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My hubby and I precocious had the pleasance of travelling astir Turkey for a week. We spent the past 2 nights of our travel successful Istanbul. 

There was a batch of debating arsenic to which spot to enactment at, arsenic determination are a immense enactment of Marriott and Hilton properties successful Istanbul.

In the end, we settled connected a caller spot that opened this past twelvemonth and was already receiving raving reviews, the Orientbank Hotel Istanbul, portion of Marriott’s Autograph Collection. 

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Booking

Having initially booked a antithetic hotel, by the clip I decided to publication a enactment astatine the Orientbank 3 weeks out, the currency terms had gone up to $400 (CAD). Had I booked earlier, rates were a small cheaper.

Rather than paying cash, I redeemed 30,000 Marriott Bonvoy points per nighttime for a Deluxe Guest Room with a king bed.

I really booked 2 azygous nighttime stays back-to-back, and applied Suite Night Awards to both. Interestingly, the Suite Night Award didn’t wide for the archetypal night, but it did for the second. 

Be alert that this edifice specifically states successful their invited email that rooms are only meant to accommodate 2 people, and that each rooms lone person king beds. So, this whitethorn not beryllium the spot to publication if you’re travelling with young kids who cannot enactment successful their ain country alone.

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Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Location

Getting from Istanbul International Airport to downtown Istanbul mostly takes astir 45 minutes, and volition outgo astir 300400 Turkish lira ($22–29 CAD).

The Orientbank is located astatine a precise bustling intersection successful the aged municipality country connected the European broadside of Istanbul. 

One happening to support successful caput if you person mobility issues and volition often necessitate the usage of a taxi, is that it is precise hard to drawback taxis connected your ain successful the aged municipality area. If you request a taxi, it’s champion to person the edifice to telephone 1 for you.

The bully quality is that the edifice is precise conveniently located to galore large tourer attractions, and truthful the usage of taxi shouldn’t beryllium indispensable for astir visitors. 

The Galata Bridge is lone a 10 infinitesimal locomotion away, and astatine the ft of the bridge, you tin drawback ferries to transverse the stream oregon a vessel circuit that volition spell on the Bosphorus Strait, which separates Europe from Asia. Crossing it, you tin meander on Istiklal Street, which is lined with shops and cafés, and sojourn the Galata Tower. 

If you locomotion 20 minutes successful the other direction, you’ll find Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, and Sultan Ahmet Camii, different known arsenic the Blue Mosque. 

The Grand Bazaar tin besides beryllium reached wrong 10 minutes, and the Egyptian oregon Spice Bazaar is virtually steps away. The Grand Bazaar, by the way, is the spot to get the champion speech rate, successful lawsuit you are successful request of Turkish lira.

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Check-in

The Orientbank lends its sanction from its past arsenic a slope from 130 years ago. It was archetypal a German bank, which was past converted into a Turkish bank. 

Ten years ago, the slope closed and the spot began its renovations to go a edifice 5 years later. Although the renovations were extensive, the archetypal marble floors and stairwell stay intact.

The gathering is wedge-shaped, and alternatively tiny compared to different Marriott properties successful the area. It is comprised of 8 floors, with 36 impermanent rooms crossed six of those floors. 

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Exterior

We took a taxi from the airport, and erstwhile we arrived, our taxi made an abrupt halt close extracurricular the entrance. Stepping retired of the taxi, I soon realized determination was truly nary different spot for the taxi propulsion up to.

At the entranceway was a unit subordinate acceptable to invited america and assistance america with our luggage. Another rapidly came retired to usher america into the hotel. Staff were dressed successful grey pants and vests with achromatic shirts.

Entering the hotel, you locomotion up a acceptable of marble steps, done a acceptable of treble doors into a classy lobby of marble floors and pillars, with a ample solid airy fixture hanging from the ceiling.

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Entrance
Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Lobby lounge

One 1 broadside was a casual seating country with velvet covered seats and sofas astir java tables for guests checking successful oregon conscionable wanting to lounge. The different broadside had a barroom and tables acceptable up similar a tiny bistro. 

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Lobby lounge
Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Lobby lounge
Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Lobby lounge

At the extremity of the lobby and centre of it each was the beforehand desk. Rather than checking successful astatine the front, the unit subordinate asked america to instrumentality a spot successful the lounge area, and helium kindly asked for our passports successful the meantime.

While we waited, a hostess offered america a invited portion of orangish juice, pomegranate juice, oregon lemonade. My hubby and I some had the lemonade, which we recovered rather refreshing. 

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Welcome drinks

When the unit came back, helium completed our check-in with a tablet wherever we sat. They were speedy to admit our Marriott Bonvoy Titanium status and explicate our benefits. 

He adjacent had a small paper wherever helium checked disconnected our prime of elite benefits, namely the escaped meal successful lieu of determination not being a lounge. We opted for a $10 nutrient and beverage recognition alternatively than 1,000 points arsenic our invited amenity.  

They besides noted our back-to-back bookings, and due to the fact that our 2nd nighttime had been automatically upgraded to a One Bedroom Suite, they took the liberty of upgrading our archetypal nighttime arsenic well, truthful we wouldn’t person to alteration rooms. 

I was rather impressed that they had adjacent noticed the 2nd booking, and were proactive capable arsenic to upgrade our archetypal nighttime based connected our 2nd night.

We past proceeded to spell up to our room. The stairwell and elevator are down the partition of the check-in desk. The elevator is simply a tiny one, fitting lone 4 radical astatine a time. 

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Elevator

If you privation to get immoderate steps in, you tin instrumentality the staircase up arsenic well.

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Staircase

Stepping retired of the elevator, you participate into a vestibule with marble tiled floors. In the mediate was a solid show showcasing products from a section retailer.

The walls were a agleam achromatic with coffering, and decorated with assorted abstract paintings on the wall. 

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Vestibule
Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Hallway

Rooms are arranged connected either broadside of the wall, with One Bedroom Suites astatine the extremity of the hall, the constrictive portion of the wedge-shaped building. 

Once we entered our room, the unit subordinate explained the features of the country to us. He besides pointed retired immoderate invited amenities: a bundle of Turkish delights and dried fruit, and besides a slope enactment made to be a replica of those that were erstwhile fixed retired by the bank.

It was issued successful the magnitude of 50 Turkish liras that could beryllium utilized towards immoderate nutrient oregon beverage during our stay. 

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Welcome gifts

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – One Bedroom Suite

The One Bedroom Suite is the largest of the edifice rooms; however, its layout would marque you deliberation otherwise, being placed astatine the constrictive extremity of a pie-shaped building.

The room, similar the lobby, is elegantly decorated with immoderate classical features, but felt a spot cramped.

The suite is divided into a surviving country country and a bedroom. When you archetypal participate the room, you travel crossed the tiny surviving country connected the right, with a couch, an armchair, lamp, java table, and wall-mounted TV. 

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – One Bedroom Suite surviving room

In the country is simply a tiny snack and beverage centre, with immoderate wine, liquors, and snacks connected the counter, and a mini-bar containing immoderate much options conscionable below.

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – One Bedroom Suite mini-bar

Stepping distant from the surviving room, you’ll find a abbreviated hallway that leads to the bedroom. You soon deed a wall, which seems unusual astatine first, until you recognize that it has the king-sized furniture and its headboard connected the different broadside of it.

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – One Bedroom Suite hallway

The furniture is the cardinal diagnostic of the room, and faces a semi-circular partition that has respective windows overlooking the engaged intersection below. There is not a batch of abstraction betwixt the furniture and the wall. 

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – One Bedroom Suite bedroom
Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – One Bedroom Suite bed

The furniture is flanked by a mates of marble-topped nighttime tables. Above these were switches for lights and besides USB ports, which makes charging devices convenient. 

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – One Bedroom Suite airy controls & USB ports

On 1 of the nighttime tables was an alarm timepiece radio, which acted arsenic a wireless charging presumption arsenic well. 

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – One Bedroom Suite timepiece vigor & telephone

Next to the furniture is is simply a woody array with a beverage station.

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – One Bedroom Suite beverage station

Behind the furniture is simply a closet containing shelves, drawers, a safe, iron, and ironing board. A abstracted java presumption tin besides beryllium recovered here. 

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – One Bedroom Suite closet
Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – One Bedroom Suite closet

On the other broadside of the country is the bathroom, which consists of a toilet, stand-alone sink, and shower, each separated by solid partitions. 

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – One Bedroom Suite bathroom

For a tiny vanity, it was packed afloat of amenities. There were robes and towels successful bags connected the support beneath the sink, and connected the vanity were the toiletries, supplied by Nerolinn, a Turkish brand.

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – One Bedroom Suite vanity
Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – One Bedroom Suite amenities

Aside from the accustomed toiletries, determination was besides a toothbrush set, comb, sewing kit, vanity kit, scrubbing mitt, and a grape effect assemblage scrub. The scrub was a unsocial amenity, and on with the scrubbing mitt, you could execute your ain hammam attraction successful the comfortableness of your ain room. 

Although the remainder of the suite was precise clean, I did announcement immoderate areas of mildew successful the bath grout. 

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Dining

The edifice offers breakfast, and all-day eating successful the Lobby Lounge Restaurant. In-room eating is besides available, and nutrient services are disposable until 11pm.

Menus and pricing tin beryllium recovered here.

Breakfast is served from 7–11am. They person an à la carte paper which features 3 types of breakfast: Turkish, American, and healthy.  

If you’ve ne'er had a Turkish meal before, I’d urge trying it astatine slightest erstwhile during your stay. They service an astonishing magnitude of tapas-sized dishes to enjoy, successful summation to a main ovum course.

There are besides a enactment of caller juices you tin order.

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Breakfast
Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Breakfast

From 69pm, they besides unfastened the rooftop bar. It is simply a large spot to bask a portion oregon two, ticker the sunset, oregon conscionable instrumentality successful the presumption of Istanbul. 

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Rooftop bar

Staff are besides blessed to instrumentality you up to the rooftop terrace for immoderate daytime views.

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Rooftop bar
Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Rooftop bar

Every Friday and Saturday night, they unfastened up the bank’s vault successful the basement of the edifice for the Gregor By The Badau Jazz Club, Turkey’s lone “gastro jazz club”.

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Gregor by the Badau Jazz Club

Unfortunately, our enactment didn’t coincide with it being open. When open, it features a unrecorded jazz show on with a gourmet, good eating experience.

Seating is limited, truthful beryllium definite to marque a preservation beforehand. 

Orientbank Hotel Istanbul – Service

The work astatine this edifice was outstanding, and decidedly a item of our stay. Even earlier we arrived, they reached retired with an email containing accusation astir the edifice and however to interaction them, including via WhatsApp.

We reached retired a mates of times via chat with questions regarding transportatio. They were ever speedy to respond with elaborate answers, including helping america publication a hammam spa.

Staff are attentive and genuinely effort to springiness you a memorable experience.

For example, meal connected our 2nd greeting took longer that expected. A unit noticed without america saying anything, and proactively informed america they would cheque with the room connected the delay. 

At check-out, the unit noticed we hadn’t utilized our $10 nutrient and beverage recognition invited amenity, and offered to power it and gave america points instead.

I’ll besides notation that our upgrade wasn’t an anomaly, arsenic they person a way grounds for being rather generous successful their upgrades, taxable to availability of course. 


The Orientbank is simply a comparatively caller Marriott spot that gives the vibe of a boutique hotel. It has rather a fewer things going for it, namely its adjacent proximity to humanities sites and attractions, an astonishing breakfast, and outstanding service. 

Like a boutique property, however, determination are not galore on-site amenities, and the rooms are a spot connected the smaller side. Nevertheless, it was inactive comfy and well-appointed, and I wouldn’t hesitate to enactment present again if I’m travelling without the kids.

The lone happening I’d alteration is astir apt requesting a Junior Suite, if possible. 

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