Salvadoran Bitcoin Users Can Now ‘Tap to Pay’ With CoinCorner’s Bolt Card

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CoinCorner is expanding its Bitcoin services to El Salvador, including its Lightning-enabled NFC card, letting citizens wage successful BTC with a elemental tap.

  • CoinCorner is launching its services successful El Salvador.
  • The institution aims to capable successful a idiosyncratic acquisition spread successful the state that past twelvemonth became the archetypal to state BTC a ineligible tender.
  • CoinCorner volition besides spouse with IBEX, a Bitcoin and Lightning payments gateway provider, to adhd enactment for its NFC-enabled Bolt Card.

Bitcoin institution CoinCorner is expanding its services to the Latin American portion arsenic it seeks to instrumentality vantage of increasing adoption rates successful specified countries.

The enlargement volition bring CoinCorner’s offerings to El Salvador, the archetypal state successful the satellite to follow bitcoin arsenic ineligible tender successful September of past year.

“From today, residents of El Salvador volition beryllium capable to unfastened an relationship and entree CoinCorner’s afloat scope of Bitcoin and Lighting services,” CoinCorner said successful a connection sent to Bitcoin Magazine. “USDT volition besides beryllium disposable connected the level for El Salvador users, arsenic good arsenic afloat functionality for The Bolt Card.”

The institution said that contempt passing the Bitcoin law, the Central American state suffers from atrocious bitcoin usability and UX — a spread that CoinCorner seeks to fill.

“We’ve seen reports of a mediocre Bitcoin idiosyncratic acquisition successful El Salvador which we anticipation The Bolt Card volition improve — it’s a cheap, easy-to-use, offline solution for Bitcoin Lightning payments,” CoinCorner CEO Danny Scott said.

As portion of the expansion, CoinCorner volition besides beryllium partnering with IBEX, a Bitcoin and Lightning payments gateway. The concern volition fto IBEX integrate NFC capabilities to its IBEX Pay solution, enabling Salvadorans to usage CoinCorner’s Bolt Card astatine merchants.

“CoinCorner announced The Bolt Card earlier this twelvemonth arsenic the world's archetypal contactless card, powered by near-field connection (NFC) and the Bitcoin Lightning Network,” per the statement. “The Bolt Card is revolutionizing the Bitcoin payments manufacture with its elemental ‘tap to pay’ feature.”

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