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The Park Hyatt Kyoto is 1 of Kyoto’s astir charismatic properties and 1 of 3 Park Hyatt hotels successful Japan. It lone precocious opened successful 2019, truthful I was keen to acquisition it connected my 2nd sojourn to the city.

The spot is nestled successful the historical territory of Higashiyama, wherever staggered hillside buildings transport you backmost successful clip to feudal-era Japan.

The mounting appeared adjacent parts beauteous and surreal from the outside, truthful I was intrigued to enactment present arsenic a Hyatt Globalist subordinate and to cheque disconnected this aspirational spot from my bucket list.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Booking

I was capable to publication this enactment for 35,000 World of Hyatt points for a one-night stay.

This is simply a Category 8 spot nether World of Hyatt, truthful there’s abstracted pricing for off-peak, peak, and regular pricing. Regular pricing astatine the clip was 40,000 points, portion off-peak pricing was 35,000 points.

I conscionable truthful happened to find the 1 time wrong a two-week play with off-peak pricing alternatively of regular. Naturally, I arranged my enactment present astatine the Park Hyatt Kyoto for that peculiar night, and saved myself 5,000 points by doing so.

When booking with cash, this spot goes for astir ¥100,000–150,000 yen ($1,000–1,500 CAD) per night.

I was assured that I was getting fantabulous worth for my World of Hyatt points, which we worth astatine 1.9 cents (CAD) per point, arsenic I achieved a redemption complaint of implicit 3 cents (CAD) per constituent with this booking.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Location

Higashiyama is located connected the eastbound broadside of Kyoto, past the Kamo River. It’s a tiny tourer town, preserving the ambiance and consciousness of feudal Japan, and the Park Hyatt blends seamlessly into the distinctive setting.

Higashiyama has plentifulness to offer, from accepted pottery stores, beverage houses, and galore restaurants. Plus, the Kiyomizu-dera Buddhist temple is situated close connected its doorstep, lone a five-minute locomotion from the Park Hyatt.

Kyoto’s different fashionable attractions, including the gates of Fushimi Inari-taisha and Nijo Castle, are some a 15-minute taxi thrust from the Park Hyatt.

It’s a spot further to different attractions specified arsenic the Kinkaku-ji aureate Buddhist temple, wherever it’ll instrumentality astir 30 minutes by conveyance to arrive.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Exterior

For those travelling from wrong Japan, you’ll apt get astatine Osaka Itami Airport, which is astir an hour’s travel to and from the hotel. On the different hand, planetary travellers volition person a 90-minute travel from Osaka Kansai International Airport to the hotel.

The nearest Kyoto Subway outpost from the spot is Gion-Shijo Station, a 15-minute locomotion away.

Lastly, the Shinkansen line, which is often the prime of proscription from Tokyo, arrives astatine the Kyoto Station – a 15-minute taxi travel to the hotel.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Check-in

We arrived astatine the Park Hyatt Kyoto astatine astir 6pm, and were instantly greeted by the edifice staff. As soon arsenic we stepped retired of the taxi, the bellhops proactively helped america with our belongings.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Exterior
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Entrance

We past headed to the beforehand desk, wherever the subordinate welcomed us, retrieved our reservation, and confirmed our upgrade to the King Room with View.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Check-in desk

Unfortunately, the edifice has a precise constricted fig of rooms and suites, with conscionable 70 impermanent rooms and 9 suites, truthful upgrades tin beryllium hard to travel by.

The modular suite astatine this edifice is called the Park Suite, and this is the suite that Hyatt Globalist members typically get upgraded to, if it’s available.

Alas, some Park Suites were occupied astatine the clip of my visit, which took spot during “Silver Week” successful Japan. This drawstring of 2 nationalist holidays wrong 1 week makes it a precise engaged clip for home travel.

Nevertheless, the edifice had inactive done america a favour by upgrading america to the seventh-floor King Room with View. 

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Lobby lounge
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Lobby lounge

From here, we were escorted to our country by the attendant, wherever we completed the formalities and checked successful to the room.

In-room check-in is simply a communal signifier astatine galore high-end hotels worldwide, and particularly present successful Kyoto. I callback getting the aforesaid attraction backmost astatine The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto erstwhile I had stayed determination a fewer years ago.

As we made our mode to the room, I took enactment of the hotel’s precise unsocial layout. The spot is dispersed crossed 2 abstracted buildings, some occupying a azygous elevated ridge wrong the Higashiyama district.

We took a acceptable of elevators that whisked america up to the 5th level of the main building, and from there, a covered outdoor way concisely led america into the 2nd building.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Elevators
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Covered outdoor walkway

Both buildings place an interior courtyard, which successful itself is occupied by a neighbouring restaurant, Kyoyamato. The edifice is independently operated, but is inactive affiliated with the hotel.

The 2nd gathering begins connected the 5th floor, with 2 further floors supra that play big to much impermanent rooms. Ours was located connected the seventh level of the 2nd building, successful Room 712.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Hallway
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Room 712

Upon arriving astatine the room, we were informed that the Park Hyatt Kyoto besides hosts a Champagne hr betwixt 5–6pm for its guests successful The Living Room. This is exclusive for Hyatt Globalist members, arsenic good arsenic guests staying successful the hotel’s suites.

Unfortunately, we missed the Champagne hr that evening, but it’s thing that would person been bully to acquisition arsenic a Globalist staying here.

Once we completed check-in, the attendant offered to locomotion america done the features of our King Room with View.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – King Room with View

Since we arrived astatine night, we didn’t afloat instrumentality successful the floor-to-ceiling views conscionable yet. However, upon waking up the pursuing days, seeing the views of Higashiyama done the expansive windows was surely an awe-inspiring moment.

Furthermore, since we were connected the apical level of the building, we had a sloping roof, which gave america the consciousness of a larger indoor space.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – King Room with View floor-to-ceiling windows
Park Hyatt Kyoto – King Room with View Higashiyama view

At 45 quadrate metres, the country is ample capable for a comfy enactment portion inactive feeling cozy. Light Tamo wood is utilized passim the room, serving arsenic a midpoint betwixt the modern metallic framing and accepted Japanese touches.

Upon entering the room, determination is simply a pantry country connected the right. We recovered a Nespresso java shaper here, arsenic good arsenic a fig of minibar beverages and snacks.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – King Room with View entranceway & mini-bar area
Park Hyatt Kyoto – King Room with View java shaper & mini-bar

There’s a seating country that features a cushy sofa with a myriad of fluffy pillows. A quilted armchair sits adjacent to a modern java array astatine the ft of the bed, wherever a invited acquisition of grapes awaited us.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – King Room with View surviving area
Park Hyatt Kyoto – King Room with View invited gift

To the close of this seating area, a ample flat-screen TV is mounted to the wall.

The king furniture sits against the left-hand wall, accompanied by 2 antithetic bedside tables connected either side. One is much modern and darker, portion the different is woody and attached to the wall.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – King Room with View bedroom
Park Hyatt Kyoto – King Room with View bed

The bathrooms are opulent, with much Tamo wood contrasting a acheronian polished Juparana granite. This was notably a glossier aboveground compared to the honed decorativeness utilized backmost astatine the Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – King Room with View bathroom
Park Hyatt Kyoto – King Room with View bathroom
Park Hyatt Kyoto – King Room with View vanity

The abstraction featured a vanity with treble sinks and a emblematic Japanese-style bedewed room. The bedewed country contains a ablution and a striking soaker tub embedded successful the marble, portion the toilet is abstracted from the space.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – King Room with View bedewed room
Park Hyatt Kyoto – King Room with View bathtub
Park Hyatt Kyoto – King Room with View toilet

Moreover, the bath was fitted with Le Labo toiletries, a Park Hyatt signature. 

Park Hyatt Kyoto – King Room with View

Although we didn’t get a suite, I didn’t person immoderate complaints astir the room. The quadrate footage was possibly a small limited, but the beauteous lukewarm Japanese finishings and mesmerizing views made up for it. 

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Higashiyama House

I besides had a accidental to circuit a fewer of the different country types during my stay.

The Higashiyama House is simply a specialty suite, 2 steps supra the modular Park Suite that Globalist members tin expect to get upgraded to if available. (The Ninenzaka House, a premium suite, is positioned betwixt the two.)

As a non-standard suite, it would decidedly instrumentality a just spot of “suite-talking” oregon an exceptional changeable of luck to beryllium upgraded to this suite. A paid upgrade would beryllium a much apt way to spending a nighttime successful this suite. 

Nonetheless, it’s a stunning space, inspired by the mountains of Kyoto and boasting the aforesaid relaxed ambiance crossed its surviving and sleeping areas.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Higashiyama House bedroom
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Higashiyama House surviving area
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Higashiyama House walk-in closet

There are floor-to-ceiling windows connected 2 sides of the suite. One is connected the acold extremity of the surviving space, and past different model leads into the superior bedroom.

The bath is akin to the King Room with View; however, the sinks are separated, and the bathtub is larger and circular. 

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Higashiyama House bathroom

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Pagoda House

The Pagoda House is the Presidential Suite present astatine the Park Hyatt Kyoto. It’s a monolithic abstraction that doubles arsenic a venue for exhibitions and tiny events.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Pagoda House surviving country & entertaining area

Here, you’ll find floor-to-ceiling views connected not one, not two, but 3 sides of the suite.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Pagoda House bedroom
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Pagoda House surviving area
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Pagoda House eating country & surviving area

Furthermore, the abstraction features a backstage room for nutrient preparation, arsenic the Pagoda House is often utilized for backstage dining.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Pagoda House backstage kitchen

The bath has a akin layout to the Higashiyama House, with subtle differences, specified arsenic the sinks kept connected the aforesaid counter.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Pagoda House bathroom

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Breakfast

At the Park Hyatt Kyoto, Globalist members are fixed complimentary regular Western meal for 2 arsenic their elite meal offering.

If you’d similar to person a abstracted Japanese meal catered by Kyoyamato, the edifice adjacent doorway that’s intimately affiliated with the hotel, past you’ll person to wage a surcharge of ¥3,000 ($30 CAD).

Frankly, I was rather disappointed by this. I was amazed that the much authentic Japanese meal enactment was the 1 taxable to a surcharge, particularly for the hotel’s top-tier guests.

We inactive begrudgingly paid for the Japanese acceptable repast to springiness it a try, but arsenic a Globalist subordinate who’s experienced plentifulness of generosity from hotels astir the satellite connected relationship of my elite status, I’d enactment this down arsenic a reasonably important people against the hotel. 

Breakfast is hosted successful Kyoto Bistro, located adjacent the hotel’s entrance. If you’ve ordered the Japanese breakfast, it gets prepared successful Kyoyamoto’s room earlier being served here.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Kyoto Bistro entrance
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Kyoto Bistro seating

The starter was rather tasty. A jelly eggplant crockery was served successful an eggplant-shaped bowl, which we thought was rather amusing.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Jelly eggplant astatine Kyoto Bistro

Following this, an elaborate Japanese bento container is presented, with grilled miso cod arsenic the main item.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Bento container astatine Kyoto Bistro
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Bento container astatine Kyoto Bistro
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Bento container astatine Kyoto Bistro

Additionally, I enjoyed nibbling distant astatine assorted broadside dishes and accompaniments to my fish, rice, and miso crockery crossed this two-layered bento box.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Breakfast dessert astatine Kyoto Bistro

Like astir Japanese breakfasts we indulged successful on this trip, the repast was delicately balanced, with the salty and umami flavours of the idiosyncratic items pairing good with the rice.

Despite the prime of the meal, though, the information that we had to wage a $30 surcharge arsenic Hyatt Globalist members did hitch maine the incorrect way.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Dining

In summation to Kyoto Bistro, an all-day eating venue, Yasaka, is located connected the 4th floor. Like the traverse to the hotel’s 2nd gathering connected the 5th floor, you’ll walk done the outdoors briefly, and you’ll past get astatine the restaurant.

(Side note: instrumentality a peek astatine the nexus chains hanging from the extortion structure, which consolidate the travel of h2o erstwhile it’s raining outside. How elegant!)

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Walkway to Yasaka

There are 2 teppanyaki eating rooms, some of which connection views of the Higashiyama country and the Yasaka Pagoda, the past remaining operation of a sixth-century temple.

This landmark tin beryllium seen from astir of the views from the hotel, including our precise ain King Room with View.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Yasaka seating
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Yasaka seating
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Yasaka seating

If I had much clip astatine the property, I would’ve loved to effort retired a teppanyaki sitting for luncheon oregon meal present astatine Yasaka with the serene views successful the distance.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Bar

One item of the Park Hyatt Kyoto that we didn’t miss retired connected was Kohaku, the hotel’s bar, which is besides situated connected the 4th floor.

Kohaku was 1 of the astir awesome edifice bars that I’ve ever had the pleasance of enjoying a portion in.

The abstraction is highly exclusive and intimate, with conscionable 10 seats overlooking Higashiyama and the Yasaka Pagoda, and a fewer further seats connected the side.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Kohaku seating
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Kohaku seating

When my spouse Jessy and I archetypal went, we were the lone guests astatine the bar.

It was truthful quiescent that you could perceive a pin drop, and with conscionable america and the bartender, it astir felt similar we were enjoying a portion successful our ain backstage viewing country astatine 1 of Kyoto’s astir beauteous landmarks. 

Furthermore, the drinks were elaborately prepared, and were well-balanced and smooth. We savoured each sip arsenic we took successful the stunning surroundings.

A cocktail present astatine the Kohaku barroom starts astatine ¥2,310 ($22 CAD), truthful the astonishing acquisition present doesn’t travel cheap.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Cocktails astatine Kohaku

However, the exclusive dimly-lit atmosphere, combined with the acheronian woods and leather textures of the space, made for an unforgettable ambiance.

A portion astatine Kohaku was so 1 of the highlights of our stay, and I’d wholly urge you halt by the barroom astatine sunset oregon successful the evening – particularly if nary 1 other is around.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – View from Kohaku

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Other Facilities

The fittingness centre is located connected the 3rd level of the main building, and was a precise aesthetically pleasing space. The gym instrumentality is scattered crossed galore nooks of this Japanese-style hallway.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Fitness centre
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Fitness centre
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Fitness centre

There’s everything you’d request for a large workout here, from caller cardio instrumentality to escaped weights. Furthermore, headphones, water, fruit, and towels are disposable for guests.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Fitness centre
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Fitness centre

At the extremity of the hallway is wherever the spa and onsen facilities tin beryllium found. There’s a blistery pool, a acold pool, a steam room, a sauna, and a changing area.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Spa entrance

These facilities are separated by gender, but are communal otherwise, truthful there’s a accidental you’ll beryllium sharing the baths with different guests.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Spa alteration room
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Onsen area

In our case, we fundamentally had the onsen to ourselves portion we were there. It was bully to hop backmost and distant betwixt the acold plunge excavation and the blistery bath and genuinely indulge successful the experience.

In keeping with the impermanent rooms, the onsen was beautiful, with Japanese wood columns contrasting the polished granite of the pools.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Onsen

It’s worthy noting that if you person tattoos, you whitethorn really beryllium asked to permission if you extremity up sharing the installation with different guests, arsenic there’s inactive immoderate antagonistic connotations surrounding tattoos successful Japan today.

In summation to the gym and spa facilities, the Tea Lounge is located connected the 5th level of the main building, and you’ll walk by this country rather often arsenic you marque your mode crossed the ridge to the 2nd building.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Tea Lounge
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Tea Lounge

The Tea Lounge is simply a tiny communal abstraction with grab-and-go bottled h2o each time and beverage disposable to bid successful the afternoons. However, it didn’t look arsenic though anyone was ordering.

The Living Room is situated adjacent the check-in desks, and serves arsenic a communal abstraction successful the edifice wherever guests tin gather. This is wherever Champagne hr is hosted for Globalist members and suite guests.

It’s a brightly illuminated abstraction with a stunning unfastened fireplace and comfy armchairs dotted astir ample live-edge tables.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – The Living Room

Upon arrival, each guests are treated to a prime of invited drink, to beryllium served successful the Living Room (we really didn’t get astir to having ours until conscionable anterior to departure).

I opted for a cappuccino, portion Jessy sipped connected a solid of wine.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Welcome drink
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Welcome drink

Lastly, I’ll besides instrumentality this infinitesimal to remark connected the beauteous aesthetics of the Park Hyatt Kyoto.

Throughout the property, determination are a myriad of hallways and corridors mixed wrong stunning plot paths that each smoothly blend unneurotic done floor-to-ceiling windows.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Outdoor walkway
Park Hyatt Kyoto – Walkway

Many of the rocks successful the gardens were really sourced from the Colorado location of the Pritzker family, the owners of Hyatt.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Garden

Furthermore, adjacent the “in-between” moments of our stay, specified arsenic waiting for the 2 sets of elevators en way to our room, near america impressed by the sleek and minimalistic décor surrounding us.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Elevators

The predominant taxable of that décor is the placement of accepted Japanese touches successful modern settings, specified arsenic a bonsai histrion lasting boldly unsocial successful an different bare entranceway space.

Park Hyatt Kyoto – Bonsai tree


The Park Hyatt Kyoto is an outstanding property, and 1 that I’d surely urge adding to your database of aspirational hotels.

Our enactment was luxurious from opening to end, centring astir a seemingly changeless presumption of Yasaka Pagoda done the floor-to-ceiling windows passim the property, from our humble King Room with View to the sprawling hallways to the intimate Kohaku bar. 

My lone gripe would beryllium the surcharge for the Japanese breakfast, adjacent for top-tier Globalist members, which I recovered to beryllium unnecessarily stingy connected the hotel’s part.

Otherwise, this high-end edifice is good worthy trying retired to acquisition Kyoto’s traditional-style Higashiyama territory up close, particularly fixed its fantabulous redemption worth connected World of Hyatt points. 

The station Review: Park Hyatt Kyoto appeared archetypal connected Prince of Travel by Ricky Zhang.

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