have the champion offering for UK companies, unthinkable know-how, and a heavy knowing and appreciation of the worth of technology...” each of these things are present complimenting the continued maturation of TravelPerk. 

Let’s research a fewer TravelPerk features that often triumph praise. 

Reasons to take TravelPerk:

  • FlexiPerk: Offer a booking bid of caput by making 100% of your trips refundable, enabling you to get 80% of your wealth backmost successful conscionable 1 click. 
  • Events & meetings management: Whether you request small, intimate meetings oregon ample firm parties, TravelPerk takes the unit disconnected with a solution that looks aft travel, venue bookings, and managing attendees. 
  • TravelCare: Ensure you’re delivering connected your work of attraction for travellers connected each concern trip. Make amended decisions by receiving alerts connected changes to immoderate section guidelines, restrictions, oregon wellness risks. 
  • Integrated Travel Policies: Smart question exertion to physique support workflows successful nether 2 minutes and guarantee your travellers enactment compliant portion keeping their booking autonomy. 
  • Real-time disbursal reporting: The likes of Grammarly, Revolut, and Wise, each spot successful TravelPerk for the easy-to-digest disbursal absorption interface. 
  • GreenPerk: Offset 100% of your c emissions by contributing to certified projects striving to marque a greenish interaction connected our planet. Conscious question made transparent.
  • 3rd-Party Integrations: TravelPerk is simply a plug-and-play solution that’s comfy playing with the tools you’re already using: Slack, Expensify, Lounge Pass, and truthful overmuch more.  

See however TravelPerk makes concern question accent free

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2. Selective Travel Management

Selective Travel Management person implicit 50 years of acquisition successful handling concern question needs. It’s a popular, autarkic question absorption institution successful the UK and Ireland. They gain pridefulness of spot connected this database for their cognition for firm clients.

Some of STM’s services include:

  • Duty of care: making definite proactive efforts are made to support travellers harmless and delicate accusation stays confidential
  • Streamline question bookings: to align with your company’s question argumentation and support a manus connected budgets
  • 24/7 lawsuit support: that galore TMCs offer

Selective Travel Management doesn’t rather connection the assortment of question inventory that immoderate businesses need. They besides don’t comparison against immoderate of TravelPerk’s most-loved features; similar events management, flexible booking with FlexiPerk, and Carbon offsetting with GreenPerk. 


ATPI offers firm travel, arsenic good arsenic lawsuit solutions for organisations of astir sizes astir the world. They specialise successful marine, energy, mining, and yacht travel. With a fewer decades nether their belt, ATPI utilises tech and cognition to present expertise whenever you request it.

The services disposable done ATPI include:

  • Easy-to-use question tools for a hassle-free booking process
  • 24/7 enactment for customers connected the go
  • Direct intelligence: for actionable insights connected your question spend 

Sectors extracurricular ATPI’s emblematic wheelhouse whitethorn find that it under-delivers. Where ATPI lacks, TravelPerk steps in: offering flexible question booking and cancellation options, an unmatched question inventory, and optional VIP services.

4. Frosch

Frosch Ireland is simply a TMC that describes itself arsenic “redefining what firm question is by introducing a luxurious, tailor-made experience.”

Serving firm clients to individuals and adjacent families, it’s a ample supplier that’s rooted firmly successful Ireland. With implicit 20 years of experience, they’ve got a boutique attack to their question absorption that galore enjoy.

What does Frosch person to offer? 

  • Access to a planetary squad of question advisors with heavy connections successful the question industry
  • Obex for Business™: a question mobile app that each clients usage to marque question readying easier whilst connected the move
  • 24/7 support: is modular for astir question absorption businesses. However, their personalised attack to this enactment wins other points. 

As a luxury work specialising connected instrumentality firms and businesses successful the fiscal sector, Frosch is not arsenic easy accessible to tiny businesses and start-ups with a constricted budget. 

TravelPerk steps in, offering question options for budgets of each sizes, starting with a freemium program wherever you lone wage erstwhile you book. TravelPerk is besides kinder connected your fund with FlexiPerk, guaranteeing your concern up to 80% of your wealth back if you request to cancel a trip.

5. Egencia

Finally, Egencia. A modern question absorption institution that serves arsenic a B2B question tech platform. It operates arsenic a single, streamlined level that’s customizable to your needs.

Here are immoderate fashionable Egencia features:

  • AI-driven insights: to assistance amended idiosyncratic acquisition and get large question rates
  • Great question inventory: including implicit 290 planetary airlines available
  • Eco-friendly question programme: to assistance your concern conscionable sustainability goals and enactment transparent connected your concern travel

So, however does Egencia size up against TravelPerk? For starters, TravelPerk offers a level interest with nary hidden costs. TravelPerk besides offers escaped relationship management, nary binding contracts, and VAT betterment solutions. 

Plus, TravelPerk offers outer impermanent accounts and a concierge service. It truly outshines Egencia arsenic a budget-friendly enactment portion inactive offering each the quality, and some!

That’s our question absorption companies connected the table. We’ll permission you with a checklist of important features you request to look retired for erstwhile picking the close solution for your needs. 

Important features to look for erstwhile choosing concern question absorption companies 

An inclusive question inventory 

Whether you’re based successful Dublin oregon Cork, oregon determination else, erstwhile booking travel, having an expansive scope of question options is simply a must. Flights, cars, trains, antithetic types of accommodations, you’ll request to person each of your bases covered. 

Flexibility successful cancellation options

Having flexibility is simply a indispensable erstwhile booking question nationally and globally. With planetary concern travel, you’ll request to expect the unexpected and you’ll request a TMC that tin accommodate immoderate last-minute changes—including cancellations.  

Ensure concern question argumentation compliance

Every concern has its ain question policy, and astir conflict to ensure teams enactment wrong that question policy if they’re not booking done a TMC solution. Why? It means handing implicit institution paper details, having to tally manual approvals via outer comms, and is mostly a symptom to support a clasp of. 

With that being said, double-checking the TMC you bash spell for is capable to automate your question compliance, to eradicate that manual support process that’s typically truthful cumbersome. 

Integrate with your existent tech stack

Corporate question solutions request to connection third-party bundle integrations successful bid for them to beryllium effectual and to autumn successful enactment with what you’re presently moving with. There’s nary constituent bringing successful a caller merchandise to your regular ops if it doesn’t enactment with what you’ve presently got. 

Reporting and investigation functionalities

A large diagnostic to look retired for erstwhile assessing concern question solutions is the reporting and investigation functionalities that your imaginable TMC has. This tin assistance you larn from erstwhile trips truthful you tin amended program spend, and time, for aboriginal trips. 

Enjoy seamless firm question absorption successful Ireland with TravelPerk

TravelPerk is trusted by the likes of Uber, Beyond Meat, SumUp, and thousands more. It continues to outperform competitors with a suite of fantastic features, from cutting c emissions with GreenPerk to offering information alerts for employees done TravelCare.As 1 of the highest-rated TMCs connected Capterra and G2, TravelPerk is good worthy exploring arsenic your adjacent question absorption solution. Try TravelPerk today to research the feature-rich offerings of the level and alteration the mode you publication travel.

The station The 5 champion concern question absorption companies successful Ireland appeared archetypal connected TravelPerk.

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