Ripple CEO Declares Intent To Bring XRP Battle To Supreme Court

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In a caller code astatine the DC Fintech Week conference, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse addressed the company’s regulatory hurdles. He expressed his views connected the cryptocurrency scenery successful the United States. 

Ripple CEO Warns Of US Risking Market Share Loss

According to a Fortune Magazine report, Garlinghouse acknowledged during his code that contempt Ripple’s occurrence successful tribunal against the SEC, immoderate US banks indispensable beryllium much cautious astir engaging meaningfully with cryptocurrencies. 

Garlinghouse attributed this reluctance to the cognition that the US authorities and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) are “hostile to the crypto industry.” 

While Ripple’s tribunal victory successful July was seen arsenic a affirmative development, Garlinghouse believes that the SEC’s wide approach, coupled with Chairman Gary Gensler’s characterization of crypto arsenic the “Wild West,” is hindering the industry’s maturation successful the US.

Garlinghouse emphasized that portion the US has hostility towards crypto, different countries actively invited crypto companies and investments by providing wide regulatory policies. 

As a result, the US risks losing its marketplace stock and failing to capitalize connected its aboriginal vantage successful the crypto space. Garlinghouse expressed his content that the US tin inactive go a person successful the manufacture but highlighted the urgency for wide and constructive regulatory frameworks to beryllium established.

CEO Vows To Escalate Legal Battle With SEC To Supreme Court

Given the challenges faced successful the US, Garlinghouse announced that Ripple would proceed to grow its operations successful different countries. He revealed that 80% of Ripple’s hiring successful the existent twelvemonth volition beryllium conducted extracurricular of the US, reflecting the company’s request to run successful much favorable regulatory environments. 

Garlinghouse emphasized the value of creating a hospitable situation for innovation and growth, suggesting that the existent hostility successful the US hinders Ripple’s quality to run efficaciously wrong the country.

During the conference, Garlinghouse expressed his willingness to escalate Ripple’s ineligible conflict with the SEC to the Supreme Court. 

Garlinghouse stated that Ripple is prepared to prosecute ineligible avenues until a solution is reached. This steadfast stance underscores Ripple’s committedness to addressing regulatory uncertainties surrounding XRP.

Brad Garlinghouse’s remarks astatine the DC Fintech Week league shed airy connected the ongoing regulatory challenges faced by Ripple and the wider cryptocurrency manufacture successful the United States. 

Despite caller tribunal victories, Ripple encounters obstacles owed to perceived hostility and a deficiency of wide argumentation guidance. Garlinghouse’s readiness to escalate the ineligible conflict to the Supreme Court demonstrates Ripple’s determination to question a solution and found a constructive regulatory framework.

As Ripple expands its operations globally, the anticipation remains that the US volition follow much welcoming and supportive regulations to foster innovation and support its competitory borderline successful the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.


As of the existent marketplace update, XRP is trading astatine $0.6902, indicating sideways terms question implicit the past 24 hours. However, successful the fourteen-day timeframe, the token has experienced a notable summation of 13%. 

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