Stop Drinking the Elite’s Kool-Aid

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On September 7, 2021, El Salvador became the archetypal state successful the past of the satellite to follow bitcoin, the world’s caller currency.

Remember those words, arsenic they volition beryllium engraved successful the past of money.

But arsenic of today, successful these aboriginal times, opinions are stuck successful the buckets of it being a bold move, a astute move, a dumb move, oregon simply a gamble.

Of course, it was nary of the above. It was the lone evident move, the lone logical one. For those who understand, the existent question is not if different countries are going to follow bitcoin, but when.

We are truthful aboriginal successful this paradigm shift, that a logical, communal consciousness determination is controversial; it has galore radical cheering it on, and many, galore detractors.

On this occasion, I volition not analyse the supporters, but the detractors. They tin beryllium separated into 3 groups:

  1. The ones who genuinely deliberation it was the incorrect decision.
  2. The ones who deliberation it’s a bully decision, but for the incorrect reasons.
  3. The ones who are acrophobic of our decision.

Now, the absorbing portion is that the archetypal and 2nd groups beryllium mostly due to the fact that of the third.


Because the astir vocal detractors, the ones who are acrophobic and pressuring america to reverse our decision, are the world’s almighty elites and the radical who enactment for oregon payment from them.

They utilized to ain everything, and successful a mode they inactive do; the media, the banks, the NGOs, the planetary organizations, and astir each the governments and corporations successful the world.

And with that, of course, they besides ain the armies, the loans, the wealth supply, the recognition ratings, the narrative, the propaganda, the factories, the nutrient supply; they power planetary commercialized and planetary law. But their astir almighty limb is the power of the “truth”.

And they are consenting to fight, lie, smear, destroy, censor, confiscate, print, and bash immoderate it takes to support and summation their power implicit the “truth”, and everything, and everyone.

Just deliberation astir the hundreds, if not thousands, of articles astir however El Salvador’s system was supposedly destroyed due to the fact that of its “bitcoin gamble”, astir however we are inevitably heading to default, that our system has collapsed, and that our authorities is bankrupt.

Most of you person surely seen this, right? They’re each over. Every fiscal publication, each large quality organization, each paper successful the world, each the recognition standing agencies, and each the planetary fiscal organizations are saying the aforesaid thing, arsenic if they were successful a choir.

But is immoderate of this true?

Well, you conscionable request to work their articles and perceive to their “experts” saying that each of this happened aft El Salvador mislaid astir $50 cardinal due to the fact that of bitcoin’s plummeting terms connected exchanges. Since we are not selling immoderate bitcoin, this connection is evidently false. But for the involvement of making a much profound analysis, let’s accidental it was wholly true, which of people it’s not, but carnivore with me.

Really? A full country’s system was destroyed by a $50 cardinal loss?

Yes, El Salvador is simply a comparatively mediocre country, but successful 2021 alone, we produced $28 cardinal successful products and services. Pushing the thought that a $50 cardinal nonaccomplishment — little than 0.2% of our GDP — would destruct oregon adjacent enactment our country’s system successful occupation is acold much than stupid; it is revealing.

You would deliberation the economical geniuses astatine Bloomberg, Forbes, Fortune, Financial Times, Deutsche Welle, BBC, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc., would person capable analysts and editors good versed successful these topics to archer them not to people that nonsense. You would deliberation these absurd articles wouldn’t walk those editorial boards, but they do. And sometimes they adjacent get a precise ample space, similar a full-page dispersed successful The New York Times.

So the statement that we person mislaid $50 cardinal worthy of bitcoin is false, due to the fact that we simply person not sold immoderate bitcoin. And adjacent if we were to judge that statement arsenic true, past it would beryllium ridiculous to reason that an system of $28 cardinal per twelvemonth volition spell bankrupt oregon into default due to the fact that of a 0.2% “loss” successful 1 year, erstwhile successful 2021 our system grew 10.3%, oregon by $4 billion. This is utilizing the IMF’s ain numbers!

And adjacent if you privation to judge that absurd statement arsenic true, which would mean you disregard mathematics oregon basal logic, still, you volition person yet to inquire yourself wherefore these worldwide media corporations would springiness truthful overmuch clip and abstraction to specified a tiny state similar El Salvador.

Were they talking astir El Salvador before? Did they attraction astir what happened successful our country? Did they study the $37 cardinal (with a b) that the erstwhile governments stole from our country’s treasury?

Ask yourself these questions; a fewer years ago, did you cognize wherever El Salvador was located connected a map? Did you cognize the sanction of the erstwhile president of El Salvador? Did you cognize astir their failed economical policies?

The reply to those questions added to the unthinkable absurdity of portraying, successful hundreds of superior fiscal publications, that an system that produces $28 cardinal a twelvemonth volition spell bankrupt for a debatable $50 cardinal loss. That is each the impervious 1 should request to spot that they are trying to fool you.

In fact, these are the existent numbers, which are nationalist accusation and tin beryllium recovered and double-checked rather easily:

In 2021, our GDP roseate 10.3%, income from tourism roseate 52%, employment went up 7%, caller businesses up 12%, exports up 17%, vigor procreation up 19%, vigor exports went up 3,291%, and interior gross went up 37%, each without raising immoderate taxes. And this year, the transgression and execution complaint person gone down 95%.

These are existent numbers, facts that cannot beryllium distorted by narrative. The lone fig that tin beryllium changed with their rhetoric is our enslaved prices, since they beryllium mostly connected the authoritative communicative and the recognition ratings of their agencies; much “truth” than the truth.

They person said implicit and implicit again, successful much than a 100 self-accredited publications, that we are not capable to wage our debts and are heading for default. We were adjacent ranked arsenic the state with the highest hazard of default successful the world. El Salvador with much hazard than Ukraine. Yeah, exactly.

So to antagonistic that narrative, we did precisely the other of not paying our debts; we offered to wage successful advance. And that is wherefore this period we volition beryllium buying each of our 2023 and 2025 bonds, that the holders privation to merchantability of course, astatine marketplace price.

They person besides told you that determination are immense anti-Bitcoin protests successful El Salvador; they person been thing but huge. Furthermore, wherefore would my authorities person a 85-90% support standing according to each canvass conducted successful the past year, including respective polls conducted by the absorption and respective by autarkic planetary polling firms, if we were handling things truthful badly?

By the way, what’s your president’s support rating?

So if you are successful radical 1 oregon 2 of the detractors, my connection to you is this; halt drinking the elites’ Kool-Aid and instrumentality a look astatine the facts. Even better, travel inquire the people, spot the transformations for yourself, locomotion successful the streets, spell to the formation oregon to our volcanoes, enactment the caller air, consciousness what it truly means to beryllium free, spot however 1 of the poorest nations successful the continent and the erstwhile execution superior of the satellite is changing to rapidly go the champion spot it tin be.

And then, inquire yourself; wherefore are the world’s astir almighty forces against those nonstop transformations. And wherefore should they adjacent care?

You spot it now, right? The crushed for each of this is due to the fact that we’re not simply warring a section opposition, oregon the accustomed roadblocks immoderate tiny state whitethorn face, but the strategy itself, for the aboriginal of mankind.

El Salvador is the epicenter of Bitcoin adoption, and thus, economical freedom, fiscal sovereignty, censorship resistance, unconfiscatable wealth, and the extremity of the kingmakers, their printing, devaluating, and reassigning the wealthiness of the majorities to interests groups, the elites, the oligarchs, and the ones successful the shadows down them, pulling their strings.

If El Salvador succeeds, galore countries volition follow. If El Salvador someway fails, which we garbage to, nary countries volition follow.

They cognize this precise good and that’s wherefore they are warring america truthful hard.

Will you play their game?

Or volition you go alert of the existent game?

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