Scout EV And Pickup Won’t Be Based On VW’s MEB Platform, Will Be True Off-Roaders, Says Report

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The upcoming SUV and pickup sold nether the Scout sanction volition not beryllium rebadged Volkswagens, according to a station from a salient Scout enthusiast who claims helium spoke to the Scout Motors team.

Jeff Bade, whom Autoblog refers to arsenic a salient subordinate of the vintage Scout community, precocious posted astir his acquisition connected Facebook. He claimed that the squad shared immoderate details astir the upcoming electrical vehicles and asked him (and a fig of different enthusiasts) astir their views connected what a modern Scout should beryllium like.

“This squad is special,” Bade wrote, claiming that helium had been fixed immoderate privileged information. “What I tin accidental is that Community and History are precise important to them. The Aftermarket is besides precise important to them truthful we volition each beryllium capable to customize and enactment connected our trucks, this is not going to travel a Tesla philosophy.”

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Bade wrote, much specifically, that “this is an AMERICAN truck” and that it volition not beryllium a “rebranded oregon saltation of thing successful the VAG line.” Suggestions that the vehicles would beryllium based connected the MEB “skateboard platform are not true,” helium claims.

That means that the Scout vehicles volition not stock their underpinnings with the likes of the ID.4, which is present being built astatine Volkswagen’s works successful Chattanooga, Tennessee. Nor volition it beryllium a reprise of the conception proposed by the ID. Buggy.

That would marque processing these vehicles a precise ample undertaking, which whitethorn explicate wherefore Scott Keogh stepped down arsenic the caput of Volkswagen Group North America to pb Scout. It is also, however, a strategy that would look to tally antagonistic to Volkswagen’s implicit arching program to determination each EVs onto a azygous platform. That’s a semipermanent plan, though, and Audi and Porsche are presently moving connected their ain architecture, the PPE platform.

With the popularity of SUVs, it mightiness not beryllium a atrocious thought to person a much utilitarian electrical level kicking astir to stock with the remainder of the group. Indeed, Bade suggests that Scout “can and volition stock technology,” which is successful galore ways however VW approached the plan of the original Touareg.

The enthusiast further concedes that Scout’s vehicles won’t beryllium precisely the aforesaid arsenic the International Harvester SUVs enthusiasts attraction truthful profoundly about, but helium insists that the renewed marque is moving to marque a susceptible off-roader that contains “the close magnitude of aged and new.”

This is, of course, not authoritative accusation and, portion we person nary circumstantial crushed beryllium skeptical astir Bade’s information, adjacent if helium is reporting the truth, it’s inactive precise aboriginal successful the improvement process and Scout’s ambitions whitethorn not each travel true. Still, helium paints an enticing picture.

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