Shangri-La Amex Offer: Get 20% Off Canadian Hotels

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A caller Amex Offer has surfaced that allows you to gain 20% of your full purchases arsenic a connection recognition by utilizing your American Express cards astatine Shangri-La hotels successful Canada until March 31, 2023.

This connection volition springiness you up to $150 back, which would necessitate you to walk astatine slightest $750 during the connection period. If you’re eyeing a enactment astatine 1 of the 2 Canadian properties successful Toronto oregon Vancouver, beryllium definite to instrumentality vantage of this 20% discount offer.

Shangri-La Hotels: 20% Back arsenic a Statement Credit

With this offer, you’ll gain 20% backmost of your full acquisition arsenic a connection recognition astatine Shangri-La hotels successful Canada, up to a full of $150, equivalent to $750 of full spend.  The full outgo aft each taxes and fees are accounted for volition number arsenic the full purchase.

Eligible usage cases see transactions made astatine the Shangri-La Toronto, Shangri-La Vancouver, oregon astatine the Shangri-La Amex website for 1 of these 2 properties. 

Each clip an eligible transaction is made, this connection volition beryllium triggered, and you tin expect 20% backmost successful the signifier of a connection credit.

The presumption and conditions authorities that the connection recognition volition beryllium applied wrong 90 days of the connection expiry date, but it volition astir apt amusement up wrong a fewer days aft the transaction.

This connection expires on March 31, 2023, and there’s nary registration cap. 

It’s worthy noting that the 20% backmost arsenic a connection recognition technically lone applies to country rates and country charges, but items specified arsenic acquisition cards purchased astatine the beforehand table are virtually indistinguishable. Thus, if you program to devour astatine the edifice restaurant(s) oregon usage the spa, you tin inquire for those purchases to beryllium processed arsenic a regular edifice charge.

We’ve seen this connection popping up crossed a wide scope of American Express cards. If you’re playing the crippled successful two-player mode oregon more, beryllium definite to cheque each individual’s cards to spot whether the connection has shown up and registry accordingly.

Enhancing Your Stay with Shangri-La Luxury Circle

Prior to March 2021, the American Express Platinum Card had included Shangri-La Jade presumption arsenic portion of its benefits. If you had registered for this presumption earlier then, you mightiness announcement that your Shangri-La relationship inactive reflects your Jade presumption today.

Shangri-La Jade comes with regular meal for two, country upgrades, guaranteed country availability erstwhile booked astatine slightest 72 hours anterior to arrival, and aboriginal check-in, and precocious check-out of 11am and 4pm, respectively, taxable to availability.

If you don’t person Jade status, oregon adjacent if you bash but you privation to further elevate your stay, booking with Prince of Travel done Shangri-La Luxury Circle would entitle you to further benefits for nary further cost.

The Luxury Circle complaint is the aforesaid arsenic the champion disposable flexible rate, which tin beryllium higher than prepaid rates, subordinate rates, firm rates, etc. that you whitethorn besides person entree to.

In this case, you’ll privation to measurement up the savings connected those rates and however overmuch you worth the benefits of booking done Luxury Circle. 

Scotiabank American Express Cardholders Can Register Too

As we’ve seen connected erstwhile Amex Offers, the connection is besides disposable for superior and supplementary cardholders of the Scotiabank American Express products, including the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card, the Scotiabank American Express Card, and the Scotiabank Platinum American Express Card.

The registration portal is accessible via this link.

This gives you yet different avenue to maximizing your savings nether this promotion by registering and utilizing the Amex Offer connected some your Amex- and Scotiabank-issued products.

If you person a much costly enactment astatine the Shangri-La Toronto oregon Vancouver lined up, you tin registry aggregate superior and supplementary cardholders for the connection and divided the measure to maximize the $150 connection credits.


A caller Amex Offer allows eligible cardholders to gain 20% backmost successful connection recognition connected immoderate transactions made astatine Shangri-La hotels successful Canada, up to $150 back. The connection recognition is provided arsenic a portion of the full walk aft each taxes and fees person been accounted for.

You should person astatine slightest 1 American Express paper targeted for this offer, so beryllium definite to cheque each of your cards to spot if the promotion pops up. For those with Scotiabank American Express products, beryllium definite to register via the portal link to multiply your savings.

This connection expires on March 31, 2023, truthful you’ll privation to program your stays earlier past to instrumentality vantage of this offer.

The station Shangri-La Amex Offer: Get 20% Off Canadian Hotels appeared archetypal connected Prince of Travel by Ricky Zhang.

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