Secured Credit Cards: What You Need to Know

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Credit cards are a large mode to gain currency backmost and question rewards. But naturally, successful bid to benefit, you request to get approved for credit.

As you purpose for premium recognition cards, determination are immoderate barriers to entry, specified arsenic income, spending, and possibly astir importantly, your recognition score. There’s nary shortcut to fixing this, and it’s a spot of a chicken-or-egg problem: you request bully recognition past to beryllium approved for much credit, but you request to person recognition to show liable recognition usage.

For radical with a weaker recognition history, secured recognition cards are a large mode to get started, gathering a steadfast instauration that volition marque you much charismatic to lenders for each sorts of purposes.

What Is a Secured Credit Card?

Secured recognition cards are astir precisely the aforesaid arsenic regular recognition cards, but you request to leave a currency deposit astatine the issuing bank to screen the full recognition limit. For example, for a bounds of $1,000, the slope would inquire for a $1,000 deposit.

You tin efficaciously acceptable your ain recognition limit, based connected the size of your deposit. If you effort to walk implicit your limit, the transaction volition beryllium declined.

Secured cards contiguous minimal hazard to the issuer. If a cardholder defaults connected their debts, the slope volition support the information deposit. That way, the slope is guaranteed to get paid.

Some issuers, typically smaller ones, person circumstantial products that they marketplace arsenic secured cards. Many of them don’t person rewards, specified arsenic the Home Trust Secured Visa Card for nary yearly fee. Others person debased rewards oregon debased involvement rates, but with an yearly fee, similar the Plastk Secured Credit Card, which comes with a $120 yearly interest and earns 0.4% currency backmost connected purchases.

Larger banks connection a enactment of their regular recognition paper products, with an enactment to unafraid them.

Depending connected the bank, you whitethorn person antithetic options for however to store your information deposit. Some banks dainty it arsenic a locked equilibrium successful a chequing account.

For example, if you person $2,000 successful a chequing account, of which $500 is guaranteeing a $500 bounds connected a secured card, the spending powerfulness successful your chequing relationship is lone $1,500.

You mightiness besides beryllium capable to support your information deposit successful an interest-bearing account. TD lets you enactment it successful a GIC, which is simply a bully perk portion that wealth is idle anyway.

How Do Secured Credit Cards Work?

After you wage your deposit, secured recognition cards enactment exactly the aforesaid arsenic different recognition cards. As agelong arsenic you marque regular payments, you won’t adjacent announcement a difference.

You marque purchases connected the card, up to your monthly recognition limit. At the extremity of each billing cycle, you’ll person a statement. Pay the afloat equilibrium earlier the owed day to debar penalties and interest.

You indispensable marque astatine slightest the minimum outgo to person a affirmative study to the recognition bureau. Like immoderate different recognition card, late payments volition person a antagonistic interaction connected your recognition score.

If you don’t wage your equilibrium successful full, a information of your information deposit volition beryllium utilized to screen immoderate interest, and your bounds volition beryllium reduced accordingly.

After 6–12 months of bully history, your issuer volition usually unlock your information deposit, upgrading the paper to an unsecured card. At that point, oregon earlier if you adjacent the secured card, you tin retreat the secured balance.

Who Should Get a Secured Credit Card?

Regular recognition cards are unsecured, meaning that the issuing slope volition instrumentality you to collections if you default connected your debts. While this poses a hazard to the slope that they mightiness not get the wealth they are owed, they are consenting to widen unsecured recognition connected the ground of an applicant’s beardown way grounds of repayment.

On the different hand, if you person mediocre recognition oregon nary history, you’ll person occupation convincing a slope to lend to you conscionable connected the ground of a “promise” to repay, without immoderate collateral. In particular, anyone without a recognition history, students, new immigrants, or people recovering from immoderate atrocious debts mightiness find themselves successful this situation.

Secured recognition cards are a large mode to build oregon repair your recognition history. They study to the recognition bureaus and lend to all of the aforesaid factors arsenic different revolving recognition accounts, similar grounds of repayment and property of accounts.

The Best Credit Cards for Rebuilding Your Credit

Many secured cards are marketed astatine radical with mediocre credit. Banks specifically advertise guaranteed approval, a minimum recognition people of 300 (which is the lowest people possible), oregon that you’ll beryllium approved if you’ve precocious been discharged from bankruptcy.

If you’re having occupation getting approved for different cards, utilizing a secured recognition paper volition help. Usually, your recognition people volition amended importantly wrong 12–18 months.

If you must, you tin besides transportation a equilibrium connected a low-interest secured card, and your recognition wellness volition amended arsenic agelong arsenic you marque the minimum outgo connected time. However, adjacent astatine a debased involvement rate, it’s astir apt amended to wide your debts first, and past statesman rebuilding your recognition erstwhile you’re successful the black.

How to Benefit from a Secured Credit Card

The main crushed to get a secured recognition paper is to amended your recognition people and to build a affirmative narration with the issuing bank, particularly if you’re having occupation getting approved for different cards oregon loans.

Basically, the slope wants to spot that you’re utilizing your recognition bounds responsibly. Low utilization is key, truthful usage your paper for tiny purchases similar luncheon oregon coffee, and past wage it successful afloat astatine the extremity of your billing cycle.

Generally, it’s champion for your recognition past if you support your monthly connection equilibrium nether 30% of your recognition limit.

Remember, your semipermanent banking relationships and the wellness of your recognition record instrumentality precedence implicit short-term spending power, arsenic they tin beryllium leveraged into bigger rewards connected amended cards down the road.

In fact, erstwhile it comes to approvals, a bully narration with the slope is arguably more important than your recognition file. After all, the slope is the 1 determining and bearing the hazard of lending to you – they’re the enactment you request to convince.

That said, a bully recognition record is inactive indispensable to transportation your beardown narration from 1 slope to another. Luckily, you tin enactment towards some goals successful tandem.

Even if you person bully recognition history, not each issuers usage the aforesaid criteria for recognition paper approvals. Banks usage an interior people to measure clients, incorporating your recognition past with their ain factors, which whitethorn measurement your past with the slope much heavily.

For instance, 1 twelvemonth of on-time repayment and debased utilization mightiness beryllium capable for American Express, but not for HSBC. If you’re rejected by a slope with tougher lending requirements, see asking a banking advisor if you tin propulsion the exertion guardant connected the ground of a information deposit.

Notably, TD, HSBC, and BMO each grant the afloat signup bonus and regular gain complaint connected spending, adjacent if you person to enactment down a information deposit to beryllium approved. That way, you tin get bonuses from premium cards that are different retired of scope owed to assorted recognition factors.

Also, it’s each excessively communal to tally into an individuality mismatch betwixt the slope and the recognition bureau. As that’s usually not a speedy hole with TransUnion oregon Equifax, you tin inquire astir opening a secured paper to physique affirmative past with the slope portion you hold for your bully recognition past to beryllium linked properly.

That way, you won’t autumn down connected your rewards goals.

Other Ways to Build Credit History and Earn Rewards

A beardown narration with your slope tin bash wonders for your recognition journey. As a lifelong lawsuit astatine TD with a unchangeable grounds of saving, I had nary occupation getting a basal unsecured recognition paper astatine the property of 18, and premium products by 22.

Not everyone is truthful lucky, and galore radical marque fiscal missteps astatine a young age. One of my friends missed a outgo years ago, and it wounded his recognition record for years thereafter.

Fortunately, he’s a clever guy, and helium figured retired however to gain meaningful rewards successful spite of this.

First, prioritize issuers that are known for casual approvals. American Express comes to mind, and Capital One besides has a estimation for selling to radical with mediocre oregon nary recognition history.

Of the two, Amex has overmuch amended rewards, successful the signifier of Membership Rewards points. Capital One mightiness person a little obstruction to entry, but comes without immoderate rewards.

Likewise, enactment distant from issuers that you don’t expect an support from. That way, you’ll debar unnecessary recognition inquiries (which could beryllium rather hurtful if your people is already low), and you won’t person to spell to large effort trying to propulsion an exertion through, lone to travel retired empty-handed.

If immoderate portion of your recognition communicative needs to beryllium explained, it’s champion to conscionable with a banking advisor, arsenic the online exertion algorithm volition astir apt cull you close away. Even if you person newer accounts successful bully standing, a atrocious people connected your record is capable to trigger a thorough manual review.

Be prepared to explicate the concern that led to your precocious payments, and wherefore you’re seeking recognition now. Also, you whitethorn request to amusement grounds from the issuer oregon postulation bureau that immoderate delinquent accounts person been paid successful afloat and closed.

If you person a tenable communicative astir the atrocious people connected your file, and a spotless past since, you should beryllium capable to unfastened premium products. My person has had occurrence opening assorted unsecured accounts astatine a fistful of large Canadian banks adjacent aft his missed payment.

Whether you’re moving with nary recognition oregon mediocre credit, having a idiosyncratic transportation astatine the slope can’t hurt. See if you tin usage a household member’s assets, a idiosyncratic narration with a banker, oregon adjacent your ain deposit accounts to propulsion things guardant with confidence.

Even newcomers to Canada tin usage this strategy. Many banks connection a caller migrant package, with escaped chequing and a secured recognition card.

If you can’t oregon don’t privation to fastener up a information deposit, skip the secured paper and conscionable unfastened the chequing account. Later, you mightiness beryllium capable to usage the banking narration you’ve built, positive an employment declaration demonstrating stability, to beryllium approved for unsecured credit.

Whichever way you choose, it’s decidedly adjuvant to enactment with a quality astatine the slope if you expect immoderate hurdles.


Secured recognition cards aren’t for everyone, but they’re an incredibly utile instrumentality if you request to physique oregon rebuild your credit.

A steadfast recognition past is important for getting approvals for loans, mortgages, and recognition cards, and caller recognition cards tin beryllium easy leveraged into bigger question and currency backmost rewards. A grounds of liable recognition usage goes a agelong mode to gathering beardown banking relationships, which volition payment you successful each sorts of ways, nary substance however you take to turn your wealth.

If you’re funny successful getting a secured recognition card, I’d suggest getting 1 from a Big 5 slope that volition let you to upgrade it successful the future.

You’ll astir apt privation to support it unfastened semipermanent arsenic 1 of your oldest accounts, and bigger institutions mostly connection much flexibility and a wider assortment of products. That way, you tin proceed to payment from perks and higher rewards rates, agelong aft the paper has graduated to its unsecured form.

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