Roush Gets Its Hands On A Polaris Slingshot For A New Special Edition

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Polaris contiguous announced that it has entered into a caller concern with Roush Performance. Together, they person created a peculiar variation exemplary of the three-wheel Slingshot, which is inspired by the racing world.

“We’re arrogant to beryllium collaborating with Roush to present a peculiar variation similar nary other,” said Chris Sergeant, Polaris Slingshot VP. “We wanted to plan a thrust that authentically reflects Roush’s trusted practice of performance, but remained existent to the wow-factor, adventure-seeking manner lone Slingshot provides.”

Based connected the Slingshot’s well-appointed R trim, the Roush Edition exemplary is powered by a 203 hp (151 kW/153 PS) engine. To that, the tuning institution adds Racetrack Red trim that can’t beryllium had anyplace other successful the lineup. It besides gets blacked-out badging, and steering accents, including a reddish stripe astatine 12 o’clock, conscionable similar connected contention cars.

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 Roush Gets Its Hands On A Polaris Slingshot For A New Special Edition

Roush also adds four-piston Brembo brake calipers to the Slingshot. The beforehand wheels’ rotors are slotted and 14 percent larger than connected the modular Slingshot R. To assistance amended link the operator with those brakes, Sparco pedal covers are besides fitted, and the brake and clutch pedals are shortened and widened for amended control.

In addition, the Slingshot gets a peculiar Roush graphics package, that puts the company’s branding connected the spot covers, the instrumentality cluster, and different places. In models with the manual transmission, the Roush branding tin besides beryllium recovered connected the shifter, portion those fitted with the AutoDrive transmission get composite displacement paddles down the steering wheel.

The exemplary besides comes with the Slingshot Excursion Top, which tin beryllium enactment up and taken down without tools and offers amended headroom and visibility. It besides provides shadiness for the seven-inch, touchscreen infotainment strategy that is compatible with Apple CarPlay. A signifier 2 audio kit from Rockford Fosgate volition assistance support you entertained adjacent erstwhile the upwind is rushing past your ears.

A signifier 3 audio kit tin beryllium ordered arsenic an enactment for a small much money. Heated and cooled seats, further retention bags, a color-matched rear fender, and much tin besides beryllium ordered arsenic options.

Prices for the 2023 Polaris Slingshot Roush Edition commencement astatine $37,349 successful astir states ($37,649 successful California, and $46,999 successful Canada). The caller exemplary is expected to commencement shipping to dealers successful the outpouring of 2023.

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