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During a trip to Australia, I bookmarked a fewer nights successful Brisbane aft enjoying my erstwhile stays successful the city. As I was readying retired the trip, I was pleased to find a fig of compelling edifice options for redeeming points.

The spot that astir caught my oculus was the W Brisbane, which besides appeared to person coagulated reviews crossed a fig of platforms. Admittedly, I’d ne'er had an bonzer acquisition astatine a W spot before, contempt galore of my friends and colleagues reporting otherwise.

I decided to cheque retired the W Brisbane with the hopes that my fortunes would alteration with the brand. As I’d soon find out, 1 enactment tin marque a satellite of difference, particularly erstwhile determination are aggregate “wow” factors astatine play.

W Brisbane – Booking

Leading up to my travel to Australia, I combed done availability astatine a fig of hotels. Much to my delight, the reward pricing astatine the W Brisbane tends to autumn consistently betwixt 30,000–40,000 Marriott Bonvoy points per nighttime passim the year.

When I compared the grant prices to currency rates, it made for an adjacent much compelling statement to publication with points. Cash rates thin to autumn betwixt $400–500 AUD ($370–460 CAD) per nighttime connected the little end, and upwards of $600 AUD ($551 CAD) per nighttime during busier times.

Despite the favourable speech rate, we decided to redeem 40,000 Bonvoy points for our stay. While we netted decent worth erstwhile considering our valuation of Bonvoy points, I was besides gladsome to spot accordant grant pricing passim the year, wherever you won’t find galore nights priced astatine much than 40,000 points.

There is besides a beardown statement to beryllium made for utilizing a Free Night Award for a enactment astatine the W Brisbane. This efficaciously lowers the nightly outgo to immoderate the yearly interest is connected the recognition paper from which you earned the certificate.

If you’re looking for a currency complaint astatine the W Brisbane, beryllium definite to get successful interaction with an authorized question advisor with entree to Marriott Luminous, a preferred spouse programme that the W Brisbane participates in. You’ll wage the aforesaid arsenic the champion disposable flexible rate, but you’ll payment from a fig of other perks, including a $100 USD spot credit, escaped meal for two, a country upgrade (subject to availability), and more.

W Brisbane – Location

The W Brisbane is centrally located on the banks of the Brisbane River successful the city’s Central Business District. 

You won’t beryllium acold from galore of Brisbane’s highlights, which you tin entree by foot, nationalist transportation, oregon adjacent ferries that tally on the river.

Enjoy an evening stroll watching bats and birds frolic successful the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, little than 20 minutes distant by foot. 

Just crossed the stream is the Queensland Museum and the Queensland Centre for the Performing Arts, which are situated adjacent to Streets Beach for a speedy dip successful the river.

If you’re successful the temper for immoderate shopping, caput implicit to Queen Street Mall, conscionable steps from the hotel, and past marque your mode up Elizabeth Street to devour astatine 1 of the galore eateries that enactment the street.

Brisbane Central Train Station is little than 10 minutes by ft oregon a precise abbreviated car thrust away, and from there, you tin get to the airdrome successful little than 30 minutes. Alternatively, going to the airdrome by conveyance should instrumentality astir 20 minutes, depending connected traffic.

The nearest stream ferry dock to the edifice is North Quay, and getting astir the metropolis utilizing ferries tin beryllium a amusive and convenient mode to research Brisbane.

W Brisbane – Check-in

We arrived astatine the edifice successful the mid-afternoon, aft a leisurely bid thrust up from the JW Marriott Gold Coast. The edifice stands retired amongst the different residential and bureau buildings successful the area, and is casual to spot with the ample W guiding you successful from antithetic parts of the city.

W Brisbane – Exterior
W Brisbane – Exterior

The edifice opened successful 2018, but has efficaciously lone been afloat operational for 2 years owed to the pandemic and inactive has that “new hotel” smell. The W Brisbane sits atop a analyzable of restaurants, and has residential buildings arsenic its neighbours.

There are 2 entrances to the hotel, with the main conveyance entranceway accessed adjacent to the stream and an alternate entranceway via a concourse disconnected of George Street. Arriving astatine the edifice done the conveyance entranceway volition pb you up a curved staircase to the check-in area.

W Brisbane – Vehicle entrance

There happened to beryllium a batch of operation happening by the stream during our stay, truthful we made our mode done the concourse to find the hotel. It wasn’t astatine each hard to spot, with 1 of the hotel’s galore glowing Ws easy disposable from the street. 

W Brisbane – Concourse access
W Brisbane – Concourse access
W Brisbane – Concourse entrance

The concourse entranceway leads into The Living Room, the W brand’s word for the lobby lounge. To the close of the entranceway is simply a large, comfy seating country and immoderate barstools, portion the Living Room Bar is conscionable to the near of the entrance.

W Brisbane – The Living Room
W Brisbane – The Living Room
W Brisbane – The Living Room seating

We made our mode past a colourful reflector connected the partition and done to the check-in desks, wherever we were warmly welcomed by the associates. In the check-in area, you’ll besides find a fewer seating nooks, with plentifulness of flowing reed-shaped fixtures that wage homage to Brisbane River lining the area.

W Brisbane – Colourful mirror
W Brisbane – Check-in country seating
W Brisbane – Check-in desks

While I had primitively booked into a base-level Wonderful Room, I was capable to corroborate an upgrade to a Fantastic Suite 5 days anterior to accomplishment utilizing a Suite Night Award. Fantastic Suites are the highest suite benignant to which it’s imaginable to upgrade, and lone the WOW and Extreme WOW Suites are supra it. 

After confirming the details of my enactment and acknowledging the benefits I’d bask arsenic a Marriott Platinum member, we were invited up to the WET Deck barroom to bask a complimentary cocktail portion unit enactment the finishing touches connected our room.

W Brisbane – Cocktails astatine WET Deck

We enjoyed a portion connected the balcony overlooking the Brisbane River, and coiled up chatting with the Director of Guest Experience for W Hotels worldwide. As soon arsenic our country was ready, our keys were delivered and we headed up to the 29th floor, cocktails successful hand, already enjoying each portion of what the W Brisbane brought to the table.

W Brisbane – Elevators
W Brisbane – Hallway detail
W Brisbane – Hallway

W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite

Perhaps it was a small buzz coming from the cocktail, but arsenic I swung the doorway to our suite open, I couldn’t assistance but grin ear-to-ear arsenic I took banal of the surroundings.

W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite surviving country overview

In the foyer of the suite is simply a tiny two-piece bathroom, with a barrel-shaped descend underneath a circular reflector and a toilet tucked against the wall.

W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite secondary bathroom
W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite secondary bathroom

The country past opens up into a precise spacious surviving room, implicit with a afloat stocked bar, desk, and roomy sitting area. 

The barroom country sits underneath birdcage lights, and was stocked with much than capable libations to big an epic evening soirée successful the room. Keep an oculus retired for the achromatic knob connected the mini-fridge, which is shaped similar a post-war epoch refrigerator.

W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite bar
W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite barroom selection
W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite mini-fridge

To the near of the barroom country is simply a table with a comfy vintage chair. The room’s Breville Nespresso java shaper and a enactment of teas tin beryllium recovered connected the near portion of the desk.

W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite desk
W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite java maker

The surviving country features 2 couches and a wicker chair, with a boomerang-shaped woody accent array floating overtop a pitchy achromatic java table. The flat-screen TV is mounted to the partition that separates the surviving country from the bedroom.

W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite surviving room
W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite surviving room
W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite surviving room

I was pleased to find different cocktail, olives, ice, and immoderate invited notes waiting for america successful the surviving country erstwhile we returned from meal connected the nighttime of our stay.

W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite invited cocktail

The oversized woody doorway betwixt the chamber and the surviving country tin beryllium slid shut. This came successful useful erstwhile I was up aboriginal to get immoderate enactment done portion my woman deed the snooze fastener a fewer other times.

W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite chamber door

The centrepiece of the chamber is simply a comfy king bed, with pops of colour coming from bird-themed pillows. Pendant lights dangle from the ceiling connected either side, with physics controls resting connected the bedside tables.

W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite bedroom
W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite bedroom
W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite bed

There’s different sitting country successful the country of the room, with a pick couch, mustard yellowish chair, and different boomerang array adjacent to the windows looking retired implicit the Brisbane River and the city’s environs.

W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite chamber lounge area
W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite view

An unfastened wardrobe sits against the partition that separates the bath from the bedroom. The hotel’s reeds marque different quality here, with a circular closet connected either broadside of the doorway to the bath that’s location to the other bathrobe. 

W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite wardrobe
W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite bath entrance

The main bath surely takes up a ample information of the room’s 80 quadrate metres.

Upon entering, you’ll announcement a trough-shaped bathtub with a woody plank acceptable against 1 extremity for comfort, arsenic good arsenic a perfectly placed TV connected the other wall. The bathtub was amazingly comfortable, and I enjoyed watching portion of a cricket lucifer present connected the day of our departure.

W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite bathtub

Two sinks flank a ample circular reflector to signifier the vanity, matching the colours and shapes recovered successful different parts of the suite.

W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite main bath vanity
W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite main bath vanity
W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite main bath decorations

A azygous sliding doorway tin beryllium moved betwixt the toilet country and the dual ablution room. Having a doorway present seems a spot cheeky, arsenic the wide solid doesn’t truly supply immoderate vestige of privacy.

W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite ablution & toilet area
W Brisbane – Fantastic Suite dual shower

As I was moving distant astatine the desk, I noticed that the country has Bluetooth speakers that play passim the full suite. If you’re looking to person a fewer friends implicit during your enactment astatine the W Brisbane, beryllium definite to cheque it out.

W Brisbane – Wonderful Room

I had the accidental to instrumentality a peek astatine a fewer different country types during my enactment astatine the W Brisbane. The Wonderful Room is simply a base-level country into which we had primitively booked.

The rooms diagnostic galore of the aforesaid elements arsenic what we recovered successful the Fantastic Suite, albeit packed into precisely fractional of the space. 

W Brisbane – Wonderful Room overview
W Brisbane – Wonderful Room overview
W Brisbane – Wonderful Room overview

Every country astatine the W Brisbane features a bathtub, which was tucked against the partition successful the bath successful the Wonderful Room. There was conscionable a azygous descend and 1 ablution caput here, and portion it had noticeably little country than the monolithic bath country successful our suite, it didn’t consciousness excessively cramped.

W Brisbane – Wonderful Room bathroom
W Brisbane – Wonderful Room bathroom

W Brisbane – Marvellous Suite

The Marvellous Suite’s layout is precisely the aforesaid arsenic the Fantastic Suite. The lone quality is that Fantastic Suites inhabit higher floors successful the hotel, truthful the views are a spot different.

W Brisbane – Marvellous Suite surviving room
W Brisbane – Marvellous Suite surviving room
W Brisbane – Marvellous Suite view

If you’re incapable to people an upgrade to a Fantastic Suite, beryllium definite to purpose for a Marvellous Suite instead. You’ll fundamentally get the aforesaid country with a somewhat little expansive view. 

W Brisbane – Marvellous Suite bedroom
W Brisbane – Marvellous Suite bathroom

Overall, I was precise impressed with the layout and plan of the rooms, which I recovered to beryllium arsenic amusive arsenic they were classy. I peculiarly appreciated the bathrooms and the functional layout successful the surviving room, which allowed for enactment and socializing. 

If you tin negociate to people a suite, you’ll person much abstraction than you’ll astir apt need, which is simply a bully occupation to person erstwhile you’re staying astatine a luxury hotel. Even the base-level rooms felt spacious, and you’ll inactive get galore of the aforesaid features recovered successful the suites.

W Brisbane – Breakfast

Breakfast is served successful Three Blue Ducks on the 3rd level of the edifice from 6:30–10am connected weekdays and from 7–10:30am connected weekends. The edifice has a fistful of different destinations passim Australia, and serves up paddock-to-table cuisine that highlights ingredients from the surrounding area. 

W Brisbane – Three Blue Ducks entrance

Light pours into the edifice done the floor-to-ceiling windows, giving guests wide views of the Brisbane River. You’ll find plentifulness of seating passim the space, making it casual to find a quiescent country oregon a spot successful the bosom of the action, oregon connected the balcony erstwhile the upwind permits.

W Brisbane – Three Blue Ducks seating
W Brisbane – Three Blue Ducks seating
W Brisbane – Three Blue Ducks bar

The buffet country occupies a ample portion of the restaurant, and I made definite to bash a fewer laps to travel up with a program of attack. Breakfast for 2 was included arsenic portion of my Platinum benefits, and we were definite to maximize it here. 

W Brisbane – Three Blue Ducks buffet area

As I took banal of the galore options, I was pleased to find that galore of the accustomed suspects successful edifice meal buffets had been elevated, specified arsenic hay smoked salmon with charred lemons, grilled broccoli with almond cream, chorizo sausage, maple-glazed pumpkin, and house-made bircher muesli, to sanction a few.

We besides recovered fresh-pressed strawberry, watermelon, and lime juice, iced coffee, mocktails, and a fig of smoothies astatine our disposal. Included with meal was barista-made coffee, which was delivered by 1 of the waiters.

W Brisbane – Beverage enactment astatine Three Blue Ducks
W Brisbane – Beverage enactment astatine Three Blue Ducks

We some coiled up making respective trips, and the nutrient stood retired successful presumption of the quality, the selection, and successful taking the meal crippled to the adjacent level.

W Brisbane – Breakfast spread
W Brisbane – Breakfast spread

W Brisbane – Dining

Three Blue Ducks is besides unfastened for luncheon and meal service, but for connected Sunday and Monday. 

The WET Deck can beryllium recovered adjacent to the excavation country connected the 4th level of the hotel. It’s a amusive spot to travel for a lighter repast oregon a cocktail, arsenic the zebra-striped patterns from the excavation spill implicit to the indoor seating area.

W Brisbane – WET Deck indoor seating
W Brisbane – WET Deck outdoor seating

The Living Room Bar is located connected the main level of the hotel. It tends to get engaged present with the aft enactment crowd, but there’s plentifulness of seating on the perimeter of the bar, including immoderate hanging handbasket seats.

W Brisbane – Living Room Bar
W Brisbane – Living Room Bar
W Brisbane – Living Room Bar seating

During our stay, the bartender pointed retired that determination was a peculiar space-themed cocktail paper that was designed successful collaboration with Barcelona’s Paradiso, which was precocious honoured arsenic the World’s Best Bar. 

W Brisbane – Living Room Bar

Anyone with Platinum presumption oregon higher is entitled to “Feelin’ Fine Time” during the evening from Monday–Thursday. It’s fundamentally a mates of blessed hours for definite guests, who tin bid complimentary drinks from 1 of the menus. 

I opted to effort 1 of the section beers, and my woman sipped connected a solid of sparkling wine. We were besides presented with popcorn and an appetizer tray with ceviche, a chilled prawn salad, and grilled halloumi. 

W Brisbane – Feelin’ Fine Time appetizers & drinks astatine Living Room Bar
W Brisbane – Feelin’ Fine Time appetizers astatine Living Room Bar

We spent astir an hr successful Living Room Bar, and if we hadn’t person finished a large meal earlier returning to the hotel, I would’ve been tempted to bid much food. Staff came astir to bring america much drinks astatine regular intervals, and we recovered that Feelin’ Fine Time was yet different fantastic perk offered to guests with elite status.

W Brisbane – Other Facilities

AWAY Spa takes up the amended portion of the 5th level of the hotel. Its attraction rooms are often booked up, truthful beryllium definite to put your services good successful beforehand if you’re looking to pamper yourself.

W Brisbane – AWAY Spa entrance
W Brisbane – AWAY Spa foyer
W Brisbane – AWAY Spa attraction room

All guests person entree to steam rooms and saunas located successful the spa’s alteration rooms. There’s besides a brace of blistery tubs successful an country accessible done the alteration rooms. 

W Brisbane – AWAY Spa alteration room
W Brisbane – AWAY Spa sauna and steam country entrance
W Brisbane – AWAY Spa blistery tubs

I spent astir an hr relaxing successful the spa, and if clip were connected my side, I would person continued to marque usage of the facilities. 

The excavation is simply a cardinal fixture of the W Brisbane, and is recovered connected the 4th level of the hotel. Despite being an outdoor pool, it’s wholly covered and tin beryllium enjoyed successful astir immoderate weather.

The large stripes are pleasing to the eye, and for astir of my enactment determination was a smattering of guests lazing astir connected the oversized floating pillows oregon moving connected a tan connected 1 of the lounge chairs.

W Brisbane – Pool
W Brisbane – Pool
W Brisbane – Pool

FIT, the W Brisbane’s fittingness centre, is connected the sixth level of the hotel. A bully array of workout instrumentality is squeezed into the area, which looks retired onto the metropolis and has peekaboo views of the river.

W Brisbane – Fitness centre
W Brisbane – Fitness centre
W Brisbane – Fitness centre

Lastly, connected the crushed level of the edifice adjacent to the check-in desks is the W Store, offering guests an in-house boutique.

W Brisbane – W Store


I’m precise pleased to study that the W Brisbane wholly changed the mode I deliberation astir W hotels. After my enactment here, I yet “got” what friends and colleagues had reported astir their outstanding stays astatine different W Hotels.

Our expectations were exceeded astatine each constituent passim the stay, and we encountered galore instances wherever the food, drink, and impermanent acquisition were elevated to the adjacent level. Our sojourn conscionable kept getting amended from the infinitesimal we checked successful until our precocious check-out. 

The enactment ticked each of the boxes for me: coagulated value, enhanced elite benefits, easiness of confirming an upgrade, and prime facilities that marque leaving the edifice a hard choice. I’d emotion to travel backmost with friends and program a amusive play successful Brisbane unneurotic astatine the W. 

I anticipation to beryllium backmost successful Brisbane again successful the adjacent future, and there’s nary uncertainty arsenic to wherever I’ll look for accommodation erstwhile the clip comes. 

The station Review: W Brisbane appeared archetypal connected Prince of Travel by T.J. Dunn.

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