Spain’s Largest Telecom Company Telefónica Now Accepts Bitcoin, Crypto Payments

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Telefónica partnered with Spain’s largest bitcoin speech Bit2me to alteration the caller diagnostic connected its online tech marketplace.

  • Spain's largest telecommunications institution is present accepting bitcoin and cryptocurrencies arsenic outgo connected its ecommerce store.
  • Telefónica partnered with Bit2Me, the largest cryptocurrency speech successful the country, to facilitate existent clip outgo conversion into euros.
  • The telecom has besides reportedly invested successful Bit2Me, and further details volition beryllium released successful the upcoming weeks.

Telefónica, the largest telecommunications institution successful Spain, present accepts bitcoin and cryptocurrencies arsenic payment.

The outgo method was added to Telefónica’s online tech marketplace successful a concern with Bit2Me, the largest bitcoin and cryptocurrency successful Spain. Customers tin instrumentality vantage of the “revolutionary outgo method” by simply clicking the Bit2Me Commerce outgo method astatine checkout, per the company’s announcement.

Additionally, Telefónica has reportedly invested successful Bit2Me. Details of the concern are expected to beryllium released successful the coming weeks.

Despite the information that users looking to instrumentality vantage of the caller diagnostic simply request to adhd the merchandise to the cart and prime Bit2Me Commerce earlier paying, determination is simply a acquisition minimum and bounds acceptable betwixt $200 and $500, respectively.

Upon the completion of the checkout process, Bit2Me automatically converts the chosen signifier of outgo into euros successful realtime, removing immoderate technological barriers for merchants specified arsenic Telefónica.

Spanish involvement successful bitcoin and cryptocurrencies continues to turn arsenic this past summer, the RCD Espanyol nonrecreational shot squad became the archetypal La Liga squad to judge the caller signifier of payment.

Additionally, Spanish hose Vueling is besides acceptable to statesman accepting bitcoin successful 2023. However, Vueling chose to spouse with cryptocurrency outgo work supplier BitPay to facilitate its caller signifier of payment.

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