Swan Bitcoin Acquires BTC Custody Provider Specter Solutions

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The acquisition enables Swan Bitcoin to work its users from the constituent of archetypal acquisition each the mode done to self-sovereignty portion keeping Specter open-source.

  • Swan Bitcoin acquired Specter Solutions for its open-source bitcoin custodial applications.
  • Specter tin stay autarkic from Swan and volition enactment open-source.
  • Users volition not beryllium required to supply immoderate KYC accusation successful bid to usage Specter services.

Swan Bitcoin, a starring bitcoin work provider, has acquired a starring bitcoin custodial services provider, Specter Solutions, per a property merchandise sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

The summation of Specter Labs to the Swan portfolio enables the institution to supply end-to-end solutions for their clients. These solutions mean from the archetypal infinitesimal of interest, to education, onto purchasing bitcoin and yet becoming self-sovereign, Swan Bitcoin tin assistance its clients done the full process.

“Our ngo is to assistance make the adjacent 10 cardinal Bitcoiners and locomotion with them connected their journeys to freedom, prosperity, and self-sovereignty,” said Swan laminitis and CEO, Cory Klippsten.

The custodial bundle from Specter volition stay open-source and Swan volition supply engineering enactment and assistance successful merchandise direction. Additionally, Specter’s exertion volition not person immoderate default web connections to Swan oregon know-your-customer (KYC) protocols requiring recognition for the user.

Image via property release

“‘Do the champion happening for Bitcoin and Bitcoiners’ has ever been our guiding principle,” said Klippsten.

Furthermore, the Specter solution volition not way immoderate idiosyncratic information unless the idiosyncratic opts into circumstantial features which volition beryllium “clearly labeled integrations,” per the release.

In addition, users tin take whether they privation Specter to interact with Swan, oregon if they similar implicit independency from the platform.

“We person recovered beardown alignment with the Swan team,” said Moritz Wietersheim, co-founder and CEO of Specter. “Our products and tools acceptable extraordinarily good together. We look guardant to gathering products for Bitcoiners and continuing our travel to a agleam orangish future."

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