Secondary Colors – Violet, Green, Orange – Triad Color Scheme

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Secondary colors are the effect of combining 2 superior colors (red and bluish for violet, yellowish and bluish for green, and yellowish and reddish for orange). When utilizing the secondary colors of violet, greenish and orangish successful triad colour schemes for the garden, greenish tin astir travel crossed arsenic a “non-color,” oregon backdrop alternatively of an equi-balanced addition. You tin debar this by considering texture, signifier and extent of colour erstwhile selecting greenish plants for your landscape, creating a much definitive look. Some options to consider:

English Lavender Aromatico Blue - Farmside Landscape & Design


Secondary Color Garden successful Violet, Green, and Orange

  • Violet – English Lavender “Sweet Romance®”
  • Green – Stonecrop “John Creech”
  • Orange – Calibrachoa “Superbells® Dreamsicle®”


All images successful this station were captured astatine Farmside Gardens.

The station Secondary Colors – Violet, Green, Orange – Triad Color Scheme appeared archetypal connected Farmside Landscape & Design.

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