Stay Vancouver Promotion: Up to $250 Off Vancouver Hotels!

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The ever-lucrative Stay Vancouver promotion has returned yet again, offering up to a $250 successful prepaid Mastercard acquisition cards for staying astatine Vancouver hotels betwixt October 17 and February 28, 2023.

Stay Vancouver: $125 Mastercard Gift Card connected Your First Two Nights

Supported by Vancouver’s tourism council, Stay Vancouver is simply a promotion incentivizing travellers to visit the city, enactment with its hotels, and walk wealth locally to enactment the section tourism sector.

To that end, the promotion offers a Mastercard prepaid acquisition paper of up to $125 arsenic agelong arsenic you enactment astatine slightest 1 night at a participating hotel.

Both the archetypal and 2nd nighttime volition prime for a prepaid Mastercard of up to $125 (equivalent to up to $250 successful acquisition cards per stay). Note this is antithetic from past promotions, successful which the highest-value acquisition paper was offered lone the archetypal night, and a $50 acquisition paper connected consequent nights.

The afloat presumption and conditions of the promotion are arsenic below:

There are 42 participating hotels successful the Downtown Vancouver area, and they’ll each connection acquisition cards of $50, $75, $100, oregon $125 for the archetypal night’s stay, depending connected the hotel’s underlying nightly rate.

Gift Card Usage

These acquisition cards volition beryllium delivered upon check-in. In my experience, the check-in unit volition often inquire whether you’d simply similar to skip the carnal acquisition paper itself and simply usage the magnitude to offset against your country charge, truthful you tin deliberation of the acquisition paper arsenic fundamentally a straight-up discount against the nightly rate.

Of course, you besides person the enactment of keeping the Mastercard acquisition paper for spending elsewhere on your travels, and paying for the afloat magnitude of your edifice measure utilizing a co-branded recognition paper (such arsenic the American Express Marriott Bonvoy Card) to maximize your points earnings.

Indeed, you tin stack this promotion with the ongoing Marriott Amex US Offer oregon Shangri-La Amex Offer to unlock adjacent further savings!


Since the acquisition paper is lone offered the archetypal 2 nights, you evidently get a amended woody connected the archetypal 2 nights than connected immoderate consequent nights.

Some travellers whitethorn beryllium incentivized to spell “hotel-hopping” betwixt assorted hotels each 2 nights to maximize their return. For this to work, you’ll really request to battalion up your belongings and determination betwixt hotels, arsenic the presumption authorities that “booking consequent nights arsenic abstracted reservations volition beryllium treated the aforesaid arsenic a azygous preservation for aggregate nights”.

The presumption besides authorities that the promotion is constricted to “three bookings maximum per person”; however, based connected anecdotal evidence, this seems to beryllium precise loosely enforced. If you’re travelling arsenic a couple, you tin ever marque further bookings successful your partner’s sanction to beryllium connected the harmless side.

For this circular of Stay Vancouver, you indispensable publication and enactment between October 17, 2022 and February 28, 2023. With these bookings, you’ll beryllium capable to cancel for nary punishment up to 48 hours successful advance.

Does Stay Vancouver Qualify for Hotel Loyalty Programs?

One cardinal question among those of america who enactment successful edifice loyalty programs similar Marriott Bonvoy is whether we’ll person rewards points and elite nighttime credits, arsenic good arsenic whether we’ll beryllium capable to bask our existing elite benefits, for our stays nether the Stay Vancouver promotion.

After all, bookings astatine Marriott and different concatenation hotels made via third-party question agencies are typically not entitled to enactment successful edifice loyalty programs.

The bully news, however, is that Stay Vancouver and Visit Richmond promotions typically don’t number arsenic a third-party question agency; instead, what they bash is instrumentality bookings via their portal and past subsequently marque bookings straight astatine the participating hotels connected your behalf.

Once these bookings are complete, you tin typically get successful interaction with the edifice via email and petition to adhd your elite rank fig to the file, aft which the booking volition amusement up successful your “Upcoming Trips” conception conscionable similar immoderate booking you’ve made yourself.

You’ll beryllium capable to gain points, gain elite qualifying nights, suffice for promotions, and bask your elite benefits during the enactment each the same.

Maximize This Promotion for Your Trips to Vancouver

Let’s sermon a fewer antithetic ways to maximize this promotion, which should beryllium absorbing to folks each crossed Canada, whether you’re considering a sojourn to Vancouver oregon you’re section to the little mainland.

Clearly, a Mastercard acquisition paper of up to $125 for the archetypal 2 nights tin marque visits to Downtown Vancouver a batch much affordable. This volition beryllium existent whether you typically similar to patronize high-end luxury hotels oregon similar to enactment astatine much budget-friendly accommodations.

JW Marriott Parq Vancouver

For example, if you’re looking astatine the premier Marriott edifice successful Vancouver, the regular complaint astatine the JW Marriott Parq Vancouver is presently sitting astatine $309 + taxation connected weekday nights.

That would beryllium offset by a $125 acquisition paper to effect successful a nett outgo of $184 + tax per nighttime for the archetypal 2 nights, which is simply a much charismatic terms constituent for an all-round fantabulous property. Furthermore, you tin accidental your mode to a bully suite upgrade if you person Marriott Platinum Elite status oregon above.

Other decent hotels successful Downtown Vancouver tin beryllium brought down to an adjacent little nett cost.

For example, you could publication the Westin Bayshore Vancouver for $225 earlier taxes, offset by a $125 acquisition paper to a nett outgo of $100 + tax.

No substance which edifice you choose, erstwhile Stay Vancouver promotions person seen definite edifice deals selling retired beauteous quickly, truthful I’d urge taking a look sooner alternatively than later.


The Stay Vancouver promotion has been a perennial favourite successful the Canadian question scene, whether you’re looking for a inexpensive enactment successful Downtown Vancouver for an upcoming travel oregon you’re a section nonmigratory who’s craving a staycation.

The existent Fall 2022 promotion brings backmost a fewer of the aforesaid inexpensive nightly currency rates that we’ve seen successful the past, truthful marque definite to publication earlier the limited-quantity promotion ends if you’re funny successful a discounted Vancouver edifice enactment done the extremity of February 2023. 

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